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Defined 4 Letter Words

taal (Afrikaans) language, usually by implication Afrikaans > TAALS.
tabi (Japanese) a kind of sock worn with Japanese sandals > TABIS.
tabs (3rd.) TAB, to name or designate.
tabu (Tongan) a prohibition, interdict; (verb) to forbid as e.g. unclean > TABUS, TABUING, TABUED. Also TABOO, TAPU.
tace (In plate armour) one of a series of overlapping pieces forming a kind of skirt > TACES. Also TASSE, TASLET, TASSET.
tach (Bibl.) a fastening or clasp > TACHS. Also TACHE.
tack To fasten with tacks (short, sharp-pointed nails) > TACKS, TACKING, TACKED.
taco (Spanish) in Mexican cooking, a very thin rolled pancake with a meat filling > TACOS.
tact Skill in dealing with delicate situations > TACTS.
tads (Pl.) TAD, a small amount.
taed (Pt.) TAE, to toe.
tael (Malay) a denomination of money, also, a weight of one ounce and a third > TAELS. [Malay tahil, weight].
taes (Pl.) TAE, to toe.
tags (3rd.) TAG, to put a tag on.
taha (Zulu) a S. African weaver-bird > TAHAS. [Zulu taka].
tahr A Himalayan wild goat > TAHRS. Also TEHR.
taig (Irish) derogatory for a Roman Catholic > TAIGS.
tail To provide with a tail (a hindmost part) > TAILS, TAILING, TAILED.
tain Paper-thin tin plate; tinfoil used as a backing for mirrors > TAINS.
tais (Pl.) TAI, a sea-bream.
tait (Scots) a small portion, a pinch > TAITS. Also TATE.
taka (Bengali) a monetary unit of Bangladesh > TAKAS.
take To get possession of > TAKES, TAKING, TOOK, TAKEN.
taki (Mongolian) a rare wild horse > TAKIS. Also TAKHI.
taks (3rd.) TAK, to take.
taky (Obs.) attractive > TAKIER, TAKIEST.
tala (Sanskrit) a traditional rhythmic pattern in Indian music > TALAS. [Skr. 'hand-clapping'].
talc A soft greasy white mineral, acid magnesium silicate; (verb) to sprinkle with talc > TALCS, TALCING or TALCKING, TALCED or TALCKED.
tale A story > TALES.
tali (Pl.) TALUS, ankle bone.
talk To communicate by speaking > TALKS, TALKING, TALKED.
tall Of more than usual height > TALLER, TALLEST; (noun) a garment size for a tall person > TALLS.
tame Not wild > TAMER, TAMEST; TAMELY; (verb) to make tame > TAMES, TAMING, TAMED.
tamp To stop up a shot hole with earth; to ram down > TAMPS, TAMPING, TAMPED.
tams (Pl.) TAM, a cap with a broad flat top.
tana (Hindi) an Indian police station > TANAS. Also TANNA, TANNAH, THANA, THANAH, THANNA, THANNAH.
tane (Spenser) taken.
tang To ring; to twang > TANGS, TANGING, TANGED.
tanh (Abbr.) hyperbolic tangent > TANHS.
tank (Verb) to store in a tank > TANKS, TANKING, TANKED.
tans (3rd.) TAN, to become brown in the sun.
taos (Pl.) TAO, virtuous conduct.
tapa (Polynesian) a kind of cloth prepared by the Polynesians from the inner bark of the paper mulberry > TAPAS. Also KAPA, TAPPA.
tape To fasten with tape (a long, narrow strip or band) > TAPES, TAPING, TAPED.
taps (3rd.) TAP, to knock gently.
tapu (Tongan) a prohibition, interdict; (verb) to forbid as e.g. unclean > TAPUS, TAPUING, TAPUED. Also TABOO, TABU.
tara (Maori) a variety of bracken found in New Zealand and Tasmania > TARAS.
tare To ascertain and allow for the tare of > TARES, TARING, TARED.
tarn A lake in the bedrock basin of a CIRQUE > TARNS.
taro (Polynesian) a kind of yam, aka DASHEEN, EDDO > TAROS.
tarp (Sl.) tarpaulin > TARPS.
tars (3rd.) TAR, to coat with tar > TARS.
tart A dish of pastry distinguished from a pie either by being uncovered or by having a sweet, not savoury, filling; (adj.) sharp tasting > TARTER, TARTEST; TARTLY; (verb) to smarten up > TARTS, TARTING, TARTED.
tase to stun with a gun that fires electrified darts > TASES, TASING, TASED.
tash (Scots) to soil, blemish > TASHES, TASHING, TASHED.
task To assign a job to > TASKS, TASKING, TASKED.
tass (Dial.) a mow, a heap > TASSES.
tate (Scots) a small portion, a pinch > TATES. Also TAIT.
tath Cattle dung; coarse tufted grass that grows where cattle dung has fallen; (verb) to manure > TATHS, TATHING, TATHED.
tats (3rd.) TAT, to make by TATTING, a knotted lace edging.
tatt To make (anything) by tatting; to work at tatting; as, tatted edging > TATTS, TATTING, TATTED.
tatu To mark the skin with indelible pigments > TATUS, TATUING, TATUED. Also TATTOO.
taus (Pl.) TAU, the Greek letter.
taut Stretched tight > TAUTER, TAUTEST; TAUTLY; (verb, Scots) to mat, tangle > TAUTS, TAUTING, TAUTED. Also TAWT.
tava (Hindi) a griddle in Indian cookery > TAVAS. Also TAWA, TAVAH.
tavs (Pl.) TAV, the Hebrew letter.
tawa (Hindi) a griddle in Indian cookery > TAWAS. Also TAVA, TAVAH.
taws (3rd.) TAW, to convert skin to white leather by tanning with alum and salt.
tawt (Scots) to mat, tangle > TAWTS, TAWTING, TAWTED. Also TAUT.
taxa (Pl.) TAXON, a taxonomical unit of classification.
taxi A motor-car for hire > TAXIS. (Verb) of an aeroplane, to run along the ground > TAXIES, TAXIING or TAXYING, TAXIED.
tays (Pl.) TAY, tea.
tead (Spenser) a torch > TEADS. Also TEADE.
teak (Malayalam) a large tree of the verbena family of India and SE Asia; the timber of this tree, a dark heavy oily wood of great strength and durability > TEAKS. [Malayalam tekka].
teal A kind of duck > TEALS.
team To form a team (a group of persons associated in a joint action) > TEAMS, TEAMING, TEAMED.
tear To emit tears (drops of saline liquid secreted by a gland of the eye) > TEARS, TEARING, TEARED; to pull apart or into pieces > TEARS, TEARING, TORE, TORN.
teas (3rd.) TEA, to take tea.
teat The small protuberance through which the mammalian young suck the milk > TEATS, TEATED.
tech (Abbr.) technology > TECHS.
tecs (Pl.) TEC, detective.
teds (3rd.) TED, to spread out grass for drying.
tedy (Scott) tedious > TEDIER, TEDIEST.
teed (Pt.) TEE, to place a golf ball on a tee.
teek (Hinglish) well.
teel The sesame plant > TEELS. Also TIL.
teem To be full to overflowing > TEEMS, TEEMING, TEEMED.
teen Injury, pain; (verb) to injure > TEENS, TEENING, TEENED. Also TENE, TEENE.
teer To daub, plaster > TEERS, TEERING, TEERED.
tees (3rd.) TEE, to place a golf ball on a tee.
teff (Amharic) an Ethiopian cereal grass > TEFFS. Also TEF.
tefs (Pl.) TEF, an Ethiopian cereal grass.
tegg A sheep in its second year > TEGGS. Also TEG.
tegs (Pl.) TEG, a sheep in its second year.
tegu (Aztec) a large black and yellow S American lizard > TEGUS. Also TEGUEXIN.
tehr A Himalayan wild goat > TEHRS. Also TAHR.
teil (Biblical) an oak-like hardwood tree, the TEREBINTH, which when cut exudes a fragrant resinous juice > TEILS. [OF teil, L. tilia].
tein A monetary unit of Kazakhstan, equal to one hundredth of a tenge > TEINS.
tela (Lat.) a web-like structure > TELAE.
teld (Spenser) told.
tele (Abbr.) television > TELES. Also TELLY.
tell To inform > TELLS, TELLING, TOLD or (Scots) TELT or TAULD.
tels (Pl.) TEL, burial mound.
telt (Scots) pt. TELL. Cf. TELD.
teme (Obs.) team > TEMES.
temp (Abbr.) temporary; (verb) to work as a temporary secretary > TEMPS, TEMPING, TEMPED.
tems A sieve > TEMSES. N.B. no TEM*. Also TEMSE.
tend To be disposed or inclined > TENDS, TENDING, TENDED.
tene (Arch.) injury, pain > TENES. Also TEEN, TEENE.
tens (Pl.) TEN, the next whole number after nine.
tent (Verb) to cover with a tent > TENTS, TENTING, TENTED.
tepa An organophosphorus compound used as an insect sterilant and formerly to treat cancer > TEPAS.
terf (Milton) turf > TERFS. Also TERFE.
term To give a name to > TERMS, TERMING, TERMED.
tern A long-winged aquatic bird, related to the gulls > TERNS.
test To subject to an examination > TESTS, TESTING, TESTED.
tete (Fr.) an elaborately dressed head of hair; a headdress > TETES.
teth (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > TETHS. Also TET.
tets (Pl.) TET, a Hebrew letter.
tews (3rd.) TEW, to hustle.
text The main body of a written or printed work; (verb) to save a text message > TEXTS, TEXTING, TEXTED.
thae (Scots) these.
than (Obs.) then > THANS.
thar (Nepali) a Himalayan goat-like antelope, aka SEROW > THARS. Not to be confused with the TAHR or TEHR, which is a Himalayan wild goat.
that The one indicated.
thaw To melt > THAWS, THAWING, THAWED.
thee (Verb) to address as thee, e.g. to thee and thou > THEES, THEEING, THEED.
them The objective case of the pronoun THEY.
then (Noun) that time > THENS.
thew Muscle, strength > THEWS, THEWED.
they The 3d person pl. pronoun in the nominative case.
thig (Scots) to beg; to live on alms > THIGS, THIGGING, THIGGIT.
thin Not fat > THINNER, THINNEST; THINLY; (verb) to make thin > THINS, THINNING, THINNED.
thio Of compounds, containing sulphur.
thir (Scots) those.
this The person or thing just mentioned.
thon (Scots) yon.
thou (Verb) to address as THOU > THOUS, THOUING, THOUED.
thro (Arch.) through. Also THRU.
thru (Arch.) through. Also THRO.
thud To make a dull, heavy sound > THUDS, THUDDING, THUDDED.
thug A brutal ruffian or assassin > THUGS.
thus (Noun) frankincense > THUSES.
tian (Provencal) a vegetable gratin baked in an earthenware dish > TIANS.
tiar A tiara > TIARS.
tice (Shakesp.) to entice > TICES, TICING, TICED.
tich A small person > TICHES. Also TITCH.
tick Any of the larger bloodsucking mites of the Acarina order; (verb) to make a sound like a clock > TICKS, TICKING, TICKED.
tics (Pl.) TIC, a muscular twitch.
tide To flow like the tide (the rise and fall of the ocean's waters) > TIDES, TIDING, TIDED.
tids (Pl.) TID, mood, state of mind.
tidy In good order > TIDIER, TIDIEST; TIDILY; (verb) to make tidy > TIDIES, TIDYING, TIDIED.
tied (Pt.) TIE, to fasten.
tier (Verb) to arrange in tiers > TIERS, TIERING, TIERED.
ties (3rd.) TIE, to fasten.
tiff (Verb) to dress, trick out > TIFFS, TIFFING, TIFFED.
tift (Scots) to sip, drink; to squabble > TIFTS, TIFTING, TIFTED. Also TIFF.
tige (Fr.) the shaft of a column > TIGES. [Fr. tige, stalk].
tigs (Pl.) TIG, a touch, a game involving touching.
tika (Hindi) a red mark or pendant on the forehead of Hindu women, originally of religious significance but now also worn for ornament > TIKAS. Also TILAK.
tike (Shakesp.) a cur > TIKES.
tiki (Maori) in Polynesia, an image representing an ancestor, often worn as an amulet; (verb) to take a scenic tour round an area > TIKIS, TIKIING, TIKIED.
tiks (Pl.) TIK, the drug methamphetamine in crystal form.
tile To cover with tiles (thin slabs of baked clay) > TILES, TILING, TILED.
till To cultivate > TILLS, TILLING, TILLED.
tils (Pl.) TIL, sesame.
tilt To cause to slant > TILTS, TILTING, TILTED.
time To determine the speed or duration of > TIMES, TIMING, TIMED.
tina (Slang) crystal meth > TINAS.
tind To kindle; to burn > TINDED, TYND or TYNDE. Also TEEND.
tine (Scots) to lose, be lost > TINES, TINING, TINED. Also TYNE.
ting To make the sound of a bell > TINGS, TINGING, TINGED.
tink To make a sharp, shrill noise; to tinkle > TINKS, TINKING, TINKED.
tins (3rd.) TIN, to coat with tin.
tint To color slightly or delicately > TINTS, TINTING, TINTED.
tiny Very small > TINIER, TINIEST; TINILY.
tipi (Am. Ind.) a Native American tent > TIPIS. (Sioux tipi, dwelling). Also TEPEE, TEEPEE.
tips (3rd.) TIP, to give a tip.
tipt (Pt.) TIP, to give a tip.
tire To grow tired > TIRES, TIRING, TIRED.
tirl (Scots) to turn; to whirl; to rattle > TIRLS, TIRLING, TIRLED.
tiro (Lat.) a novice > TIROS or TIROES. [L. tiro, young soldier, new recruit or more generally novice]. Also TYRO.
tirr (Scots) to strip > TIRRS, TIRRING, TIRRED.
tite (Obs.) promptly, at once > TITELY. Also TYTE.
titi A small S. American monkey > TITIS.
tits (3rd.) TIT, to tug.
tivy With great speed.
tiyn a monetary unit of Kazakhstan > TIYNS.
tizz (Coll.) a state of agitation > TIZZES. Also TIZZY.
toad Any anuran amphibian of the class Bufonidae, similar to frogs but more terrestrial, and having a drier warty skin > TOADS.
toby (Thieves' slang) the road > TOBIES.
tock Of a clock, to make a sound like a tick, but deeper > TOCKS, TOCKING, TOCKED.
toco Punishment > TOCOS. Also TOKO.
tocs (Pl.) TOC, an arbitrary syllable used for the letter t in spoken telecommunication messages.
tods (Pl.) TOD, an old wool weight.
tody A small West Indian insectivorous bird > TODIES.
toea A monetary unit of Papua New Guinea, 1/100 of a KINA > TOEAS.
toed (Pt.) TOE, to kick or touch with the toes.
toes (3rd.) TOE, to kick or touch with the toes.
toey (Aus. sl.) nervous, edgy > TOEIER, TOEIEST.
toff A dandy > TOFFS. [From a gold tassel worn by titled students at Oxford & Cambridge].
toft A homestead; a hillock > TOFTS.
tofu (Japanese) a soft Oriental cheese made from soybean milk > TOFUS.
toga (Lat.) a Roman garment > TOGAS or TOGAE, TOGAED. Also TOGE.
toge (Shakesp.) a TOGA > TOGES, TOGED.
togs (3rd.) TOG, to dress, attire.
toho A call to pointers or setters to stop > TOHOS.
toil To work strenuously > TOILS, TOILING, TOILED.
toit To saunter > TOITS, TOITING, TOITED.
toke (Sl.) a puff on a cigarette; (verb) to puff > TOKES, TOKING, TOKED.
toko Punishment > TOKOS. Also TOCO.
tola (Hindi) an Indian unit of weight > TOLAS. [Hindi from Skr. tula, weight].
told (Pt.) TELL, to inform.
tole To lure or decoy > TOLES, TOLING, TOLED.
toll (Verb) to sound, as a large bell does, esp with slow, measured strokes > TOLLS, TOLLING, TOLLED.
tolt A kind of writ in Old English law > TOLTS.
tolu A fragrant balsam said to have been first brought from Santiago de Tolu, in New Granada > TOLUS.
tomb (Verb) to entomb, bury > TOMBS, TOMBING, TOMBED.
tome A large, usu scholarly, book or volume > TOMES.
tomo (Maori) a shaft formed by the action of water on volcanic or limestone rock > TOMOS.
toms (Pl.) TOM, a male animal e.g. a tomcat.
tone To give a particular tone (a sound of definite pitch and vibration) to > TONES, TONING, TONED.
tong (Chinese) a Chinese guild or secret society, particularly one associated with organized crime; (verb) to hold, manipulate, use tongs > TONGS, TONGING, TONGED.
tonk To hit e.g. a cricket-ball into the air > TONKS, TONKING, TONKED.
tons (Pl.) TON, a unit of weight.
tony A simpleton > TONIES; (adj.) high-toned > TONIER, TONIEST. Also TONEY.
took (Pt.) TAKE, to get possession of.
tool To form or finish with a tool (an implement used in manual work) > TOOLS, TOOLING, TOOLED.
toom (Scots) empty > TOOMER, TOOMEST; (noun) a rubbish-tip; (verb) to empty > TOOMS, TOOMING, TOOMED.
toon (Hindi) an Indian tree of the mahogany family > TOONS. [Hindi tun].
toot To sound a horn or whistle in short blasts > TOOTS, TOOTING, TOOTED.
tope A kind of shark; (verb) to drink > TOPES, TOPING, TOPED.
toph A rock made of fine volcanic detritus > TOPHS. Also TUFA, CALCTUFA, TOPHE.
topi 1. (Hindi) a tropical pith helmet. Also TOPEE.
topo (Coll.) a picture of mountain with climbing routes superimposed on it > TOPOS.
tops (3rd.) TOP, to surpass.
tora (Hebrew) the body of Jewish law and learning, including sacred literature and oral tradition > TORAS. Also TORAH.
torc A necklace or armband in the form of a twisted metal band > TORCS.
tore A surface described by rotation of conic section about a line > TORES.
tori (Pl.) TORUS, a large convex moulding.
torn (PaP).) TEAR, to pull apart.
toro (Spanish) a bull > TOROS.
torr A unit of pressure equal to 1/760 of standard atmospheric pressure > TORRS.
tors (Pl.) TOR, a rocky heap on the top of a hill.
tort A breach of a duty imposed by law (rather than by contract) which gives a right of action for damages > TORTS.
tory A member of the Conservative party > TORIES.
tosa (Japanese) a breed of heavily built, smooth-haired dog > TOSAS.
tose (Scots) to tease out, draw out > TOSES, TOSING, TOSED. Also TOZE, TOAZE.
tosh (Sl.) nonsense; (verb) to trim > TOSHES, TOSHING, TOSHED.
toss To throw lightly > TOSSES, TOSSING, TOSSED or ( obs.) TOST or YTOST.
tost (Obs) pt. TOSS, to throw up.
tote To carry by hand > TOTES, TOTING, TOTED.
tots (3rd.) TOT, to add or total.
touk (Scots) to tap, drum > TOUKS, TOUKING, TOUKED.
toun (Scots) town > TOUNS. Also TOON.
tour (Fr.) to make a prolonged journey from place to place > TOURS, TOURING, TOURED.
tout To solicit brazenly > TOUTS, TOUTING, TOUTED.
town A center of population smaller than a city > TOWNS.
tows (3rd.) TOW, to pull along.
towt (Scots) to pout, sulk > TOWTS, TOWTING, TOWTED.
towy Pertaining to TOW, prepared fibres of flax, hemp etc > TOWIER, TOWIEST.
toyo A smooth straw for making hats > TOYOS.
toys (3rd.) TOY, to play idly with.
toze (Shakesp.) to tease out, comb > TOZES, TOZING, TOZED. Also TOSE, TOAZE.
trad (Abbr.) traditional (jazz) > TRADS.
tram A device for aligning a piece of machinery; (verb) to adjust a machine using a tram > TRAMS, TRAMMING, TRAMMED.
trap To catch in a trap > TRAPS, TRAPPING, TRAPPED or (obs.) TRAPT.
trat (Abbr.) TRATTORIA, an Italian restaurant > TRATS. Also TRATT.
tray The three in cards or dice > TRAYS. Also TREY.
tree To drive up a tree (a tall, woody plant) > TREES, TREEING, TREED.
tref (Hebrew) in the Jewish religion, forbidden as food, not kosher. Also TREFA, TREFAH, TREIF, TREIFA.
trek To go on a journey > TREKS, TREKKING, TREKKED. Also TRECK.
trem an electric guitar lever for producing a tremolo > TREMS.
tres (Fr.) very.
tret An allowance to purchasers of 4lb on every 104 lb for waste > TRETS.
trew (Obs.) true.
trey The three in cards or dice > TREYS. Also TREZ.
trez The three in cards or dice. Also TREY.
trie (Spenser) to try > TRIES, TRYING, TRIED.
trig (Scots) trim, neat > TRIGLY > no comp; (verb) to make something trig > TRIGS, TRIGGING, TRIGGED.
trim Neat > TRIMMER, TRIMMEST; TRIMLY; (verb) to cut neatly > TRIMS, TRIMMING, TRIMMED.
trin A triplet by birth > TRINS.
trio (Ital.) a set of three; a composition for three instruments > TRIOS.
trip To stumble > TRIPS, TRIPPING, TRIPPED.
trod (Noun) track, path > TRODS. Also TROAD, TROADE, TRODE.
trog To trudge, walk wearily > TROGS, TROGGING, TROGGED.
tron (Scots) a public weighing-machine for weighing produce in the market-place of a city or burgh; the post of this used as a pillory > TRONS. Also TRONE.
trop (Fr.) too much.
trot To go at a gait between a walk and a run > TROTS, TROTTING, TROTTED.
trou (Short for) trousers.
trow (Arch.) to believe > TROWS, TROWING, TROWED.
troy A system of weights > TROYS. [From Troyes in France].
true Corresponding to fact > TRUER, TRUEST; TRULY; (verb) to make true > TRUES, TRUING, TRUED.
trug A shallow wooden basket with a handle, used for carrying flowers or fruit > TRUGS.
trye (Spenser) = TRY as adjective, in sense of choice, purified.
tryp (Abbr.) TRYPANOSOME, a parasite causing sleeping sickness > TRYPS.
tsar (Russian) ruler, emperor > TSARS. Also CZAR, TZAR.
tsks (3rd.) TSK, to make the sound task.
tuan (Malay) sir, lord, master; also, an Australian marsupial, aka WAMBENGER or brush-tailed PHASCOGALE* > TUANS.
tuba (Lat.) an ancient trumpet > TUBAS or TUBAE.
tube (Verb) to provide with or fit into a tube > TUBES, TUBING, TUBED.
tubs (3rd.) TUB, to bathe in a tub.
tuck To fold under > TUCKS, TUCKING, TUCKED.
tufa (Ital.) a rock made of fine volcanic detritus > TUFAS. Also CALCTUFA, TOPH, TOPHE.
tuff A general term for all consolidated pyroclastic rock > TUFFS. Not to be confused with TUFA > TUFFS. Also CALCTUFF.
tuft To form into tufts (clusters of flexible outgrowths attached at the base) > TUFTS, TUFTING, TUFTED.
tugs (3rd.) TUG, to pull forcibly.
tuis (Pl.) TUI, the New Zealand honey-bird.
tule (Nahuatl) a large American bulrush > TULES. [Sp. f. Nahuatl tollin, tullin].
tump (Dial.) to tip or turn over esp. accidentally; to cause to tip over > TUMPS, TUMPING, TUMPED.
tums (Pl.) TUM, stomach.
tuna Any of several large marine food and game-fishes of the family Scombridae > TUNAS. Also TUNNY.
tund To beat, thump > TUNDS, TUNDING, TUNDED.
tune To put into the proper pitch > TUNES, TUNING, TUNED.
tung (Chinese) a kind of Chinese tree > TUNGS.
tuns (3rd.) TUN, to put into a tun.
tuny Tuneful, esp. in a superficial way > TUNIER, TUNIEST.
tups (3rd.) TUP, of a ram, to copulate.
turd A piece of dung -- an offensive term > TURDS.
turf A surface layer of earth containing a dense growth of grass and its roots > TURVES; (verb) to cover with turf > TURFS, TURFING, TURFED.
turk A young dynamic person > TURKS.
turm (Obs.) a troop > TURMS. Also TURME.
turn To move around a central point > TURNS, TURNING, TURNED.
turr (Canadian) a Newfoundland name for the guillemot > TURRS.
tush (Verb) to say tush > TUSHES, TUSHING, TUSHED.
tusk (Verb) to pierce with the tusks > TUSKS, TUSKING, TUSKED.
tuts (Scots) tut; (verb) to say tut > TUTSES, TUTSING, TUTSED.
tutu (Fr.) a ballerina's short stiff skirt > TUTUS, TUTUED.
tuzz (Dryden) a tuft > TUZZES.
twae (Scots) two > TWAES. Also TWA.
twal (Scots) twelve > TWALS.
twas (Pl.) TWA, two.
twat (Sl.) the female genitalia; a foolish person > TWATS.
tway (Obs.) a form of TWAIN > TWAYS.
twee Affectedly cute or quaint > TWEER, TWEEST; TWEELY.
twig (Verb) to observe closely > TWIGS, TWIGGING, TWIGGED.
twin To bring together in close association > TWINS, TWINNING, TWINNED.
twit (Verb) to upbraid, taunt > TWITS, TWITTING, TWITTED.
twos (Pl.) TWO, the next whole number after one.
tyde (Spenser) tied.
tyed (Pt.) TYE, to wash ore in a TYE.
tyee A food fish > TYEES.
tyer One who ties > TYERS.
tyes (Pl.) TYE, to wash ore in a TYE.
tygs (Pl.) TYG, an old drinking-cup with two or more handles.
tyin A monetary unit of Kyrgyzstan > TYIN. No -S. Also TYIYN.
tyke A dog, a cur; a rough-mannered person; a Roman Catholic > TYKES. Also TIKE.
tymp The plate of a blast furnace opening > TYMPS.
tynd (Spenser) pt. of TIND, to kindle. Also TYNDE.
tyne (Spenser) to lose > TYNES, TYNING, TYNED. Also TINE.
type To write with a typewriter > TYPES, TYPING, TYPED.
typo A typographical error > TYPOS.
typp A unit of yarn size > TYPPS.
typy Characterised by conformity to a group > TYPIER, TYPIEST. Also TYPEY.
tyre (Verb) to fit with a tyre > TYRES, TYRING, TYRED.
tyro (Lat.) a novice or beginner > TYROS, TYROES or TYRONES.
tyte (Obs.) promptly, at once. Also TITE.
tzar (Russian) ruler, emperor > TZARS. Also CZAR, TSAR.

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