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Defined 4 Letter Words

maar (Ger.) a volcanic crater without a cone, usually filled by a lake > MAARS or MAARE.
maas (3rd.) MAA, of a goat, to bleat; (noun) thick soured milk > MAASES.
mabe A cultured pearl > MABES.
mace A club-like weapon; (verb) to attack with this > MACES, MACING, MACED.
mach A number indicating the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium > MACHS.
mack A pimp, pander > MACKS.
macs (Pl.) MAC, mackintosh.
made (Pt.) MAKE, to cause to exist.
mads (3rd.) MAD, to be mad.
maes (Pl.) MAE, more.
mage A magician; a person of exceptional wisdom and learning > MAGES. Also MAGUS.
magg (Scott) to steal > MAGGS, MAGGING, MAGGED.
magi (Pl.) MAGUS, a magician.
mags (3rd.) MAG, to tease, chatter.
maha As in maha yoga, a form of yoga practised with a master that incorporates all eight classical yogas.
maid (Verb) to work as a maid > MAIDS, MAIDING, MAIDED.
maik (Scots) a mate or consort, an equal > MAIKS.
mail To send by a governmental postal system > MAILS, MAILING, MAILED.
maim To injure so as to cause lasting damage > MAIMS, MAIMING, MAIMED.
main (Adj.) chief, principal > MAINER, MAINEST; MAINLY; (verb) to maim or cripple > MAINS, MAINING, MAINED.
mair (Scots) more > MAIRS.
make To cause to exist > MAKES, MAKING, MADE.
maki (Japanese) in Japanese cuisine a small segment cut from a long roll of cold rice and various other ingredients wrapped in a sheet of seaweed > MAKIS.
mako (Maori) a kind of shark > MAKOS.
maks (3rd.) MAK, to make.
mala (Hindi) a string of beads or knots used in prayer > MALAS.
male An individual that begets young by fertilizing the female > MALES.
mali (Hindi) one of the gardener class in India > MALIS.
mall (Verb) to maul, beat > MALLS, MALLING, MALLED.
malm A calcareous loam used in making brick > MALMS.
mals (Pl.) MAL, pain, sickness.
malt Barley or other grain prepared for brewing or distilling or vinegar-making, esp. by steeping, germinating, and drying; (verb) to treat or combine with malt > MALTS, MALTING, MALTED.
mama Mother > MAMAS.
mams (Pl.) MAM, mother.
mana (Maori) an impersonal supernatural force > MANAS.
mand (Spenser) manned.
mane The long hair growing on and about the neck of some animals > MANES, MANED.
mang (Arch.) to speak or talk > MANGS, MANGING, MANGED.
mani A stone prayer wall in a Tibetan Buddhist temple, usu. carved with sacred images or texts > MANIES or MANIS.
mano A stone roller used in Mexico etc. for grinding maize on a METATE, a stone with a concave surface > MANOS.
mans (3rd.) MAN, to staff, operate.
many Consisting of or amounting to a large number > MORE, MOST.
maps (3rd.) MAP, to make a map.
mara A large rodent, like a CAVY, found in Patagonia > MARAS.
marc (Fr.) grapeskins and other refuse from wine-making > MARCS.
mard (Spenser) marred.
mare (Lat.) a sea on the moon > MARIA.
marg (Abbr.) margarine > MARGS. Also MARGE.
mark A former monetary unit and coin in England and Scotland worth two thirds of a pound sterling > MARKS; (verb) to make a mark on > MARKS, MARKING, MARKED.
marl A mixture of clays, carbonates and ground-up shells used as a fertilizer; (verb) to fertilise with marl > MARLS, MARLING, MARLED.
marm A form of address to a woman, = ma'am > MARMS.
mars (3rd.) MAR, to spoil.
mart (Verb) (Shakespeare) to sell, trade > MARTS, MARTING, MARTED.
mary (Aust. slang) a woman, esp. an aboriginal woman > MARIES.
masa (Spanish) in Mexican cooking, a dough made from masa harina, ground, dried maize and used to make tamales etc > MASAS. [Sp. masa, dough, from L. massa, a lump].
mase To act as a MASER, a device used to amplify long-range radar and radio astronomy signals > MASES, MASING, MASED.
mash To reduce to a pulpy mass > MASHES, MASHING, MASHED.
mask A covering for the face, or the upper part of it, for concealment; (verb) to conceal with or as with a mask > MASKS, MASKING, MASKED.
mass To assemble in a mass (a body of coherent matter) > MASSES, MASSING, MASSED.
mast (Verb) to supply with a mast > MASTS, MASTING, MASTED.
masu (Japanese) a Japanese salmon > MASUS.
mate An infusion made from the leaves and shoot of a S. American shrub, aka Paraguay tea; (verb) to couple with > MATES, MATING, MATED.
math Mathematics > MATHS.
mats (3rd.) MAT, to form a tangle.
matt A non-glossy surface, as on paint > MATTS.
maty Friendly > MATIER, MATIEST; MATILY; (noun) a friend > MATIES. Also MATEY.
maud A Scottish shepherd's woollen plaid > MAUDS.
maul A war-club or mace; a heavy wooden hammer or beetle; (verb) to beat with a maul, to handle roughly > MAULS, MAULING, MAULED.
maun (Dial.) must.
maut (Scots) malt > MAUTS.
mawk (ON) a maggot. [ON mathkr, maggot].
mawn (Pt.) MAW, to mow.
mawr (Dial.) a girl, especially a great awkward girl > MAWRS. Also MAUTHER, MAWTHER.
maws (3rd.) MAW, to mow.
maxi A maxi garment > MAXIS.
maya (Sanskrit) in Buddhist philosophy, the power to produce illusions > MAYAS.
mayo (Abbr.) mayonnaise > MAYOS.
mays (Pl.) MAY, hawthorn blossom.
maze (Verb) to bewilder, confuse > MAZES, MAZING, MAZED.
mazy Like a maze, winding > MAZIER, MAZIEST; MAZILY.
mead Alcoholic liquor produced by fermenting a mixture of honey and water > MEADS. Also MEATH, MEATHE.
meal (Verb) to cover with meal > MEALS, MEALING, MEALED.
mean Low, humble > MEANER, MEANEST; MEANLY; (verb) to signify > MEANS, MEANING, MEANT.
meat Animal flesh used as food > MEATS, MEATED.
mech (Short for) mechanic > MECHS.
meck (Scots) an old halfpenny > MECKS. Also MAIK,
meds (Pl.) MED, medication.
meed A fitting return or recompense > MEEDS.
meek Submissive > MEEKER, MEEKEST; MEEKLY.
meer (Verb) to mark off; to bound > MEERS, MEERING, MEERED. Also MERE, MEARE.
mees (Pl.) MEE, in Malaysia, noodles or a dish containing noodles.
meet Suitable > MEETER, MEETEST; MEETLY; (verb) to encounter > MEETS, MEETING, MET.
meff (Dial.) a tramp, a worthless person > MEFFS.
mega Very big.
megs (Pl.) MEG, a halfpenny.
mein (Shakesp.) to moan > MEINS, MEINING, MEINED. Also MEANE, MENE.
mela (Hindi) in the Indian subcontinent, a Hindu festival or fair > MELAS. [Hindi, from Sanskrit mela, assembly].
meld To merge, blend > MELDS, MELDING, MELDED.
mell (Shakesp.) to mix, to meddle > MELLS, MELLING, MELLED.
mels (Pl.) MEL, honey.
melt To change from a solid to a liquid state by heat > MELTS, MELTING, MELTED.
meme In biology, a practice or belief passed on other than by genes > MEMES.
memo A memorandum > MEMOS.
mems (Pl.) MEM, a Hebrew letter.
mend To repair > MENDS, MENDING, MENDED.
mene (Obs.) to lament, moan > MENES, MENING, MENED. Also MEIN, MEANE.
meng To mix; to unite, couple > MENGS, MENGING, MENT or MEINT or MEYNT. Also MING, MENGE.
meno (Ital.) less.
ment (Pt.) MENG, to mix.
menu (Fr.) a list of dishes available > MENUS.
meou To make a sound like a cat > MEOUS, MEOUING, MEOUED. Also MIAOW, MIAOU, MEOW, MIAUL.
meow To make a sound like a cat > MEOWS, MEOWING, MEOWED. Also MIAOW, MEOU, MIAOU, MIAUL.
merc (Abbr.) mercenary > MERCS or MERCES.
mere Only > MERER, MEREST; MERELY; (verb) to mark off, divide > MERES, MERING, MERED.
meri (Maori) a war-club > MERIS.
merk An old Scotch silver coin > MERKS.
merl A blackbird > MERLS. Also MERLE.
mesa (Spanish) a flat-topped hill > MESAS.
mese (Greek) in Greek music, the middle string of the lyre; its note > MESES.
mesh To entangle > MESHES, MESHING, MESHED.
mess To make dirty or untidy > MESSES, MESSING, MESSED.
meta Pertaining to positions in benzene ring separated by one carbon atom.
mete To distribute by measure > METES, METING, METED.
meth A stimulant drug > METHS.
mets (Pl.) MET, meteorology.
meus (Pl.) MEU, the plant SPIGNEL.
meve (Obs.) to move > MEVES, MEVING, MEVED.
mewl To cry feebly, as a kitten > MEWLS, MEWLING, MEWLED.
mews (Verb) to pass through a MEUSE > MEWSES, MEWSING, MEWSED. Also MEUSE, SMEUSE.
meze (Turkish) a type of appetizer served in Greece > MEZES. [Turkish meze, a snack]. Also MEZZE.
mezz Relating to an intermediate stage in a financial process.
mhos (Pl.) MHO, a unit of electrical resistance.
mibs (Pl.) MIB, a type of marble.
mica A rock-forming mineral (muscovite, biotite, lepidolite, etc) with perfect basal cleavage > MICAS.
mice (Pl.) MOUSE, a small rodent.
mich To play truant > MICHES, MICHING, MICHED. Also MITCH.
mick (Sl.) an Irishman > MICKS. Also MICKY, MICKEY.
mico (Tupi) the black-tailed marmoset > MICOS.
mics (Pl.) MIC, microphone.
midi A skirt or coat that extends to the middle of the calf > MIDIS.
mids (Pl.) MID, middle.
mien (Fr.) air or look; manner > MIENS.
miff A petty falling out; a tiff; (verb) to put in a bad mood, offend > MIFFS, MIFFING, MIFFED.
migg A type of playing marble > MIGGS. Also MIG, MIB, MIGGLE.
migs (Pl.) MIG, a type of playing marble.
miha (Maori) a young fern frond that has not opened. No -S.
mihi (Maori) a ceremonial greeting; (verb) to greet ceremonially > MIHIS, MIHIING, MIHIED.
mike (Abbr.) microphone; (verb) to record by use of a microphone > MIKES, MIKING, MIKED.
mild Gentle, not harsh > MILDER, MILDEST; MILDLY; (verb) to make or become mild > MILDS, MILDING, MILDED.
mile A unit of linear measure, 1760 yards > MILES.
milf A sexually attractive middle-aged woman > MILFS.
milk To draw milk (a whitish, nutritious liquid) from the udder of > MILKS, MILKING, MILKED.
mill To grind by mechanical means > MILLS, MILLING, MILLED.
milo A drought-resistant variety of SORGHUM > MILOS.
mils (Pl.) MIL, a Cypriot coin.
milt The soft roe of a fish; (verb) of fish, to impregnate > MILTS, MILTING, MILTED.
mime To mimic > MIMES, MIMING, MIMED.
mina A Greek unit of weight or money > MINAS or MINAE. Also MNA, MANEH.
mind To heed > MINDS, MINDING, MINDED.
mine To dig into for valuable materials > MINES, MINING, MINED.
ming To mix; to unite, couple > MINGS, MINGING, MINGED, MEINT, MEYNT, MENT. Also MENG, MENGE.
mini Something distinctively smaller than others of its kind > MINIS.
mink A carnivorous mammal > MINKS.
mino (Japanese) a raincoat of hemp etc > MINOS.
mint Any plant of the aromatic labiate genus Mentha; (verb) to coin, to invent > MINTS, MINTING, MINTED.
minx A pert, sly, or flirtatious young woman; a hussy > MINXES.
miny Abounding with mines; like a mine > MINIER, MINIEST.
mips A million instruction per second. No MIP*.
mire (Verb) to bog down > MIRES, MIRING, MIRED.
miri (Pl.) MIR, a Russian farming community.
mirk Dark, gloomy > MIRKER, MIRKEST; (noun) darkness, gloom > MIRKS. Also MURK.
miro (Maori) a tall coniferous tree of New Zealand > MIRO. No -S.
mirs (Pl.) MIR, a Muslim ruler.
mirv (Military slang) to provide with MIRV capabilities, i.e. missiles containing many thermonuclear warheads > MIRVS, MIRVING, MIRVED.
miry Abounding with deep mud; full of mire > MIRIER, MIRIEST.
mise The issue in a writ of right > MISES.
miso (Japanese) a paste, used in flavouring, prepared from soya beans and fermented in brine > MISOS.
miss To fail to make contact with > MISSES, MISSING, MISSED.
mist To become blurry > MISTS, MISTING, MISTED.
mite Any of various tiny arachnids of the order Acarida, many of which carry disease, smaller than ticks and, unlike them, not always parasitic in habits > MITES.
mitt Any of various glovelike hand coverings, such as one that does not cover the fingers > MITTS. Also MITTEN.
mity Infested with mites > MITIER, MITIEST.
mixt (Obs.) pt. MIX.
mixy Mixed > MIXIER, MIXIEST.
mizz (Coll.) short form of misery. Also MIZ.
mnas (Pl.) MNA, a Greek unit of weight or money.
moai (Rapanui) any of the gigantic stone statues of Easter Island > MOAI. No -S.
moan To utter a low, mournful sound > MOANS, MOANING, MOANED.
moas (Pl.) MOA, an ostrich-like New Zealand bird, extinct for over a century.
moat (Verb) to surround with a moat > MOATS, MOATING, MOATED.
mobe (Sl.) a mobile phone > MOBES. Also MOBIE, MOBY.
mobs (3rd.) MOB, to form into a mob.
moby (Sl.) a mobile phone > MOBIES. Also MOBE, MOBIE.
moch (Scots) misty or humid weather > MOCHS.
mock To ridicule > MOCKS, MOCKING, MOCKED.
mocs (Pl.) MOC, moccasin.
mode A method of doing or acting > MODES.
modi (Pl.) MODUS, the terms of a conveyance.
mods (Pl.) MOD, a Highland Gaelic festival.
moer (S. Afr.) a despicable person; (verb) to attack someone > MOERS, MOERING, MOERED.
moes (Pl.) MOE, a wry face.
mofo (US) a motherfucker > MOFOS.
mogs (3rd.) MOG, to move away, jog.
moho a boundary separating the earth's crust and the mantle > MOHOS.
mohr (Arabic) a West African gazelle > MOHRS. Also MHORR.
moil to drudge > MOILS, MOILING, MOILED. [Anglo-French moiller, to make wet, dampen, with the idea of toiling in mud]. Also MOYLE.
moit (Dial.) = MOTE, a foreign particle in wool > MOITS.
mojo (US slang) magic > MOJOS or MOJOES.
moke A donkey > MOKES.
moki (Maori) a New Zealand sea fish > MOKIS.
moko (Maori) a system of tattooing > MOKOS.
mola (Cuna) a brightly-coloured applique or embroidered panel made by Cuna Indian women of Panama > MOLAS.
mold (US) to mould > MOLDS, MOLDING, MOLDED.
mole The quantity of a compound that has a weight equal to the compound's molecular weight > MOLES.
moll A gangster's girlfriend > MOLLS.
mols (Pl.) MOL, the chemical term.
molt To moult > MOLTS, MOLTING, MOLTED.
moly A magical herb given by Hermes to Odysseus against the charms of Circe; a species of wild onion > MOLIES.
mome (Shakesp.) a stupid person > MOMES.
momi (Pl.) MOMUS, a satirist, a critic.
moms (Pl.) MOM, mother.
mona (Spanish) a kind of West African monkey > MONAS.
mong (Dial.) a throng or crowd; a mixture > MONGS.
monk A man who is a member of a secluded religious order > MONKS.
mono The black howler monkey of Central America > MONOS.
mons (Lat.) a protuberance of the body > MONTES.
mony (Scots) many. Also MONIE.
mood A person's emotional state at a particular moment > MOODS.
mooi (Afrikaans) fine.
mook (Japanese) a book produced in magazine format > MOOKS.
mool (Scots) mould > MOOLS.
moon The satellite of a planet; (verb) to spend time idly > MOONS, MOONED, MOONING.
moop (Scots) to nibble, munch > MOOPS, MOOPING, MOOPED. Also MOUP.
moor To secure a vessel by means of cables > MOORS, MOORING, MOORED.
moos (3rd.) MOO, to low.
moot (Adj.) debatable > MOOT, MOOTEST; (verb) to debate > MOOTS, MOOTING, MOOTED.
mope To act in a dejected or gloomy manner > MOPES, MOPING, MOPED.
mops (3rd.) MOP, to clean with a mop.
mopy Moping > MOPIER, MOPIEST. Also MOPEY.
mora (Lat.) a unit of metrical time in prosody > MORAE or MORAS. A game of guessing how many fingers are held up > MORAS.
more A greater amount > MORES.
morn Morning > MORNS.
mors (Pl.) MOR, a type of humus.
mort The note sounded on a hunting horn when an animal is killed > MORTS.
mose (Shakesp.) a doubtful verb, applied to some disease in a horse > MOSES, MOSING, MOSED.
mosh A type of dance performed to loud rock music; (verb) to dance in this manner > MOSHES, MOSHING, MOSHED.
mosk (Arabic) an Islamic temple > MOSKS. Also MOSQUE.
moss (Verb) to cover with moss > MOSSES, MOSSING, MOSSED.
most The greatest part of > MOSTEST but not MOSTER*.
mote A speck of dust > MOTES, MOTED; (verb) may, must > MOSTE, MOTEN.
moth A winged insect > MOTHS, MOTHED.
moti (Hinglish) a fat woman or girl > MOTIS.
mots (Pl.) MOT, a word, a pithy saying.
mott (SW US) a clump of trees, esp. on a prairie > MOTTS.
motu (Maori) a small reef island in the Pacific > MOTU or MOTUS.
moue (Fr.) a disdainful or pouting look > MOUES.
moup (Scots) to nibble, munch > MOUPS, MOUPING, MOUPED. Also MOOP.
mous (Pl.) MOU, mouth.
move To change from one position to another > MOVES, MOVING, MOVED.
mowa (Hindi) a kind of butter-tree with edible flowers > MOWAS. Also MOWRA, MAHUA, MAHWA.
mown (Pt.) MOW, to cut the grass on.
mows (3rd.) MOW, to cut the grass on.
moxa (Japanese) a soft woolly mass prepared from the young leaves of Artemisia chinensis, and used as a cautery by burning it on the skin > MOXAS. [Japanese mogusa].
moya Volcanic mud > MOYAS.
moyl (Obs.) a mule. Also MOYLE.
moys (Pl.) MOY, an old coin.
moze To raise the nap of a fabric with a gig > MOZES, MOZING, MOZED.
mozo A manual labourer > MOZOS.
mozz (Aus. sl.) bad luck. Also MOZ.
much Plentiful > MUCHLY; (noun) a great deal > MUCHES.
muck To fertilize with manure > MUCKS, MUCKING, MUCKED.
muds (3rd.) MUD, to bury in mud, to plaster with mud.
muff An open-ended cylinder of fur or cloth into which the hands are placed for warmth; (verb) to make a mess of, fail to catch > MUFFS, MUFFING, MUFFED.
mugg To make funny faces > MUGGS, MUGGING, MUGGED.
mugs (3rd.) MUG, to attack from behind.
muid (Dutch) a Dutch or (now esp.) South African dry measure of capacity > MUIDS.
muil (Scots) a backless slipper, a mule.
muir (Scots) a moor > MUIRS.
mule (Verb) to strike (a coin) from dies belonging to two different issues > MULES, MULING, MULED.
mull A light fabric; (verb) to ponder over, study > MULLS, MULLING, MULLED.
mumm To sport or make diversion in a mask or disguise; to mask > MUMMS, MUMMING, MUMMED.
mump To move the lips with the mouth closed; to mumble, as in sulkiness > MUMPS, MUMPING, MUMPED.
mums (3rd.) MUM, to act in a mime.
mumu (Hawaiian) a long loose dress > MUMUS. Also MUUMUU.
mung To process computer data > MUNGS, MUNGING, MUNGED.
muni A security issued by a municipal government > MUNIS.
muns (Pl.) MUN, a fellow.
munt (Bantu) (derog.) a black African > MUNTS. [Bantu umuntu person, sing. of abantu]. Also MUNTU.
muon A subatomic particle > MUONS.
mura (Japanese) a Japanese village > MURAS.
mure To wall up the doors of; to stop (up) the means of access to > MURES, MURING, MURED.
murk Dark, gloomy, obscure > MURKER, MURKEST; MURKLY; (noun) darkness, gloom > MURKS. Also MIRK.
murl (Scots) to crumble > MURLS, MURLING, MURLED.
murr A guillemot, an auk > MURRS. Also MURRE.
muse To ponder > MUSES, MUSING, MUSED.
mush Meal, esp cornmeal, boiled in water or milk until thick; (verb) to reduce to mush > MUSHES, MUSHING, MUSHED.
musk (Verb) to perfume with musk > MUSKS, MUSKING, MUSKED.
muso (Sl.) a musician > MUSOS.
muss To disarrange, to mess > MUSSES, MUSSING, MUSSED. Also MUSSE.
must (Scots) a musk, hair-powder; (verb) to powder > MUSTS, MUSTING, MUSTED. Also MUIST.
mute Characterized by an absence of speech > MUTER, MUTEST; MUTELY; (verb) to deaden the sound of > MUTES, MUTING, MUTED.
muti (Zulu) a traditional medicine, associated with witch-doctors > MUTIS. [Zulu umuthi tree, plant, medicine].
muts (Pl.) MUT, a mongrel dog.
mutt (US) a blockhead; a dog > MUTTS. Also MUT.
muzz (Coll.) to make muzzy > MUZZES, MUZZING, MUZZED.
mwah A representation of the sound of a kiss.
myal Relating to MYALISM, a magic cult among West Indian blacks.
mycs (Pl.) MYC, a cancer-causing gene.
myna (Hindi) an Asiatic bird of the starling family > MYNAS. [Hindi maina]. Also MYNAH, MINA.
myth A type of traditional story > MYTHS.
myxo (Aust. sl.) myxomatosis > MYXOS.
mzee (Swahili) an old person > MZEES.

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