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aahs (3rd.) AAH, to say AAH.
aals (Pl.) AAL, an E. Indian shrub.
abac A nomogram, a chart or diagram of scaled lines or curves used to assist in mathematical calculations > ABACS.
abas (Pl.) ABA, a tightly-woven camel-hair fabric or tunic, worn by Arabs.
abba (Aramaic) a Syriac or Coptic bishop > ABBAS.
abbe (Fr.) a courtesy title given in France to every one vested with the ecclesiastical habit or dress > ABBES.
abbs (Pl.) ABB, a kind of textile yarn.
abed In bed.
aber (Welsh) an estuary > ABERS.
abet To incite by encouragement and support > ABETS, ABETTING, ABETTED.
abid (Pt.) ABIDE, to stay, dwell.
able Competent > ABLER, ABLEST; ABLY; (verb) to enable > ABLES, ABLING, ABLED.
ably (Adv.) ABLE, competent.
abos (Pl.) ABO, aborigine.
abri (Fr.) a bomb shelter > ABRIS.
abut To be adjacent to and touching > ABUTS, ABUTTING, ABUTTED.
abye To pay the penalty for > ABYES, ABYING, ABOUGHT (not ABYED*). Also ABY.
abys (3rd.) ABY, to pay as a penalty.
acai A berry found in the Brazilian rainforest, aka palm berry > ACAIS.
acca (Aust. sl.) an academic > ACCAS. Also ACKER.
aced (Pt.) ACE, to play a winning serve in tennis.
acer (Lat.) a plant of the maple genus > ACERS. [L. acer, maple].
aces (3rd.) ACE, to play a winning serve in tennis.
ache A persistent dull pain; (verb) to be the site of this > ACHES, ACHING, ACHED.
achy Aching > ACHIER, ACHIEST.
acid Sharp, sour > ACIDER, ACIDEST; ACIDLY; (noun) an acid substance > ACIDS.
acme (Greek) a peak, summit > ACMES.
acne A skin disease caused by inflammation of the sebaceous follicles, esp on the face, neck, and shoulders > ACNES, ACNED.
acre A measure of land equivalent to 4840 sq yd > ACRES, ACRED.
acro a skiing event in which a skier performs acrobatic moves to music > ACROS.
acta (Lat.) official minutes of a proceeding.
acts (3rd.) ACT, to do in a specified way.
acyl (Denoting) carboxylic acid > ACYLS.
adaw (Spenser) to daunt, subdue > ADAWS, ADAWING, ADAWED.
adds (3rd.) ADD, to make an addition.
addy An email address > ADDIES.
adit A nearly horizontal shaft to the surface in a mine > ADITS.
ados (Pl.) ADO, fuss.
adry (Arch.) in a state of thirst or dryness.
adze A cutting tool with an arched blade set at right angles to the handle; (verb) to shape with an adze > ADZES, ADZING, ADZED.
aeon (Lat.) the largest division of geological time, composed of several ERAS > AEONS. Also EON.
aero (Relating to) aircraft or aeronautics > AEROS.
aery (Adj.) like air > AERIER, AERIEST; AERILY. (Noun) a bird of prey's nest > AERIES. Also AERIE, AIERY, EYRIE, EYRY, AYRIE.
aesc (OE) an Old English rune used for AE > AESCES.
afar (At) a great distance > AFARS.
affy To trust; to assure on one's faith > AFFIES, AFFYING, AFFIED or (Spenser) AFFYDE.
afro A hairstyle characterized by thick, bushy curls standing out from the head > AFROS.
agar (Malay) a jelly prepared from seaweeds of various kinds > AGARS.
agas (Pl.) AGA, a Turkish commander.
aged Being of a certain age; old > AGEDLY.
agee (Scots) off the straight; ajar. Also AJEE.
agen (Dial.) again. Also AGIN.
ager One that ages > AGERS.
ages (Pl.) AGE, a long time.
agha (Turkish) a Turkish commander > AGHAS. Also AGA.
agin (Dial.) again. Also AGEN.
agio (Ital.) a premium paid on foreign currency exchange > AGIOS. [Ital. agio, ease, convenience].
aglu (Inuit) a breathing hole made in ice by a seal > AGLUS. Also AGLOO.
agly (Scots) awry. Also AGLEE, AGLEY.
agma (Greek) a phonetic symbol representing the sound ng > AGMAS. Also ENG.
agog In a state of eager curiosity.
agon The dramatic conflict between the chief characters in a literary work > AGONS or AGONES.
agro a student of agricultural studies > AGROS.
ague A malarial fever > AGUES.
ahed (Pt.) AH, to say ah.
ahem A sound expressing delicate interruption. No -S.
ahis (Pl.) AHI, yellowfin tuna.
ahoy Interjection used to hail another vessel.
aias (Pl.) AIA, same as AYAH, Indian nursemaid.
aida A finely-meshed cotton fabric used for cross-stitch embroidery > AIDAS.
aide (Fr.) a confidential assistant to a person of senior rank > AIDES.
aids (3rd.) AID, to help.
aiga (Samoan) a large family, often spanning several generations > AIGAS. Also AINGA.
ails (3rd.) AIL, to be amiss, be ill.
aims (3rd.) AIM.
aine (Fr.) elder, senior.
ains (Pl.) AIN, a Hebrew letter.
airn (Scots) iron; (verb) to iron > AIRNS, AIRNING, AIRNED.
airs (3rd.) AIR, to make known publicly.
airt (Scots) direction, quarter; (verb) to direct > AIRTS, AIRTING, AIRTED.
airy Full of air, light > AIRIER, AIRIEST; AIRILY.
aits (Pl.) AIT, small island.
aitu In Polynesia, a demigod > AITUS.
ajar Partly open.
ajee (Scots) awry. Also AGEE.
ajis (Pl.) AJI, a spicy pepper.
aked (Pt.) AKE, to ache.
akas (Pl.) AKA, a kind of New Zealand vine.
akee (Kru) a small African sapindaceous tree, now common in the W. Indies; its edible fruit, often used in Caribbean cookery > AKEES. Also ACKEE.
akes (3rd.) AKE, to ache.
akin Related by blood.
alae (Pl.) ALA, an outgrowth on a fruit.
alan A large hunting dog > ALANS. Also ALANT, ALAND.
alap (Sanskrit) in Indian music, the introductory section of a RAGA > ALAPS. Also ALAAP, ALAPA.
alar Of or pertaining to the wing or shoulder. Also ALARY.
alas An interjection expressing grief.
alay (Obs.) to allay > ALAYS, ALAYING, ALAYED. Also ALEYE.
alba A white substance found in the brain > ALBAS.
albe (Arch.) albeit. Also ALBEE.
albs (Pl.) ALB, a priest's long white vestment.
alco (Aust. sl.) a heavy drinker or alcoholic > ALCOS. Also ALKO.
alec A herring > ALECS.
alee On the lee side.
alef (Hebrew) the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet > ALEFS. Also ALEPH.
ales (Pl.) ALE, a beer fermented in an open vessel using yeasts that rise to the top of the brew.
alew (Spenser) halloo.
alfa (Arabic) a N. African esparto grass > ALFAS. Also HALFA.
alfs (Pl.) ALF, an uncultivated Australian.
alga (Lat.) a seaweed > ALGAE or ALGAS.
alif (Arabic) an Arabic letter, corresponding to Greek ALEPH > ALIFS.
alit (Pt.) ALIGHT, to come down from something.
alko (Aust. sl.) a heavy drinker or alcoholic > ALKOS. Also ALCO.
alky (Coll.) an alcoholic > ALKIES. Also ALKIE.
alls (Pl.) ALL, the whole.
ally To join by marriage, friendship, treaty etc > ALLIES, ALLYING, ALLIED.
alma (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl > ALMAS. Also ALMAH, ALME, ALMEH.
alme (Arabic) an Egyptian dancing-girl > ALMES. Also ALMAH, ALMA, ALMEH.
alms Relief given out of charity to the poor.
alod An estate held in absolute ownership, without acknowledgement to a superior > ALODS. Also ALLOD, ALODIUM, ALLODIUM.
aloe Any member of a mainly S African genus Aloe, consisting mostly of trees and shrubs of the lily family > ALOES, ALOED.
aloo (Hindi) a potato > ALOOS.
alow (Scots) ablaze. Also ALOWE.
alps (Pl.) ALP, a mountain.
also In addition.
alto (Ital.) the highest adult male voice, with range above the tenor > ALTOS.
alts (Pl.) ALT, a high tone; a halt or rest.
alum A sulphate of ammonium and potassium, used as a mordant > ALUMS.
alus (Pl.) ALU, a potato.
amah (Port.) an Oriental nursemaid > AMAHS. Also AMA.
amas (Pl.) AMA, an Oriental nurse.
ambo An early Christian raised reading-desk or pulpit > AMBOS or AMBONES.
amen So be it; (verb) to say amen > AMENS, AMENING, AMENED.
ames (Pl.) AME, a soul.
amia A freshwater fish, aka BOWFIN > AMIAS.
amid A compound formed by the union of amidogen with an acid element or radical > AMIDS. Also AMIDE.
amie (Fr.) a (female) friend > AMIES.
amin A compound derived from ammonia > AMINS. Also AMINE, AMMINE.
amir (Arabic) an Eastern ruler > AMIRS. Also AMEER, EMIR, EMEER.
amis (Spenser) a strip of linen worn by priests round the shoulders > AMISES. Also AMICE, ALMUCE.
amla An E. Indian tree, aka EMBLIC > AMLAS.
ammo (Abbr.) ammunition > AMMOS.
amok (Malay) in a murderous rage; frenzied; (noun) a murderous rage > AMOKS. [Malay amoq, or 'in a homicidal rage']. Also AMUCK.
amps (Pl.) AMP, an AMPERE, a unit of electrical current.
amus (Pl.) AMU, a unit of mass.
amyl A univalent radical > AMYLS.
anal Relating to the anus > ANALLY.
anan = ANON in sense of (to a person calling for attention) in a moment! coming!
anas (Pl.) ANA. a collection of someone's table-talk.
ance (Dial.) once.
ands (Pl.) AND, the symbol ampersand.
anes (Pl.) ANE, one.
anew Afresh, again.
anga (Sanskrit) a yoga practice > ANGAS.
anil (Arabic) indigo, the plant or dye > ANILS.
anis (Pl.) ANI, a tropical American bird.
ankh (Arabic) an Egyptian symbol of life, resembling a looped cross, later adapted by Coptic Christians as their cross > ANKHS.
anna (Hindi) a coppery Indian/Pakistani coin > ANNAS.
anno (Lat.) in the year of the Christian era.
anns (Pl.) ANN, in Scotland, payment to a parish minister's widow.
anoa (Indonesian) a wild ox of the Celebes > ANOAS.
anon At once; immediately. Also ANAN.
anow (Milton) enough. Also ENOW.
ansa (Lat.) part of Saturn's rings > ANSAE.
anta 1. (Lat.) a square pilaster at either side of a doorway > ANTAE. 2. a tapir > ANTAS.
ante To put a fixed stake in the pot > ANTES, ANTEING, ANTED or ANTEED.
anti (Noun) one who is against > ANTIS.
ants (Pl.) ANT, a small industrious insect.
anus (Lat.) the opening at the end of the alimentary canal by which undigested residues are excreted > ANUSES. [L. anus, ring].
apay (Arch.) to satisfy; to repay > APAYS, APAYING, APAID or APAYD. Also APPAY.
aped (Pt.) APE, to imitate.
aper One that apes > APERS.
apes (3rd.) APE, to imitate.
apex (Lat.) the summit or peak > APEXES or APICES.
apod An animal without feet or ventral fins > APODS. Also APODE.
apos (Pl.) APO, a type of protein.
apps (Pl.) APP, short for application program.
apse A rounded extension at the end of a building, especially at the east end of a church > APSES.
apso (Tibetan) a Tibetan terrier > APSOS.
apts (3rd.) APT, to fit, adapt.
aqua (Lat.) water > AQUAE or AQUAS.
arak (Arabic) a spirit made from TODDY > ARAKS. Also ARRACK.
arar The SANDARAC tree > ARARS. [Moroccan name].
arba (Arabic) a heavy screened wagon used by Tatars and others > ARBAS. Also AROBA, ARABA.
arbs (Pl.) ARB, an ARBITRAGEUR, one who makes profit by dealing on the stock exchange.
arch Sly, mischievous > ARCHER, ARCHEST; ARCHLY; (verb) to bend > ARCHES, ARCHING, ARCHED.
arco (Ital.) with the bow.
arcs (Pl.) ARC, a type of curve.
ards (Pl.) ARD, a primitive form of plough.
area (Lat.) a particular tract of the earth's (or another planet's) surface; a region > AREAS or AREAE.
ared (Spenser) pt. of AREAD, to counsel. Also AREDD.
areg (Pl.) ERG, a Saharan area of shifting sands.
ares (Pl.) ARE, 100 sq. metres.
aret (Spenser) to entrust, commit > ARETS, ARETTING, ARETTED.
arew (Obs.) in a row. Also AROW.
arfs (Pl.) ARF, a barking sound.
argh an interjection expressing pain or dismay.
aria (Ital.) an elaborate melody for a single voice > ARIAS.
arid Very dry > ARIDER, ARIDEST; ARIDLY.
aril An additional envelope, often fleshy, developed around the seed in certain plants (e.g. yew) > ARILS, ARILED. Also ARILLUS.
aris (Cockney slang) arse > ARISES. [From Aristotle > bottle > bottle and glass].
arks (3rd.) ARK, to put in an ark.
arle To give earnest-money > ARLES, ARLING, ARLED.
arms (3rd.) ARM, to provide with weapons.
army A large body of people armed for war and under military command > ARMIES.
arna (Hindi) the Indian water-buffalo > ARNAS.
arow (Obs.) in a row. Also AREW.
arpa A site concerned with internet infrastructure > ARPAS.
arse (Sl.) the backside > ARSES; (verb) to bother with > ARSES, ARSING, ARSED.
arsy (Sl.) aggressive, irritable or argumentative > ARSIER, ARSIEST. Also ARSEY.
arti (Hindu) a ritual performed in homes and temples in which incense and light is offered to a deity > ARTIS. Also AARTI.
arts (Pl.) ART, the creation of works of beauty.
arty Artistic > ARTIER, ARTIEST; ARTILY; (noun) an arty person > ARTIES.
arum A large-spathed plant, aka 'cuckoo-pint' or 'lords and ladies' > ARUMS.
arvo (Aus. sl.) afternoon > ARVOS.
aryl Any aromatic univalent hydrocarbon radical > ARYLS.
asar (Pl.) AS, a kame or esker.
asci (Pl.) ASCUS, a spore sac.
asea At sea.
ashy Resembling ash > ASHIER, ASHIEST.
asks (3rd.) ASK, to make a request of.
asps (Pl.) ASP, a venomous snake.
atap (Malay) the NIPA palm > ATAPS. [Malay atap, roof, thatch]. Also ATTAP.
ates (Pl.) ATE, reckless ambition.
atma (Sanskrit) the individual soul > ATMAS. Also ATMAN.
atoc (Peruvian) a species of skunk > ATOCS. Also ATOK.
atok (Peruvian) a species of skunk > ATOKS. Also ATOC.
atom The smallest particle in an element which can take part in a chemical reaction > ATOMS.
atop On top of.
atua (Maori) a spirit or demon > ATUAS.
auas (Pl.) AUA, the yellow-eyed mullet.
aufs (Pl.) AUF, an elf's child.
augh an interjection expressing despair or frustration.
auks (Pl.) AUK, a northern sea bird.
aula (Lat.) a hall > AULAS.
auld (Scots) old > AULDER, AULDEST.
aune (Fr.) an ell; a French measure of cloth > AUNES.
aunt A father's or mother's sister, or an uncle's wife > AUNTS.
aura (Lat.) a supposed subtle emanation from living things > AURAE or AURAS.
auto (Verb) to travel by car > AUTOS, AUTOING, AUTOED.
aval Pertaining to a grandparent.
avas (Pl.) AVA, a narcotic drink prepared from Polynesian plant.
avel (Hebrew) a mourner esp during the first seven days after a death > AVELS. Also OVEL.
aver To declare positively > AVERS, AVERRING, AVERRED.
aves (Pl.) AVE, a prayer to the Virgin Mary.
avos (Pl.) AVO, a monetary unit of Macao.
avow To declare, to maintain > AVOWS, AVOWING, AVOWED.
away (Noun) an away match > AWAYS.
awdl (Welsh) a Welsh ode > AWDLS.
awed (Pt.) AWE, to strike with AWE.
awee Awhile.
awes (3rd.) AWE, to strike with AWE.
awfy (Scots) awfully, extremely.
awks (Pl.) AWK, a computer language used for data-pprocessing.
awls (Pl.) AWL, a tool for boring holes.
awns (Pl.) AWN, the beard of barley.
awny Having awns; bearded > AWNIER, AWNIEST.
awol An absentee without leave > AWOLS.
awry Twisted to one side; crooked; amiss.
axal Of the axis. Also AXIAL, AXILE.
axed (Pt.) AXE, to strike with an axe.
axel In figure-skating, a jump from one skate to the other > AXELS.
axes (Pl.) AXE, a tool for cutting or chopping.
axil The upper angle formed where the leaf meets the stem > AXILS.
axis 1. (Lat.) the imaginary straight line about which a body such as the earth rotates > AXES, AXISED. 2. the white-spotted deer of India > AXISES.
axle The pin or rod in the nave of a wheel on or by means of which the wheel turns > AXLES, AXLED.
axon (Greek) a nerve fibre > AXONS. [Gk. axon, axis]. Also AXONE.
ayah (Hindi) an Indian nursemaid > AYAHS. Also AIA.
ayes (Pl.) AYE, a vote in the affirmative.
ayin (Hebrew) a Hebrew letter > AYINS. Also AIN.
ayre (Obs.) = AIR, esp. in sense of tune > AYRES.
ayus (Pl.) AYU, a small edible Japanese fish.
azan (Arabic) the Muslim call to prayer, made five times a day by a MUEZZIN > AZANS. Also ADHAN.
azon A radio-controlled aerial bomb > AZONS.
azym Unleavened bread; Passover cake > AZYMS. Also AZYME.