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The Association of British Scrabble Players (ABSP) was formed in 1987 as a not-for-profit association to promote interest in the playing of Scrabble. We co-ordinate tournaments and the provision of a rating system for players in the UK, as well as providing information and support to members, tournament organisers and tournament directors. Media Contact Point

December Tournaments
Dec 4-6H-B Hols - Harrogate, 14 Rds
Dec 5Mike O'R Mem W-U, 6 Rds
Dec 6Mike O'R Mem Main, 7 Rds
Dec 27Ilford, 8 Rds
Dec 29-30Twixmas - Daventry, 15 Rds
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Word Addict Book Word Addict by Craig Beevers - A Sample

Word Addict is a 240 page book covering Craig's background in Scrabble, explaining in-depth each aspect of the game, as well as going through lots of real life matches and positions. Craig hails from north east England and won the title in London late last year. A sample of the first 20 pages of the book is available as a 6.6MB pdf file here.

Word Addict: Secrets of a World Scrabble Champion is out and available in all good book shops. The book can also be ordered on Amazon at

COLLINS OFFICIAL SCRABBLE LISTS - An announcement by Allan Simmons

Many players have been asking when a new Collins Official Scrabble LISTS will be published to correspond with the new Collins Official Scrabble WORDS book. Historically, the LISTS book has not sold as well as the WORDS book and with the ever-increasing use of software tools for players to generate their own lists it is perhaps not surprising that a new LISTS book in its current form is not a viable Collins publication.

Nevertheless, it is recognized that there is still a market for something that might have a wider appeal among social players as well as fulfilling a lot of the needs of regular tournament and club players but which isn't as lengthy as the existing LISTS book. I am now engaged on a project with Collins to deliver a Scrabble Lists 'lite' which will be more selective in its content and presented in a more user-friendly and inspiring way. It is anticipated that this book will be available later in 2016 and will come under the title of The Scrabble Trainer. Meanwhile some draft samples of how the pages may look and the anticipated contents can be seen here.

Craig cuts the cake Cleveland Scrabble Club celebrate at their annual party with Craig Beevers, the new World Champion.

MSI ran the special event at the ExCeL in London in November. Craig, 33 and living in Guisborough with partner Karen triumphed over a strong field including three time World Champion, Nigel Richards.

cake In the qualifying competition Craig got through with three rounds to spare eventually finishing in first place. After edging the quarter final and semi final Craig played a best of 5 final with American Chris Lipe.

Both contestants were newcomers to the Final itself although both had appeared in previous events. During the tense games of the Final advantage swung from one to the other but Craig emerged victorious winning three games to one.

Full coverage of the event is on the website

NASPA logo ABSP/NASPA reciprocal arrangement

ABSP members will now be able enter tournaments in North America without, as previously, having to be a member of NASPA. Under the agreement NASPA members are treated as if they are members of the ABSP when entering tournaments in the UK. NASPA membership and rating information is available on the NASPA website 'membership tools' page. Please note that, at this stage this is only a bilateral agreement between ABSP and NASPA. Associations will be looking to broaden the arrangements but no deals with other WESPA member associations have currently been agreed.

Jessica Pratesi Youth Scrabble News

The eleventh World Youth Scrabble Championships are taking place in Lille, France 27th to 29th August 2016. More details on the Youth Scrabble website. Can anyone from the UK match Jack's triumph in 2014?

David Sutton's Words Main Page

You can find well over three hundred categories and over ten thousand words in this comprehensive collection. This month's feature is taken from the confectionery section.

alcorza a kind of sweet; icing
blackball in New Zealand, a hard-boiled sweet with black-and-white stripes.
brickle a kind of brittle candy; (adj.) brittle, easily broken: no comparative.
cachou a violet-scented sweet. [Malay kacu].
caramel caromel a dark brown substance produced by heating sugar; (verb) to coat with caramel: CARAMELLED, CARAMELLING.

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