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Defined 4 Letter Words

vacs (Pl.) VAC, vacation.
vade (Shakesp.) to fade > VADES, VADING, VADED. 'His summer leaves all vaded'.
vaes (Pl.) VAE, a voe.
vagi (Pl.) VAGUS, the tenth cranial nerve.
vags (3rd.) VAG, to arrest someone for vagrancy.
vail (Arch.) to lower, doff, let down > VAILS, VAILING, VAILED.
vain Conceited > VAINER, VAINEST; VAINLY.
vair Squirrel fur, much used in medieval times, to line and trim robes > VAIRS.
vale (Lat.) farewell; (noun) a valley > VALES.
vali (Turkish) a governor, esp. of a VILAYET > VALIS. Also WALI.
vamp (Verb) to patch up rather than refurbish > VAMPS, VAMPING, VAMPED.
vane A device for showing the direction of the wind > VANES, VANED.
vang A guy-rope to steady a gaff > VANGS.
vans (3rd.) VAN, to send or travel by van.
vant (Shakesp.) van, vanguard > VANTS.
vape to inhale nicotine vapour (from an electronic cigarette) > VAPES, VAPING, VAPED.
vara (Spanish) a Spanish American linear measure > VARAS. [Sp. vara, rod]. Also VARE.
vare (Spanish) a Spanish American linear measure > VARES. [Sp. vara, rod]. Also VARA.
vars (Pl.) VAR, a unit of reactive power.
vary To become or make different > VARIES, VARYING, VARIED.
vasa (Pl.) VAS, a tube or duct.
vase A rounded, decorative container > VASES.
vast (Noun) a vastness > VASTS; (adj.) huge > VASTER, VASTEST; VASTLY.
vats (3rd.) VAT, to put stuff in a vat.
vatu The monetary unit of Vanuatu > VATUS.
vaus (Pl.) VAU, a Hebrew letter.
vaut (Obs.) to vault > VAUTS, VAUTING, VAUTED. Also VAWTE, VAUTE.
vavs (Pl.) VAV, a Hebrew letter.
vaws (Pl.) VAW, a Hebrew letter.
veal The meat of a calf > VEALS.
veep (US coll.) a vice-president > VEEPS. Also VEEPEE.
veer To change direction > VEERS, VEERING, VEERED.
vees (Pl.) VEE, a mark or object shaped or angled like a vee.
vega (Spanish) a low fertile plain; a tobacco field > VEGAS.
vego (Coll.) a vegetarian > VEGOS.
vehm (Ger.) a mediaeval German court > VEHME. Also FEHM.
veil (Verb) to cover with a veil > VEILS, VEILING, VEILED.
vein To fill with veins (tubular blood vessels) > VEINS, VEINING, VEINED.
vela (Pl.) VELUM, a veil or integument.
veld (Afrikaans) open grassland > VELDS. [Afrikaans veld, from Dutch veld, field]. Also VELDT.
vele (Spenser) a veil > VELES.
vell The fourth stomach of a calf, aka ABOMASUM > VELLS.
vena (Lat.) a vein > VENAE.
vend To sell > VENDS, VENDING, VENDED.
vent To provide with a vent (an opening for the escape of gas or liquid) > VENTS, VENTING, VENTED.
vera Very.
verb A word used to express an act, occurrence, or mode of being > VERBS.
verd As in verd antique, a dark green mottled impure variety of serpentine. No -S.
vers (Fr.) verse.
vert (Noun) in forest law, every green plant having leaves that may serve as a cover for deer; the right to cut this; (verb) (coll.) to become a convert > VERTS, VERTING, VERTED.
very Precise, absolute > VERIER, VERIEST; VERILY.
vest An undergarment for the top half of the body, an UNDERSHIRT; (verb) to place authority in > VESTS, VESTING, VESTED.
veto (Lat.) to forbid > VETOES, VETOING, VETOED.
vets (3rd.) VET, to examine closely.
vext (Obs.) pt. VEX, to distress or annoy.
viae (Pl.) VIA, way, road.
vial (Verb) to put in a vial > VIALS, VIALING or VIALLING, VIALED or VIALLED or (obs.) VIOLD.
vias (Pl.) VIA, way, road.
vibe (Coll.) vibration > VIBES.
vibs (Coll.) shoes with Vibram soles. N.B. no VIB*.
vice (Verb) to grip in a vice > VICES, VICING, VICED.
vide (Lat.) see.
vids (Pl.) VID, video.
vied (Pt.) VIE, to contend in rivalry.
vier One who vies > VIERS.
vies (3rd.) VIE, to contend in rivalry.
view To look at > VIEWS, VIEWING, VIEWED.
viff to change direction abruptly of a VTOL aircraft > VIFFS, VIFFING, VIFFED.
viga (Spanish) a ceiling beam > VIGAS. [Sp. viga, beam, rafter].
vigs (Pl.) VIG, a vigorish.
vild (Spenser) vile > VILDLY. Also VILDE.
vile Odious > VILER, VILEST; VILELY.
vill A township, or feudal territorial unit > VILLS.
vims (Pl.) VIM, energy, vigour.
vina (Sanskrit) an Indian stringed instrument > VINAS. Also VEENA.
vine (Verb) to remove vines from e.g. vines and pods from (peas) > VINES, VINING, VINED.
vino (Ital.) (Sl.) wine > VINOS.
vins (Pl.) VIN, wine.
vint A vintage; (verb) to gather a vintage > VINTS, VINTING, VINTED.
viny Of or pertaining to vines; producing, or abounding in, vines > VINIER, VINIEST.
viol Any member of a class of stringed instruments, forerunners of the violin class > VIOLS.
vire To transfer funds by VIREMENT > VIRES, VIRING, VIRED.
virl (Scots) = FERRULE, a rod or stick > VIRLS.
visa (Verb) to provide with a visa > VISAS, VISAING, VISAED.
vise 1. to hold in a vice > VISES, VISED, VISING. 2. to provide with a visa > VISES, VISEING, VISEED.
vita (Lat.) life > VITAE or VITAS.
vite (Fr.) quickly.
viva (Ital.) a shout or cry used to express approval; (verb) to shout viva > VIVAS, VIVAING, VIVAED.
vive (Scots) lively, forcible > VIVELY.
vivo (Ital.) lively.
vizy (Scots) a close or careful look; a gunsight; (verb) to take a close look > VIZIES, VIZYING, VIZIED. Also VISIE, VIZZIE.
vlei (Afrikaans) low-lying ground where a shallow lake forms in the wet season > VLEIS. Also VLY.
vlog A blog using the medium of video; (verb) to keep a video blog > VLOGS, VLOGGING, VLOGGED.
voar (Orkney) spring, seed-time > VOARS.
voes (Pl.) VOE, a bay or creek.
vogs (Pl.) VOG, air pollution caused by volcanic dust.
void (Adj.) empty. No comp > there is VOIDER, but it is a noun. (Verb) to empty > VOIDS, VOIDING, VOIDED.
voip A system for converting analogue signals to digital so that the telephone calls may be made over the internet > VOIPS.
vola (Lat.) the hollow of the hand or foot > VOLAE.
vole (Verb) to win all the tricks in one deal > VOLES, VOLING, VOLED.
volk (Afrikaans) the Afrikaner people > VOLKS.
vols (Pl.) VOL, in heraldry, two wings displayed and conjoined.
volt The unit of electromotive force > VOLTS.
voms (3rd.) VOM, to vomit.
vors (3rd.) VOR, to warn.
vote To cast a vote (a formal expression of will or opinion) > VOTES, VOTING, VOTED.
vows (3rd.) VOW, to make a vow or vows.
vril A hypothetical electric fluid in Bulwer-Lytton > VRILS.
vrot (Afrikaans) rotten; putrid; very bad.
vrou (Afrikaans) a woman, esp. a married woman > VROUS. Also VROW, VROUW, FROW.
vrow (Dutch) a woman, goodwife > VROWS. Also VROUW, FROW, VROU.
vugg (Cornish) a small unfilled cavity in a lode or in rock > VUGGS. [Cornish vooga]. Also VUG, VUGH.
vugh (Cornish) a small unfilled cavity in a lode or in rock > VUGHS. [Cornish vooga]. Also VUG, VUGG.
vugs (Pl.) VUG, a small unfilled cavity in a lode or in rock.
vuln To wound; pierce with a weapon > VULNS, VULNING, VULNED.
vums (3rd.) VUM, to vow.

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