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Defined 4 Letter Words

daal the pigeon pea, a pealike plant cultivated in India and the tropics.
dabs (Pl.) DAB, a kind of flatfish.
dace A small river fish of the carp family and chub genus > DACES.
dack (Aust. sl.) to remove the trousers from, debag > DACKS, DACKING, DACKED.
dada An artistic movement > DADAS.
dado A skirting-board > DADOS or DADOES. (Verb) to fit with a dado > DADOS, DADOING, DADOED.
dads (3rd.) DAD, to throw against something, to dash.
daes (3rd.) DAE, to do.
daff (Arch.) to play the fool > DAFFS, DAFFING, DAFFED.
dago (Offensive) a Spaniard > DAGOS or DAGOES.
dags (Pl.) DAG, to cut off a sheep's dags.
dahl (Hindi) an Indian name for a lentil > DAHLS. Also DAL, DHOLL, DHAL.
dahs (Pl.) DAH, a Burmese knife.
dais (Fr.) a platform > DAISES.
daks (Pl.) DAK, in India, the mail or post.
dale A valley > DALES.
dali A tropical American tree related to nutmeg, yielding staves etc. and wax seeds > DALIS.
dals (Pl.) DAL, a kind of Indian edible pea.
dalt (Scots) a foster-child > DALTS. Also DAULT.
dame A matron > DAMES.
damn To curse > DAMNS, DAMNING, DAMNED.
damp Moist > DAMPER, DAMPEST; DAMPLY; (verb) to lessen in intensity > DAMPS, DAMPING, DAMPED.
dams (3rd.) DAM, to restrain water with an embankment or bank.
dang To damn > DANGS, DANGING, DANGED.
dank Damp > DANKER, DANKEST; DANKLY; (noun) in Milton, a wet place > DANKS.
dans (Pl.) DAN, a level of efficiency (in Japanese sport).
dant (Obs.) to daunt > DANTS, DANTING, DANTED.
daps (3rd.) DAP, to skip or bounce, as a stone off the surface of a lake.
darb Something considered extraordinary > DARBS.
dare To have the necessary courage > DARES, DARING, DARED or DURST.
darg A day's labour > DARGS.
dark Not light in colour > DARKER, DARKEST; DARKLY; (verb) to darken > DARKS, DARKING, DARKED.
darn To mend with interlacing stitches > DARNS, DARNING, DARNED.
dart To move suddenly or swiftly > DARTS, DARTING, DARTED.
dash To strike violently > DASHES, DASHING, DASHED.
data (Pl.) DATUM, a given fact.
date To determine or record the date of > DATES, DATING, DATED.
dato (Malay) a landowner or chief in northern Borneo, the Philippines, and some adjacent areas > DATOS. [Malay datok, elder]. Also DATTO.
daub To smear > DAUBS, DAUBING, DAUBED.
daud (Scots) to knock, thump > DAUDS, DAUDING, DAUDED. Also DAWD, DOD.
daur (Scots) to dare > DAURS, DAURING, DAURED.
daut (Scots) to pet > DAUTS, DAUTING, DAUTED. Also DAWT.
davy A safety lamp > DAVIES.
dawd (Scots) to knock, thump > DAWDS, DAWDING, DAWDED. Also DAUD, DOD.
dawk (Hindi) in India, the mail or post; a letter > DAWKS. [Hindi dak, a relay of men]. Also DAK.
dawn Daybreak; (verb) to become day > DAWNS, DAWNING, DAWNED.
daws (Pl.) DAW, a kind of bird.
dawt (Scots) to pet > DAWTS, DAWTING, DAWTED. Also DAUT.
days (Pl.) DAY, a period of twenty four hours.
daze To stun > DAZES, DAZING, DAZED.
dead Not alive > DEADER, DEADEST; (verb, obs.) to lose vitality, become numb > DEADS, DEADING, DEADED.
deaf Lacking the sense of hearing > DEAFER, DEAFEST; DEAFLY.
deal To trade or do business > DEALS, DEALING, DEALT.
dean (Verb) to serve as a dean > DEANS, DEANING, DEANED.
dear Precious > DEARER, DEAREST; DEARLY; (verb) to injure > DEARS, DEARING, DEARED.
deaw (Spenser) dew > DEAWS.
debe (Swahili) a tin > DEBES.
debs (Pl.) DEB, debutante.
debt Something that is owed > DEBTS, DEBTED.
deck To adorn > DECKS, DECKING, DECKED.
deco (Relating to) art deco > DECOS.
deed 1. (verb) to transfer (property) > DEEDS, DEEDING, DEEDED. 2. (Scots) dead > DEEDER, DEEDEST.
deek (Romany) look at, see. [Romany dik, to look, see].
deem To hold as an opinion > DEEMS, DEEMING, DEEMED or DEMPT.
deen (Spenser) din > DEENS.
deep Far down > DEEPER, DEEPEST; DEEPLY; (noun) a deep place > DEEPS.
deer A ruminant mammal > DEERS.
dees (Pl.) DEE, the letter D; anything of that shape.
deet An insect repellant > DEETS.
deev (Persian) in Iranian (esp. Zoroastrian) mythology > a demonic power > DEEVS. Also DIV.
defi (Fr.) a challenge > DEFIS.
defo Definitely, as an informal expression of agreement.
defy To resist openly and boldly > DEFIES, DEFYING, DEFIED.
degs (3rd.) DEG, to water.
degu the brush-tailed rat, a small rodent native to Chile > DEGUS.
deid (Scots) dead > DEIDER, DEIDEST. Also DEED.
deif (Scots) deaf > DEIFER, DEIFEST.
deil (Scots) devil > DEILS.
deke To fake (an opponent) out of position (as in ice hockey) > DEKES, DEKING or DEKEING, DEKED. [A short form of 'decoy'].
dele In printing, to delete > DELES, DELEING, DELED.
delf Pottery made at the city of Delft in Holland > DELFS or DELVES. Also DELFT, DELFTWARE, DELPH.
dell A small, retired valley; a ravine > DELLS.
delo (Aust. sl.) a delegate > DELOS.
dels (Pl.) DEL, another word for NABLA, a mathematical symbol.
delt (Coll.) short for deltoid muscle > DELTS.
deme (Greek) a territorial subdivision of Attica (also of modern Greece), corresponding to a township > DEMES. [Gk demos].
demo (Abbr.) demonstration; (verb) to demonstrates > DEMOS, DEMOING, DEMOED.
demy An old size of paper, roughly A2 > DEMIES.
dene A sandy tract or dune by the seashore > DENES.
deni One hundredth part of a DENAR > DENIS.
dens (3rd.) DEN, to retire to a den.
dent To make a depression in > DENTS, DENTING, DENTED.
deny To declare to be untrue > DENIES, DENYING, DENIED.
deps (Pl.) DEP, a convenience store.
dere (Spenser) to injure > DERES, DERING, DERED.
derm The true skin, below the outer layer > DERMS. Also DERMA, DERMIS.
dern (Arch.) secrecy, hiding > DERNS.
dero (Coll.) a tramp or derelict > DEROS. Also DERRO.
derv Diesel engine fuel > DERVS. [Acronym of diesel-engined road vehicle].
desi (Hinglish) local, authentic. Also DESHI.
desk A writing table > DESKS.
deus (Lat.) a god > DI or DEI.
deva (Sanskrit) a god; a deity; a divine being > DEVAS.
devi (Sanskrit) a Hindu goddess > DEVIS.
devo (Short for) devolution, as in devo max, an arrangement in which a central government transfers the maximum amount of authority to a regional government while still retaining sovereignty over it > DEVOS.
devs (Pl.) DEV, a Hindu god.
dews (3rd.) DEW, to moisten as with dew.
dewy Moist with dew > DEWIER, DEWIEST; DEWILY.
dexy A tablet of DEX, a sulfate used as a stimulant > DEXIES. Also DEXIE.
deys (Pl.) DEY, the pasha of Algiers.
dhak (Hindi) a leguminous tree of eastern India and Myanmar, with showy orange or red flowers > DHAKS.
dhal (Hindi) an Indian name for a lentil > DHALS. Also DAL, DAHL, DHOLL.
dhol (Hindi) a large cylindrical drum used in Indian music > DHOLS.
dhow (Arabic) a lateen-rigged oriental craft > DHOWS.
dial (Verb) to dial e.g. a telephone > DIALS, DIALING or DIALLING, DIALED or DIALLED.
dibs (Sl.) money. Also DIBBS.
dice (Verb) to cut into cubes > DICES, DICING, DICED.
dich (Shakesp.) optative mood, perhaps contracted for 'do it.'.
dick (Verb) as in 'to dick around'; vulgar slang (of a man) have sexual intercourse with (someone) > DICKS, DICKING, DICKED.
dict (Obs.) to dictate > DICTS, DICTING, DICTED.
dido An antic, caper > DIDOS or DIDOES.
didy A diaper > DIDIES. Also DIDIE.
dieb (Arabic) a jackal of N. Africa > DIEBS.
died (Pt.) DIE, to depart from life.
diel Involving a full day.
dies (3rd.) DIE, to depart from life.
diet To regulate one's daily sustenance > DIETS, DIETING, DIETED.
diff (Coll.) difference > DIFFS. Also DIF.
difs (Pl.) DIF, difference.
digs (3rd.) DIG, to excavate.
dika (Mpongwe) (the fruit or seed of) the wild mango, a W. African tree > DIKAS. [Mpongwe odika condiment.]
dike (Verb) to make a dike > DIKES, DIKING, DIKED.
dill An umbelliferous herb related to parsnip, the fruits of which are used in condiments and as a carminative > DILLS, DILLED.
dime The tenth part of an American and Canadian dollar, 10 cents > DIMES.
dimp (Sl.) a cigarette butt > DIMPS.
dims (3rd.) DIM, to make dim.
dine To eat dinner > DINES, DINING, DINED.
ding To dash; to throw violently > DINGS, DINGING, DINGED, DANG or DUNG.
dink Trim; neat > DINKER, DINKEST; DINKLY; (noun) in tennis, a drop shot; (verb) to play such a shot > DINKS, DINKING, DINKED.
dino (Abbr.) a dinosaur > DINOS.
dins (3rd.) DIN, to make a loud noise.
dint To make a dent in > DINTS, DINTING, DINTED.
diol A chemical compound > DIOLS.
dips (3rd.) DIP, to immerse briefly; to lower.
dipt (Pt.) DIP, to immerse briefly; to lower.
dire Dreadful > DIRER, DIREST; DIRELY.
dirk A Highland dagger; (verb) to stab with a dirk > DIRKS, DIRKING, DIRKED.
dirl (Scots) to (cause to) vibrate > DIRLS, DIRLING, DIRLED.
dirt (Verb) to make dirty > DIRTS, DIRTING, DIRTED.
disa An African orchid, with dark green leaves > DISAS.
disc (Verb) to work with a disc harrow > DISCS, DISCING, DISCED. Also DISK.
dish To put into a dish (a concave vessel) > DISHES, DISHING, DISHED.
disk (Verb) to break up land with a disc harrow > DISKS, DISKING, DISKED.
diss (Noun) an Algerian grass; (verb) to disrespect > DISSES, DISSING, DISSED. Also DIS.
dita (Tagalog) a tree of India and the Philippines > DITAS.
dite To compose, indite > DITES, DITING, DITED.
dits (3rd.) DIT, to block.
ditt A poem, the words of a song > DITTS. Also DIT.
ditz A silly person > DITZES.
diva (Ital.) a female opera singer > DIVAS.
dive To plunge headfirst into > DIVES, DIVING, DIVED or DOVE.
divi (Abbr.) dividend > DIVIS.
divo (Ital.) a distinguished male singer > DIVI or DIVOS.
divs (Pl.) DIV, a demonic power.
dixi (Lat.) I have spoken. Cf. DIXIT.
diya (Hindi) a small oil-lamp used in Hindu worship, especially at Diwali.
dixy (Hindi) a military cooking-pot > DIXIES. Also DIXIE.
djin (Arabic) one of a class of spirits in Muslim theology > DJINS. Also JIN, JINNEE, DJINNI, GENIE.
doab (Urdu) a tongue or tract of land included between two rivers; as, the doab between the Ganges and the Jumna > DOABS. [Persian do-ab, two waters].
doat To dote > DOATS, DOATING, DOATED.
dobe an unburned, sun-dried brick made of clay and straw > DOBES.
dobs (3rd.) DOB, to inform on or betray.
doby An adobe, a sun-dried brick > DOBIES. Also DOBIE.
dock To bring into a dock (a wharf) > DOCKS, DOCKING, DOCKED.
doco (Aust. sl.) a documentary > DOCOS.
docs (Pl.) DOC, doctor.
dodo (Portuguese) an extinct bird of Madagascar > DODOES or DODOS. [Port. doudo, silly].
dods (3rd.) DOD, to cut the hair of.
doek (Afrikaans) a square cloth for tying round the head, worn by African women > DOEKS.
doen (Spenser) 3rd pers. pl. DO.
doer One that does something > DOERS.
does (3rd.) DO, to perform.
doff To do off, strip > DOFFS, DOFFING, DOFFED.
doge (Ital.) the former title of the chief magistrate in Venice > DOGES.
dogs (3rd.) DOG, to follow like a dog.
dogy A motherless calf > DOGIES. Also DOGEY, DOGIE.
docu (Coll.) a documentary film > DOCUS.
dohs (Pl.) DOH, a musical note.
doit (Dutch) an old Dutch coin of little value > DOITS. 'And take no doit/Of usance for my monies' (M.O.V.). Also DUIT, DOITKIN, DODKIN.
dojo (Japanese) a martial arts school > DOJOS.
dole 1. pain, woe, trouble > DOLES. Also DOOL, DOOLE, DULE.
doll (Verb) to dress stylishly > DOLLS, DOLLING, DOLLED.
dols (Pl.) DOL, a unit of intensity of pain.
dolt A heavy, stupid fellow > DOLTS.
dome (Verb) to cover with a dome > DOMES, DOMING, DOMED.
doms (Pl.) DOM, a title given to certain monks.
domy Dome-like, having domes > DOMIER, DOMIEST.
dona (Spanish) feminine of DON, the title > DONAS. Also DONAH.
done (Pt.) DO, to perform.
dong A deep sound like that of a large bell; (verb) to make this sound > DONGS, DONGING, DONGED.
dons (3rd.) DON, to put on.
doob (Hindi) dog's tooth grass, prized as food for cattle > DOOBS.
dook (Scots) to duck, bathe > DOOKS, DOOKING, DOOKED. Also DOUK.
dool Pain, woe, trouble > DOOLS. Also DOLE, DOOLE, DULE.
doom To destine to an unhappy fate > DOOMS, DOOMING, DOOMED.
doon (Scots) down. Also DOUN.
door A hinged or sliding panel for closing the entrance to a room, cupboard, etc > DOORS.
doos (Pl.) DOO, dove, pigeon.
dopa A drug to treat Parkinson's disease > DOPAS.
dope To give a narcotic to > DOPES, DOPING, DOPED.
dops (3rd.) DOP, to dip.
dorb (Aust. sl.) a stupid or inept person > DORBS. Also DORBA.
dore (Fr.) gilded (the e has an accent).
dork An idiot, an object of contempt; the penis > DORKS.
dorm (Abbr.) dormitory > DORMS.
dorp (Afrikaans) a S. African village or small town > DORPS.
dorr (Noun) a kind of dung-beetle. Also DOR, DORBUG. (Verb) to mock, scoff > DORRS, DORRING, DORRED.
dors (Pl.) DOR, a dung-beetle.
dort (Scots) to sulk > DORTS, DORTING, DORTED.
dory A golden-yellow fish of the mackerel family > DORIES. Also DOREE.
dosa (Hindi) an Indian pancake made from rice flour > DOSAI or DOSAS.
dose To give a specified quantity of medicine to > DOSES, DOSING, DOSED.
dosh (Sl.) money > DOSHES.
doss To sleep or bed down, esp. at a common lodging-house or in improvised accommodation > DOSSES, DOSSING, DOSSED.
dost (Arch.) 2nd. pers. sing. DO.
dote To show excessive affection > DOTES, DOTING, DOTED.
doth (Arch.) 3rd pers. sing. DO. Also DOETH.
dots (3rd.) DOT, to cover with dots.
doty Half-rotten; as, DOTY timber > DOTIER, DOTIEST.
douc A kind of monkey, remarkable for its varied and brilliant colors, native to Cochin China > DOUCS.
douk To dip, plunge > DOUKS, DOUKING, DOUKED. Also DOOK.
doum (Arabic) a kind of African palm tree > DOUMS.
doun (Scots) down. Also DOON.
doup (Scots) the bottom of anything > DOUPS. Also DOWP.
dour Determined, sullen > DOURER, DOUREST; DOURLY.
dout (Scots) to put out, extinguish > DOUTS, DOUTING, DOUTED.
doux (Fr.) of champagne, very sweet.
dove (Scots) to doze > DOVES, DOVING, DOVED. Also DOVER.
dowd A woman who wears dull-looking clothes > DOWDS.
dowf (Scots) dull, heavy, spiritless. No comp!
dowl (Shakesp.) a portion of down in a feather; a piece of fluff > DOWLS. Also DOWLE.
down To cause to fall > DOWNS, DOWNING, DOWNED.
dowp (Scots) the bottom of anything > DOWPS. Also DOUP.
dows (Pl.) DOW, an Arab sailing vessel.
dowt (Scots) a cigarette end > DOWTS.
doxy A woman of loose morals, a prostitute > DOXIES. Also DOXIE.
doys (Pl.) DOY, beloved.
doze To sleep lightly > DOZES, DOZING, DOZED.
drab (Noun) a harlot; (verb) to whore > DRABS, DRABBING, DRABBED; (adj.) dull, monotonous > DRABBER, DRABBEST; DRABLY.
drac (Aust. sl.) of a woman, unattractive. Also DRACK.
drad (Spenser) pt. of DREAD.
drag To pull along the ground > DRAGS, DRAGGING, DRAGGED.
dram 1/8 oz. of whisky; (verb) to drink a dram > DRAMS, DRAMMING, DRAMMED.
drap (Scots) to drop > DRAPS, DRAPPING, DRAPPED.
draw To move by pulling > DRAWS, DRAWING, DREW, DRAWN.
dray A low heavy cart used for haulage; (verb) to transport by this > DRAYS, DRAYING, DRAYED.
dree (Scots) to suffer, endure > DREES, DREEING, DREED.
dreg A residue; usu. in plural > DREGS.
drek (Yiddish) inferior merchandise, rubbish > DREKS. Also DRECK.
drew (Pt.) DRAW, to move by pulling.
drey A squirrel's nest > DREYS.
drib To do by little and little > DRIBS, DRIBBING, DRIBBED.
drip To fall in drops > DRIPS, DRIPPING, DRIPPED or DRIPT.
drop To let fall > DROPS, DROPPING, DROPPED or DROPT.
drow (Scots) wet mist > DROWS.
drug To affect with a drug (a medicinal substance) > DRUGS, DRUGGING, DRUGGED.
drum A percussion instrument, a skin stretched on a frame; (verb) to play a drum, make a sound like a drum > DRUMS, DRUMMING, DRUMMED.
drys (Pl.) DRY in political sense > a right-winger.
dsos (Pl.) DSO, a yak.
duad Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair > DUADS. Also DYAD.
dual Twofold > DUALLY; (verb) to make a road into a dual carriageway > DUALS, DUALLING, DUALLED.
duan (Gaelic) a division of a poem corresponding to a canto; a poem or song > DUANS.
duar (Arabic) a circular Arab encampment > DUARS. Also DOUAR, DOWAR.
dubs (3rd.) DUB, to add sound effects, etc.
duce (Ital.) a leader > DUCI or DUCES.
duci (Pl.) DUCE, a leader.
duck To lower quickly > DUCKS, DUCKING, DUCKED.
duct (Verb) to transport along a duct > DUCTS, DUCTING, DUCTED.
dude (Verb) to dress flashily > DUDES, DUDING, DUDED.
duds (Coll.) clothes.
dued (Pt.) DUE, to endue.
duel (Verb) to fight a duel > DUELS, DUELING or DUELLING, DUELED or DUELLED.
dues (Pl.) DUE, to endue.
duet A composition for two; (verb) to take part in playing a composition for two > DUETS, DUETING or DUETTING, DUETED or DUETTED. Also DUETT, DUETTO.
duff (Verb) to bungle; to mishit a ball in golf > DUFFS, DUFFING, DUFFED.
dugs (Pl.) DUG, a nipple of an animal.
duit (Dutch) a former Dutch coin > DUITS. Also DOIT, DODKIN, DOITKIN.
duka (Swahili) in E. Africa, a shop, store > DUKAS.
duke (Verb) to play the duke; to fight with the fists > DUKES, DUKING, DUKED.
dule Pain, woe, trouble > DULES. Also DOLE, DOOLE, DOOL.
dull Not sharp > DULLER, DULLEST; DULLY; (verb) to make dull > DULLS, DULLING, DULLED.
duly (Adv.) DUE, required.
duma (Russian) the Russian parliament > DUMAS. Also DOUMA.
dumb Stupid > DUMBER, DUMBEST; DUMBLY; (verb) to make dumb > DUMBS, DUMBING, DUMBED.
dump To let fall heavily > DUMPS, DUMPING, DUMPED.
dune A hill of sand > DUNES.
dung (Verb) to spread with dung > DUNGS, DUNGING, DUNGED.
dunk To dip into liquid > DUNKS, DUNKING, DUNKED.
duns (3rd.) DUN, to press for payment.
dunt To strike with a heavy blow > DUNTS, DUNTING, DUNTED.
duos (Pl.) DUO, two of anything.
dupe To deceive > DUPES, DUPING, DUPED.
dups (3rd.) DUP, to undo, do up.
dure To endure, last > DURES, DURING, DURED.
durn To damn > DURNS, DURNING, DURNED.
duro (Spanish) a Spanish silver dollar > DUROS.
dush (Scots) to strike heavily against > DUSHES, DUSHING, DUSHED.
dusk Dark, twilit > DUSKER, DUSKEST; DUSKLY; (verb) to become dusk > DUSKS, DUSKING, DUSKED.
dust To make free of dust (minute particles of matter) > DUSTS, DUSTING, DUSTED.
duty A moral or legal obligation > DUTIES, DUTIED.
dwam (Scots) a swoon, a sudden sickness; (verb) to swoon > DWAMS, DWAMMING, DWAMMED. Also DWALM, DWAUM.
dyad Two units treated as one; a couple; a pair > DYADS. Also DUAD.
dyed (Pt.) DYE, to stain.
dyer One who dyes > DYERS.
dyes (3rd.) DYE, to stain.
dyke (Verb) to build a dyke > DYKES, DYKING, DYKED.
dyne A unit of force > the force required to accelerate 1 gram to 1 cm per second per second > DYNES.
dzho (Tibetan) a kind of yak > DZHOS. Also ZHO, ZO, DSO, DZO.
dzos (Pl.) DZO, a yak.

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