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Defined 4 Letter Words

caas (3rd.) CAA, to call.
caba (Fr.) a woman's work-basket > CABAS. Also CABAS.
cabs (3rd.) CAB, to take or drive a cab.
caca (Sl.) excrement > CACAS.
cack Faeces, rubbish; (verb) to defecate > CACKS, CACKING, CACKED.
cade A Mediterranean medicinal shrub > CADES.
cadi (Arabic) a civil judge in a Muslim country > CADIS. [Arabic qadi, a judge]. Also KADI, QADI.
cads (Pl.) CAD, a dishonourable man.
cafe A coffee house or a small, inexpensive restaurant > CAFES.
caff (Sl.) cafe > CAFFS.
cafs (Pl.) CAF, a cafe.
cage A compartment or enclosure, usu made from bars and wires; (verb) to enclose in a cage > CAGES, CAGING, CAGED.
cags (Pl.) CAG, a cagoule.
cagy Cautious, wary > CAGIER, CAGIEST; CAGILY. Also CAGEY.
caid (Arabic) a North African chief > CAIDS. Also KAID, QAID.
cain (Gaelic) a tenanted farm rent paid in kind > CAINS. Also KAIN, KANE.
cake A breadlike composition enriched with additions such as sugar, eggs, spices, currants, peel, etc.; (verb) to take on the consistency of cake > CAKES, CAKING, CAKED.
caky With the consistency of cake > CAKIER, CAKIEST. Also CAKEY.
calf 1. a young cow > CALVES. 2. the skin of a calf, calfskin > CALFS.
calk A pointed piece on a horseshoe to prevent slipping; (verb) to provide with a calk > CALKS, CALKING, CALKED. Also CALKIN, CALKER, CAULKER, CAWKER.
call To summon > CALLS, CALLING, CALLED.
calm Not disturbed > CALMER, CALMEST; CALMLY; (verb) to make calm > CALMS, CALMING, CALMED.
calo (Ital.) (abbrev. of) CALANDO, slowing with gradually lowering volume; (noun) a Spanish argot used by chicano youths > CALOS.
calp In Ireland, a dark shaly limestone > CALPS.
calx (Lat.) the substance of a metal or mineral that remains after strong heating > CALCES or CALXES. [L. calx, lime].
cama The hybrid offspring of a camel and a llama > CAMAS.
came (Noun) a lead rod for framing a pane in a leaded or stained glass window > CAMES.
cami (Short for) camisole > CAMIS.
camo Camouflage > CAMOS.
camp Effeminately homosexual > CAMPER, CAMPEST; CAMPLY; (verb) to live in a tent > CAMPS, CAMPING, CAMPED.
cams (3rd.) CAM, to whiten with camstone.
cane To beat with a rod > CANES, CANING, CANED.
cang (Port.) a wooden collar used to punish criminals in China > CANGS. Also CANGUE.
cann To direct the steering of > CANNS, CANNING, CANNED. Also CON, CONN.
cans (3rd.) CAN, to store in a can.
cant (Adj.) affectedly moral or religious > CANTER, CANTEST; (verb) to tilt, slope > CANTS, CANTING, CANTED.
cany Like cane, abounding in cane > CANIER, CANIEST.
capa (Spanish) a Spanish cloak > CAPAS.
cape (Verb, naut.) to keep a course towards a cape > CAPES, CAPING, CAPED.
caph (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > CAPHS. Also KAPH, KHAPH, KHAF, KAF.
capi (Pl.) CAPO, the head of a branch of the Mafia.
capo (Ital.) the head of a branch of the Mafia > CAPOS or CAPI.
caps (Pl.) CAP, to put a cap on something.
carb (Abbr.) carburettor > CARBS. Also CARBY.
card To provide with a card (a stiff piece of paper) > CARDS, CARDING, CARDED.
care To be concerned or interested > CARES, CARING, CARED.
cark Worry; trouble, distress; (verb) to worry > CARKS, CARKING, CARKED. [L. carricare, to load].
carl A rude, rustic man; a churl > CARLS. Also CARLE, CARLOT.
carn A mound of stone set up as a memorial > CARNS. Also CAIRN, KARN.
carp (Verb) to criticise, complain > CARPS, CARPING, CARPED.
carr (ON) an alder wood > CARRS.
cars (Pl.) CAR, a self-propelled wheeled vehicle.
cart To convey in a cart (a two-wheeled vehicle) > CARTS, CARTING, CARTED.
casa (Ital.) a house, a mansion > CASAS.
case To put in a case (a container or receptacle) > CASES, CASING, CASED.
cash A small Eastern coin > CASHES; (verb) to convert to cash > CASHES, CASHING, CASHED. [Port. caiza].
cask A hollow round container for holding liquor, made of wooden staves bound with hoops; (verb) to put in a cask > CASKS, CASKING, CASKED.
cast To throw with force > CASTS, CASTING, CAST or (obs.) CASTED.
cate (Obs.) a dainty or choice food > CATES.
cats (3rd.) CAT, to vomit.
cauf A coal-miner's basket > CAUVES. Also CORF.
cauk An opaque, compact variety of BARITE, or heavy spar > CAUKS. Also CAWK.
caul A foetal membrane covering the head > CAULS.
caum (Scots) pale bluish-grey clay; (verb) to whiten with this > CAUMS, CAUMING, CAUMED. Also CAM, CALM.
caup (Scots) a two-handed drinking bowl > CAUPS.
cava (Spanish) a sparkling wine > CAVAS.
cave To hollow out > CAVES, CAVING, CAVED.
cavy A kind of South American rodent > CAVIES.
cawk An opaque, compact variety of BARITE, or heavy spar > CAWKS. Also CAUK.
caws (3rd.) CAW, to cry as a crow.
cays (Pl.) CAY, a low islet.
cazh (Sl.) casual.
ceas (Shakesp.) enough said. Also CAESE, SESE, SESEY, SESSA.
ceca (Pl.) CECUM, the blind gut.
cede To yield or surrender something, such as a territory > CEDES, CEDING, CEDED.
cedi (Fante) a Ghanaian monetary unit, equal to 100 PESEWAS > CEDIS.
cees (Pl.) CEE, the letter C.
ceil To provide with a ceiling > CEILS, CEILING, CEILED. Also CIEL.
cell (Verb) to store in a honeycomb > CELLS, CELLING, CELLED.
cels (Pl.) CEL, celluloid.
celt A prehistoric stone tool, such as an axehead > CELTS.
cens (Fr.) a nominal annual payment given to the owner of an estate or property in recognition of his or her title.
cent A coin worth 1/100th of a dollar > CENTS.
cepe A kind of edible mushroom > CEPES. Also CEP.
ceps (Pl.) CEP, a kind of edible mushroom.
cere Wax; a wax-like protuberance at base of upper part of bird's bill; (verb) to cover with wax > CERES, CERING, CERED.
cero (Spanish) a large spiny-finned food fish > CEROS. [Sp. sierra, saw].
cert (Abbr.) certainty > CERTS.
cess A tax, a local rate; (verb) to impose a tax > CESSES, CESSING, CESSED. Also SESS.
cete A badger's home > CETES. Also SETT.
chad A bit of paper punched out of paper tape or cards > CHADS.
chai (Romany) fem. of CHAL, a fellow, a person > CHAIS.
chal (Romany) a fellow, a person > CHALS. The feminine is CHAI.
cham (Turkish) a prince or chief; a governor > CHAMS. Also KHAN.
chao (Vietnamese) a monetary unit of Vietnam > CHAOS. Also HAO.
chap To roughen > CHAPS, CHAPPING, CHAPPED or CHAPT.
char To burn slightly > CHARS, CHARRING, CHARRED.
chas (Pl.) CHA, tea.
chat To converse informally > CHATS, CHATTING, CHATTED.
chav (Coll.) derogatory word for a young working class person who wears casual sports clothes > CHAVS.
chaw To grind with the teeth; to masticate > CHAWS, CHAWING, CHAWED.
chay (Tamil) an Indian plant of the madder family whose root chayroot yields a red dye > CHAYS. [Tamil saya]. Also CHAYA, SHAYA.
chef (Verb) to work as a chef > CHEFS, CHEFING or CHEFFING, CHEFED or CHEFFED.
chem (Short for) a chemistry class or course > CHEMS.
cher (Fr.) dear.
chew To crush or grind with the teeth > CHEWS, CHEWING, CHEWED.
chez (Fr.) at the home of.
chia A Mexican herb > CHIAS.
chib (Scots) a sharp weapon such as a knife or razor; (verb) to slash with a sharp weapon > CHIBS, CHIBBING, CHIBBED.
chic (Noun) style, elegance > CHICS; (adj.) having style, elegant > CHICER, CHICEST; CHICLY.
chid (Pt.) CHIDE, to scold.
chik (Hindi) a slatted blind > CHIKS. [Hindi ciq].
chin (Verb) to hold with the chin > CHINS, CHINNING, CHINNED.
chip To break a small piece from > CHIPS, CHIPPING, CHIPPED.
chis (Pl.) CHI, a Greek letter.
chit (Dial.) a shoot; (verb) to sprout > CHITS, CHITTING, CHITTED.
chiv (Slang) a knife; (verb) to cut with a knife > CHIVS, CHIVING or CHIVVING, CHIVED/CHIVVED.
chiz (Sl.) a cheat, a swizz; (verb) to swindle > CHIZZES, CHIZZING, CHIZZED.
choc (Coll.) chocolate > CHOCS.
chog (Dial.) the core of a piece of fruit > CHOGS.
chon (Korean) a Korean monetary unit. OSPD says pl. CHON, but Chambers implies pl. is CHONS, and CHONS is in OSWI. Also JUN.
chop To sever with a sharp tool > CHOPS, CHOPPING, CHOPPED.
chou (Fr.) a cabbage; an ornamental soft rosette; a cream bun > CHOUX.
chow (Verb) to eat > CHOWS, CHOWING, CHOWED.
chub A species of fresh-water fish of the Cyprinidae or Carp family, aka CHEVEN > CHUBS.
chug To move with a dull explosive noise, as a locomotive > CHUGS, CHUGGING, CHUGGED.
chum (Verb) to become a chum > CHUMS, CHUMMING, CHUMMED.
chur (NZ) an informal expression of agreement.
chut (Fr.) an expression of impatience.
ciao (Ital.) goodbye.
cide (Obs.) to decide > CIDES, CIDING, CIDED.
cids (Pl.) CID, a champion.
ciel To provide with a ceiling > CIELS, CIELING, CIELED. Also CEIL.
cigs (Pl.) CIG, cigarette.
cill A sill > CILLS.
cine A motion picture > CINES.
cinq (French) the number five > CINQS.
cion A detached piece of a plant capable of propagating, esp by grafting; a young member of a family > CIONS. Also SCION.
cire (Fr.) a fabric with a waxed finish (the e is accented) > CIRES.
cirl A species of bunting > CIRLS.
cist A tomb consisting of stone chest covered with stone slabs > CISTS, CISTED.
cite To quote as an authority or example > CITES, CITING, CITED.
cito (Lat.) quickly.
cits (Pl.) CIT, a term of contempt for someone who is not a gentleman.
city A large town > CITIES, CITIED.
cive A herb of the onion family. Also CHIVE.
clad To cover one material with another > CLADS, CLADDING, CLADDED.
clam (Verb) to dig for clams > CLAMS, CLAMMING, CLAMMED.
clan A united group of families > CLANS.
clap To bring the hands together smartly > CLAPS, CLAPPING, CLAPPED or CLAPT.
clat (Scots) something scraped together, a lump; (verb) to scratch, scrape > CLATS, CLATTING, CLATTED. Also CLAUT.
claw To scratch with claws (sharp, curved toenails) > CLAWS, CLAWING, CLAWED.
clay (Verb) to purify (e.g. sugar) with clay > CLAYS, CLAYING, CLAYED.
clef A character placed on the stave by which the absolute pitch of the following notes is fixed > CLEFS.
cleg A horse-fly > CLEGS.
clem To starve > CLEMS, CLEMMING, CLEMMED.
clew A corner of a sail with hole to attach ropes; (verb) to attach a rope thus > CLEWS, CLEWING, CLEWED.
clip To cut e.g. hair > CLIPS, CLIPPING, CLIPPED or CLIPT.
clit (Sl.) a clitoris > CLITS.
clod A lump or mass, especially of earth, turf, or clay > CLODLY; (verb) to pelt with clods > CLODS, CLODDING, CLODDED.
clog A wooden shoe; a shoe with a wooden sole; (verb) to choke with an impediment > CLOGS, CLOGGING, CLOGGED.
clon A group of asexually derived organisms > CLONS.
clop To make the sound of a hoof striking pavement > CLOPS, CLOPPING, CLOPPED.
clot To form into a clot (a thick mass) > CLOTS, CLOTTING, CLOTTED.
clou (Fr.) the main point of interest; a dominant idea > CLOUS.
clow (Scots) = CLOVE > CLOWS. A clow-flower is a gillyflower.
cloy To gratify beyond desire > CLOYS, CLOYING, CLOYED.
club A heavy staff of wood, usually tapering, and wielded in the hand; (verb) to strike with a club > CLUBS, CLUBBING, CLUBBED.
clue (Verb) to furnish with a clue > CLUES, CLUING or CLUEING, CLUED.
coal (Verb) to dig for coal; to transport coal > COALS, COALING, COALED.
coat An outer garment with sleeves; an overcoat; (verb) to cover with a coat, in various senses > COATS, COATING, COATED.
coax To cajole > COAXES, COAXING, COAXED.
cobb A gull, esp. the great black-backed gull > COBBS. Also COB.
cobs (3rd.) COB, to strike, thump on the buttocks.
coca (Quechua) the dried leaf of a South American shrub > COCAS. [Sp. f. Aymara kuka or Quechua koka.]
coch (Obs.) a coach > COCHES.
cock A male bird; (verb) to draw back (the cock of a gun) > COCKS, COCKING, COCKED.
coco The coconut palm > COCOS.
coda (Ital.) an end-piece > CODAS.
code To convert into symbols > CODES, CODING, CODED.
cods (3rd.) COD, to trick, deceive.
coed A girl student at a coeducational institution > COEDS.
coff (Scots) to buy > COFFS, COFFING, COFFED or COFT.
coft (Scots) pt. COFF, to buy.
cogs (3rd.) COG, to cheat, dissemble.
coho A Pacific salmon > COHOS or COHOES. Also COHOE.
coif A covering for the head, esp the close-fitting cap of white lawn or silk originally worn by serjeants-at-law; (verb) to put the hair into a coif > COIFS, COIFING, COIFED. Also COIFFE, QUOIF.
coil To wind in even rings > COILS, COILING, COILED.
coin To make coins (metal currency) > COINS, COINING, COINED.
coir A material for cordage, matting, etc., consisting of the prepared fiber of the outer husk of the cocoanut > COIRS. Also KYAR.
coit (Aust. sl.) the buttocks, the backside > COITS.
coke (Verb) to make into, or to become like, coke > COKES, COKING, COKED.
coky Resembling coke > COKIER, COKIEST.
cola (Temne) a genus of W. African trees producing nuts used in drugs and for flavouring soft drinks > COLAS. Also KOLA.
cold Not hot > COLDER, COLDEST; COLDLY; (noun) the state of being cold > COLDS.
cole A plant of the Brassica or Cabbage genus; esp. that form of B. oleracea called rape and coleseed > COLES.
coll (Obs.) to embrace, hug > COLLS, COLLING, COLLED.
cols (Pl.) COL, a pass over mountains.
colt A young male horse; (verb) to frisk like a colt, to defraud > COLTS, COLTING, COLTED.
coly An African bird > COLIES.
coma (Lat.) a spherical cloud of material surrounding the head of a comet > COMAE or COMAS.
comb To arrange or clean with a comb (a toothed instrument) > COMBS, COMBING, COMBED.
come To move toward something or someone > COMES, COMETH, COMING, CAME.
comm As in comm badge, a small wearable badge-shaped radio transmitter > COMMS.
comp (Coll.) a compositor; (verb) to work as a compositor > COMPS, COMPING, COMPED.
coms (Abbr.) combinations. N.B. no COM*.
cond (Pt.) CON, to know, study.
cone (Verb) to bear cones > CONES, CONING, CONED.
conf An online conference > CONFS.
coni (Pl.) CONUS, a type of ventricle in mammals.
conk To fail, break down > CONKS, CONKING, CONKED. Also KONK.
conn To direct the steering of > CONNS, CONNING, CONNED. Also CON.
cons (3rd.) CON, to trick, or persuade by dishonest means.
cony A rabbit > CONIES. Also CONEY.
coof (Scots) a lout, a dolt > COOFS. Also CUIF.
cook To prepare food by heating > COOKS, COOKING, COOKED.
cool Moderately cold > COOLER, COOLEST; COOLLY; (verb) to make less warm > COOLS, COOLING, COOLED.
coom Soot; coal dust; refuse matter; (verb) to begrime > COOMS, COOMING, COOMED.
coon A raccoon > COONS.
coop To confine > COOPS, COOPING, COOPED.
coos (3rd.) COO, to make a sound like a dove.
coot A water bird, black with a white frontal shield > COOTS.
cope To contend or strive > COPES, COPING, COPED.
cops (3rd.) COP, to capture.
copy To imitate > COPIES, COPYING, COPIED.
cord (Verb) to bind with a cord > CORDS, CORDING, CORDED.
core To remove the core (the central part) of > CORES, CORING, CORED.
corf A coal-miner's basket > CORVES. Also CAUF.
cork The outer bark of the cork tree, a species of oak; (verb) to stop up with a cork > CORKS, CORKING, CORKED.
corm The swollen subterranean part of a stem > CORMS.
corn To preserve with salt > CORNS, CORNING, CORNED.
cors (Pl.) COR, a Hebrew measure.
cory (Romany) (vulg.) the penis > CORIES. [Romany kori, thorn]. Also COREY.
cose To make oneself cosy > COSES, COSING, COSED.
cosh A bludgeon, truncheon, lead-pipe, piece of flexible tubing filled with metal, or the like, used as a weapon; (verb) to strike with a cosh > COSHES, COSHING, COSHED.
coss (Hindi) a measure of distance > COSSES. Also KOSS, KOS.
cost To estimate a price for production of > COSTS, COSTING, COST or COSTED.
cosy Snug > COSIER, COSIEST; COSILY; (noun) a cover for a teapot > COSIES. Also COSEY, COSIE, COZEY, COZIE, COZY. (Verb) to make cosy, snuggle > COSIES, COSYING, COSIED.
cote To pass by; to outstrip (as one dog another) > COTES, COTING, COTED.
coth (Abbr.) hyperbolic cotangent > COTHS.
cots (Pl.) COT, a small bed for a young child.
cott (Spenser) a small boat > COTTS.
coup (Scots) to overturn, turn up > COUPS, COUPING, COUPED. Also COWP.
cour (Obs.) to cover > COURS, COURING, COURED or COURD.
cove (Verb) to form or provide with an architectural cove > COVES, COVING, COVED.
cowk (Dial.) to retch, feel nauseated > COWKS, COWKING, COWKED.
cowl A large loose hood, esp of a kind worn by a monk; (verb) to cover with a cowl > COWLS, COWLING, COWLED.
cowp (Scots) to overturn, turn up > COWPS, COWPING, COWPED. Also COUP.
cows (Pl.) COW, to subdue.
cowy Suggestive of a cow > COWIER, COWIEST.
coxa (Lat.) the first joint of the leg of an insect or crustacean > COXAE.
coxy Bumptious, self-assured > COXIER, COXIEST. Also COCKY, COCKSY.
coys (3rd.) COY, to caress.
coze To chat > COZES, COZING, COZED. [Fr. causer].
cozy (Noun) a cover for a teapot. Also COSY, COSEY, COSIE, COZIE, COZEY. (Adj.) cosy > COZIER, COZIEST; COZILY; (verb) to cuddle up > COZIES, COZYING, COZIED.
crab A marine crustacean; (verb) to obstruct, frustrate > CRABS, CRABBING, CRABBED.
crag A rough steep rock > CRAGS. Also CRAIG.
cram To fill or pack tightly > CRAMS, CRAMMING, CRAMMED.
cran A measure of capacity for herrings just landed, = 37.5 gallons > CRANS.
crap To throw a 2, 3, or 12 in a dice game > CRAPS, CRAPPING, CRAPPED.
craw The stomach of an animal > CRAWS.
cray (Aust.) a CRAYFISH > CRAYS.
cred (Abbr. of) credibility > CREDS.
cree Of grain, to soften by boiling or soaking > CREES, CREEING, CREED. [Fr. crever, to burst].
crem A crematorium > CREMS.
crew To serve aboard a ship > CREWS, CREWING, CREWED.
cria The offspring of a llama > CRIAS.
crib To confine closely > CRIBS, CRIBBING, CRIBBED.
crim (Abbr.) criminal > CRIMS.
crip (Coll.) a cripple > CRIPS.
cris (Malay) a dagger or short sword used by the Malays, commonly having a serpentine blade. Also KRIS, CREESE, KREESE.
crit (Abbr.) criticism > CRITS.
croc (Abbr.) crocodile > CROCS.
crog (Dial.) to ride a bicycle as a passenger > CROGS, CROGGING, CROGGED.
cron in computing, a command used to schedule a job that is executed at a certain time, or periodically > CRONS.
crop To cut off short > CROPS, CROPPING, CROPPED.
crow Any of several large black birds of the genus Corvus; (verb) to gloat, exult > CROWS, CROWING, CROWED.
crud Anything dirty, filthy; (verb) to encrust with dirt > CRUDS, CRUDDING, CRUDDED.
crue (Milton) crew > CRUES.
crus (Lat.) a part of a leg, the shank > CRURA.
crux (Lat.) the nub, the crucial point > CRUCES or CRUXES,
cube To form into a cube (a regular solid) > CUBES, CUBING, CUBED.
cubs (3rd.) CUB, to produce cubs.
cuds (Pl.) CUD, a portion of food to be chewed again.
cued (Pt.) CUE, to give a cue as a signal.
cues (3rd.) CUE, to give a cue as a signal.
cuff The end of the sleeve near the wrist; a covering for the wrist; (verb) to strike esp. round the head > CUFFS, CUFFING, CUFFED.
cuif (Scots) a lout, a dolt > CUIFS. Also COOF.
cuit (Scots) the ankle > CUITS. Also CUTE, COOT.
cuke (Sl.) a cucumber > CUKES.
cull To select from others > CULLS, CULLING, CULLED.
culm The stem of grass or sedge; (verb) to form a culm > CULMS, CULMING, CULMED.
cult A religious society > CULTS.
cums (Pl.) CUM, ejaculated sperm.
cunt The female pudendum > CUNTS.
cups (3rd.) CUP, to form into a cup shape.
curb To restrain > CURBS, CURBING, CURBED.
curd (Verb) to curdle > CURDS, CURDING, CURDED.
cure To restore to health > CURES, CURING, CURED.
curf An incision made by a cutting tool > CURFS. Also KERF.
curl To form into ringlets > CURLS, CURLING, CURLED.
curn (Scots) a grain, a small quantity > CURNS. Also CURRAN.
curr To make a purring sound > CURRS, CURRING, CURRED.
curs (Pl.) CUR, a mongrel dog.
cush The cushion in billiards > CUSHES.
cusk A kind of fish, aka TORSK or BURBOT > CUSKS.
cusp A point; the point or horn of the moon; a toothlike meeting of two branches of a curve > CUSPS, CUSPED.
cuss (Coll.) to curse > CUSSES, CUSSING, CUSSED.
cute Pleasingly attractive > CUTER, CUTEST; CUTELY.
cuts (3rd.) CUT, to make an incision in.
cwms (Pl.) CWM, a bowl-shaped valley or hollow in (Welsh) mountains.
cyan A greenish-blue colour > CYANS.
cyma (Lat.) an ogee moulding of the cornice > CYMAE or CYMAS.
cyme A flower cluster in which each growing point ends in a flower, the oldest flowers being at the top or centre of the cluster > CYMES.
cyst A sac > CYSTS.
cyte In biology, a cell > CYTES.
czar (Russian) ruler, emperor > CZARS. Also TSAR, TZAR.

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