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Defined 4 Letter Words

qadi (Arabic) a civil judge in a Muslim country > QADIS. [Arabic qadi, a judge]. Also CADI, KADI.
qaid (Arabic) a North African chief > QAIDS. Also CAID, KAID.
qats (Pl.) QAT, an E. African shrub.
qins (Pl.) QIN, a kind of Chinese zither.
qoph (Hebrew) the nineteenth letter of Hebrew alphabet > QOPHS. Also KOPH.
quad (Verb) to imprison > QUADS, QUADDING, QUADDED.
quag A quagmire > QUAGS.
quai (Fr.) quay > QUAIS.
quat A pimple; an insignificant person > QUATS.
quay A wharf for the loading or unloading of vessels > QUAYS.
quep = GUP, obs. interjection expression remonstrance. No -S.
quey (Scots) a heifer > QUEYS.
quid A cut or wad or something chewable > QUIDS.
quim (Sl.) the female genitalia > QUIMS.
quin A quintuplet > QUINS.
quip To make witty remarks > QUIPS, QUIPPING, QUIPPED.
quit To end one's engagement in or occupation with > QUITS, QUITTING, QUITTED.
quiz (Verb) to question > QUIZZES, QUIZZING, QUIZZED.
quod A quadrangle or court, as of a prison; hence, a prison; (verb) to imprison > QUODS, QUODDING, QUODDED. Also QUAD.
quop (Dial.) to throb > QUOPS, QUOPPING, QUOPPED.

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