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udal (Orkneys) allodial, without feudal superior. Also ODAL.
udon In Japanese cooking, large noodles of wheat flour > UDONS.
udos (Pl.) UDO, a kind of Japanese ARALIA.
ueys (Pl.) UEY, a U-turn.
ufos (Pl.) UFO, an unidentified flying object.
ughs (Pl.) UGH, an exclamation expression repugnance.
ugly Not beautiful > UGLIER, UGLIEST; UGLILY; (verb) to make ugly > UGLIES, UGLYING, UGLIED.
ukes (Pl.) UKE, a ukulele.
ulan (Ger.) a light cavalryman in semi-oriental uniform; a Prussian lancer > ULANS. Also UHLAN.
ules (Pl.) ULE, a Central American rubber tree.
ulex (Lat.) gorse > ULEXES.
ulna (Lat.) the inner and larger of the two bones of the forearm > ULNAS or ULNAE.
ulus (Pl.) ULU, an Eskimo knife.
ulva (Lat.) a genus of thin papery bright green seaweeds including the kinds called sea lettuce > ULVAS. [L. ulva, sedge].
umbo (Lat.) the boss of a shield > UMBOS or UMBONES.
umma The body of Muslim believers considered as one community > UMMAS.
umph An interjection. Also HUMPH.
umps (3rd.) UMP, to umpire.
umpy (Aust. sl.) an umpire > UMPIES. Also UMPIE.
umra A lesser pilgrimage to Mecca made separately or at the same time as the hajj, and consisting of a number of devotional rituals performed within the city > UMRAS.
umus (Pl.) UMU, a Maori oven.
unai (Tupi) a two-toed sloth > UNAIS. Also UNAU.
unau (Tupi) a two-toed sloth > UNAUS. Also UNAI.
unbe Not to be > UNBEING, UNBEEN.
unce (Scots) an ounce > UNCES.
unci (Pl.) UNCUS, a hook or hooklike process or structure.
unco (Scots) strange; foreign; extraordinary > UNCOER, UNCOEST; (noun) a stranger, a piece of news > UNCOS or UNCOES.
unde Wavy. Also UNDEE, UNDY, OUNDY.
undo To bring to ruin > UNDOES, UNDOING, UNDID, UNDONE.
undy Wavy. Also UNDEE, UNDE, OUNDY.
unis (Pl.) UNI, university.
unit A specific quantity used as a standard of measurement > UNITS.
unto To.
upas (Malay) a tree with a poisonous drip > UPASES. [Malay upas, poison].
upby A little farther on. Also UPBYE.
updo An upswept hairdo > UPDOS.
upon On.
upsy (Noun) a carousal > UPSIES. Also UPSEY, UPSEE.
upta Of poor quality. Also UPTER.
urao (Spanish) a native hydrated double salt of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, occurring esp. as an evaporite > URAOS. Aka TRONA.
urbs (Pl.) URB, an urban area.
urde Pointed, with a pattern of points. Also URDY, URDEE.
urds (Pl.) URD, an Indian bean.
urdy Pointed, with a pattern of points. No comp! Also URDE, URDEE.
urea A substance found in mammalian urine, the chief form in which nitrogenous waste is excreted > UREAS.
ures (Pl.) URE, an extinct wild ox.
urge To force forward > URGES, URGING, URGED.
uric Of or pertaining to urine; obtained from urine; as, uric acid.
urns (3rd.) URN, to enclose in an urn.
urps (3rd.) URP, to vomit.
ursa (Lat.) a female bear > URSAE.
urus An extinct bovine mammal, aka URE or AUROCHS > URUSES.
urva (Nepali) the crab-eating mongoose of SE Asia > URVAS.
used (Pt.) USE, to put to some purpose.
user One that uses > USERS.
uses (3rd.) USE, to put to some purpose.
utas The seventh day after a festival > UTASES.
utes (Pl.) UTE, a utility vehicle.
utis (Shakesp.) riotous merriment, which accompanied the eighth day of a festival > UTISES.
utus (Pl.) UTU, the (Maori) settlement of a debt.
uvae (Pl.) UVA, a grape or grape-like berry.
uvas (Pl.) UVA, a grape or grape-like berry.
uvea The posterior pigment-bearing layer of the pupil of the eye > UVEAS.