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The Association of British Scrabble Players (ABSP) was formed in 1987 as a not-for-profit association to promote interest in the playing of Scrabble. We co-ordinate tournaments and the provision of a rating system for players in the UK, as well as providing information and support to members, tournament organisers and tournament directors. Media Contact Point

Tournaments Coming Soon
Feb 18Romford E (50+), 7 Rds
Feb 18-19Scot' Masters, 14 Rds
Feb 18-19Nottingham RR, 18 Rds
Feb 24-26Israeli Open, 22 Rds
Feb 25Warrington RR, 7 Rds
Feb 26Ilford, 8 Rds
Feb 26MIMA RR - M'bro, 5 Rds
Mar 3-5Isle of Wight, 20 Rds
Mar 4Leicester, 7 Rds
Mar 12Swindon, 7 Rds
Mar 12-15Pitlochry, 25 Rds
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OnBoard Update - From Allan Simmons

Every ABSP member is about to be sent a special omnibus edition of OnBoard (a collection of the best of previous features and content from recent years) called 'WE LOVE SCRABBLE'. The aim of this publication is twofold:
1) to give members a best-of edition in full glossy colour, and
2) to use it to attract more Scrabble enthusiasts into the ABSP.
We will be making the edition available to download on Amazon and distributing to libraries for their magazine reference section. So if you don't wish to keep your copy then please see if your local library would include it in their reference shelf.

Meanwhile, thank you for your patience regarding the next edition of OnBoard itself. Due to family priorities the current editor has had to step down so myself and Natalie Zolty have stepped in to get it published and, with a huge amount of effort from Rachel Eames, we are aiming to have it delivered as soon as possible in March. We will then focus on returning to regular editions through 2017 as members are entitled to.

Phil Robertshaw is the 2016 National Scrabble Champion

Phil Robertshaw winning the 2016 NSCPhil Robertshaw (38) of Nailsea (originally from Ellesmere Port) finally reaped reward for his dedication to years of serious Scrabble word study and practice when he won the final critical game in round 17 at this year’s ABSP National Scrabble Championship (NSC) in Milton Keynes against Lewis Mackay (Cambridge) to take the title.

52 players from around the UK took part, each having qualified through regional events earlier in the year. With the field including two past world champions and several previous NSC winners, Robertshaw had to be at the peak of his game to win 14 of the games.

Full article

ABSP AGM 2016 - New Chair

Following the 2016 AGM we are pleased to welcome Amy Byrne as the new ABSP chairperson and thank outgoing chairman Steve Perry for all his time, effort and stewardship during his four year term.

New ABSP Results Database - website link

We are delighted to announce that ABSP members have now got access to our comprehensive new results database. You will now be able to see find details of your current rating and tournament statistics for all games played this year. You can check out tournament player's results and ratings as well as comparing your head-to-head performance against specific opponents. To get access to the database simply click here. Then follow the instructions to "Set up account or request new password". If you have any queries, please email Rachel Bingham at

If you can't get access to the new information maybe it's because you haven't paid your subscription for 2016. Remember the database is only available to fully paid-up ABSP members.

THE ABSP wishes to thank Rachel Bingham for her work in this exciting new development.

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As well as getting the latest news, results and photos from British scrabble you can now keep updated by subscribing to the events section, which will keep you reminded of tournaments going on in your area. A lot of the information is available without registering on Facebook:

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Brett Smitheram holding his WSC winning board and trophy

Brett Smitheram is the 2016 World Scrabble Champion

Following the Mindsports world Scrabble championship in Lille in September, UK’s Brett Smitheram was crowned world champion, winning a best-of-five grand final against fellow UK player and former world champion, Mark Nyman. Overall, there was a great performance by UK players with five making it through to the quarter-finals.

Scrabble Trainer Book Collins SCRABBLE TRAINER by Allan Simmons – OUT NOW

This book, by Allan Simmons, largely replaces the existing LISTS book and reflects the 2015 Official Scrabble Words updates. However, it is not quite as voluminous as the LISTS book and is more selective in its content in order to make it more commercially viable and appealing to the wider public, as well as fulfilling the essential word-learning needs of club and tournament players.

Some sample pages for each section can be seen here.

Word Addict Book Word Addict by Craig Beevers - A Sample

Word Addict is a 240 page book covering Craig's background in Scrabble, explaining in-depth each aspect of the game, as well as going through lots of real life matches and positions. Craig hails from north east England and won the title in London late last year.

A sample of the first 20 pages of the book is available as a 6.6MB pdf file here.

Jessica Pratesi Youth Scrabble News

The eleventh World Youth Scrabble Championships took place in Lille, France. More details on the Youth Scrabble website. Congratulations to the new World Youth Champion Dubai's Sanchit Kapoor.

David Sutton's Words Main Page

You can find well over three hundred categories and over ten thousand words in this comprehensive collection. This month's feature is taken from the confectionery section.

alcorza a kind of sweet; icing
blackball in New Zealand, a hard-boiled sweet with black-and-white stripes.
brickle a kind of brittle candy; (adj.) brittle, easily broken: no comparative.
cachou a violet-scented sweet. [Malay kacu].
caramel caromel a dark brown substance produced by heating sugar; (verb) to coat with caramel: CARAMELLED, CARAMELLING.

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