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naam (Hist. law) the action of taking another's goods by distraint; goods so taken > NAAMS. Also NAM.
naan (Hindi) a kind of Indian bread > NAANS. Also NAN.
nabe A neighbourhood movie theatre > NABES.
nabk (Arabic) a tree, the Christ's-thorn > NABKS. [Arabic nebk]. Also NEBBUK, NEBEK, NEBECK.
nabs (3rd.) NAB, to seize.
nach (Hindi) an entertainment in India consisting chiefly of dancing by professional dancing girls > NACHES. Also NAUTCH.
nada (Spanish) nothing; nothingness > NADAS.
nads (Sl.) testicles. No NAD*.
naes (Pl.) NAE, no.
naff Tacky > NAFFER, NAFFEST; NAFFLY; (verb) to go away > NAFFS, NAFFING, NAFFED.
naga (Sanskrit) a snake, especially the cobra; a divine snake (Hindu mythology) > NAGAS.
nags (3rd.) NAG, to worry or annoy constantly.
naif (Fr.) ingenuous > NAIFLY; (noun) a naive person > NAIFS. Also NAIVE.
naik (Hindi) the rank of corporal in the Indian army > NAIKS.
nail To fasten with a nail (a slender piece of metal) > NAILS, NAILING, NAILED.
nain (Scots) one's own.
nala (Hindi) a ravine, a watercourse > NALAS. [Hindi nala]. Also NULLAH, NULLA, NALLAH, NALLA.
name To give a title to > NAMES, NAMING, NAMED.
nams (Pl.) NAM, the action of taking another's goods by distraint.
namu (Maori) a black New Zealand sandfly > NAMU. No -S.
nana (Aus. sl.) an idiot, a fool > NANAS.
nane (Scots) none.
nang (Sl.) excellent, cool.
nano the science that deals with materials on an atomic or molecular scale > NANOS.
nans (Pl.) NAN, a kind of Indian lightly leavened bread.
naoi (Pl.) NAOS, the inner cell of a temple.
naos (Greek) the inner cell of a temple > NAOI or NAOSES.
napa A kind of soft leather prepared from sheep- or goat-skin by a special tawing process > NAPAS. [From Napa in California]. Also NAPPA.
nape The back of the neck; (verb) to attack with napalm > NAPES, NAPING, NAPED.
naps (3rd.) NAP, to take a short sleep.
narc (Abbr.) narcotic > NARCS.
nard An East Indian plant of the valerian family, used from remote ages in Oriental perfumery; an ointment made from this; (verb) to anoint with nard > NARDS, NARDING, NARDED.
nare A nostril, esp. a hawk's > NARES. [L. naris, nostril].
nark (Romany) a police informer; (verb) to inform on, to annoy > NARKS, NARKING, NARKED. [Romany nak, nose].
nary (Dial.) not any.
nats (Pl.) NAT, a nationalist.
nave The largest part of church where the congregation sits > NAVES.
navs (Pl.) NAV, navigation.
navy A nation's warships > NAVIES.
nays (Pl.) NAY, a denial.
naze A headland or cape > NAZES.
nazi (Ger.) a type of fascist > NAZIS. [Ger. short form of Nationalsozialist, National Socialist].
neal An aphetic form of ANNEAL, to heat and cool metal gradually to temper > NEALS, NEALING, NEALED.
neap The tidal period of least difference between high and low tides; (verb) to tend towards the neap > NEAPS, NEAPING, NEAPED.
near Close at hand > NEARER, NEAREST; NEARLY; (verb) to approach > NEARS, NEARING, NEARED.
neat Tidy > NEAT, NEATEST; NEATLY; (noun) cattle > NEATS.
nebs (Pl.) NEB, a beak or bill.
neck To kiss and caress in lovemaking > NECKS, NECKING, NECKED.
neds (Pl.) NED, young hooligan.
need To have an urgent or essential use for > NEEDS, NEEDING, NEEDED.
neem (Hindi) an East Indian tree > NEEMS. Also NEEMB, NIM, NIMB.
neep (Scots) a turnip > NEEPS.
nefs (Pl.) NEF, a church nave.
negs (Pl.) NEG, a photographic negative.
neif (Obs.) the fist > NEIFS. Also NEAFE, NEAFFE, NEIVE, NIEF, NIEVE.
neks (Pl.) NEK, a col, a pass.
nema A NEMATODE, a parasitic worm with an unsegmented, cylindrical body > NEMAS.
nemn (Obs.) to name > NEMNS, NEMNING, NEMNED, NEMPT.
nene (Hawaiian) a kind of goose native to Hawaii > NENES.
neon A gaseous element > NEONS, NEONED.
neps (Pl.) NEP, catmint.
nerd A person obsessed with computers at the expense of human interaction > NERDS. Also NURD.
nerk A fool, an idiot > NERKS.
nesh Soft, crumbly; tender > NESHER, NESHEST.
ness A headland > NESSES.
nest To build a nest (a structure for holding bird eggs) > NESTS, NESTING, NESTED.
nete (Greek) the highest note of a lyre > NETES. [Gk. nete or neate (chorde), literally, lowest (string)].
nets (3rd.) NET, to catch in a net.
neuk (Scots) a nook > NEUKS.
neum A succession of notes sung to one syllable > NEUMS. Also NEUME.
neve (Fr.) old compressed snow, aka FIRN > NEVES.
nevi (Pl.) NEVUS, a birthmark.
newb a newbie > NEWBS.
news (Verb) to report > NEWSES, NEWSING, NEWSED.
newt A tailed amphibian of the salamander family > NEWTS.
next Nearest > NEXTLY; (noun) the next thing or person > NEXTS.
ngai Clan or tribe, as used before the names of certain Maori tribes.
nibs (3rd.) NIB, to provide with a nib.
nice Agreeable > NICER, NICEST; NICELY.
nick To make a shallow cut in > NICKS, NICKING, NICKED.
nide A pheasant's nest or brood; (verb) to nest > NIDES, NIDING, NIDED. Also NID.
nidi (Pl.) NIDUS, a nest or breeding-place.
nids (Pl.) NID, a pheasant's nest.
nied (Pt.) NIE, to nigh.
nief (Obs.) the fist > NIEFS. Also NEIF, NEAFE, NEAFFE, NIEVE, NEIVE.
nies (3rd.) NIE, to nigh.
nife The earth's hypothetical core of nickel and iron > NIFES.
niff To pong > NIFFS, NIFFING, NIFFED.
nigh Near > NIGHER, NIGHEST, NARRE, NEIST; (verb) to draw near to > NIGHS, NIGHING, NIGHED.
nill Not to will; to refuse > NILLS, NILLING, NOULD, NOULDE, NILLED.
nils (Pl.) NIL, nothing.
nimb (Hindi) an East Indian tree > NIMBS. Also NEEM, NEEMB, NIM.
nims (3rd.) NIM, to take or steal.
nine A number > NINES.
nipa (Malay) a low-growing E. Indian palm, aka ATTAP or ATAP > NIPAS.
nips (3rd.) NIP, to pinch.
nirl (Scots) a lump, a crumb; a stunted person; (verb) to stunt, shrivel > NIRLS, NIRLING, NIRLED or NIRLIT.
nish (Coll.) nothing > NISHES.
nisi (Lat.) taking effect at a specified date unless cause is shown otherwise. No -S.
nite (Coll.) night > NITES.
nits (Pl.) NIT, the egg of a louse or similar insect.
nixe (Pl.) NIX, a water-sprite.
nixy A female NIX or malignant water-spirit > NIXIES. Also NIXIE.
noah (Aust. sl.) a shark > NOAHS. (Rhyming slang > Noah's ark).
nobs (Pl.) NOB, a person of high social rank.
nock To notch a bow or arrow > NOCKS, NOCKING, NOCKED.
node A swollen enlargement > NODES.
nodi (Pl.) NODUS, a knotty point, difficulty.
nods (3rd.) NOD, to move the head forward in assent or greeting.
noel A Christmas carol > NOELS.
noes (Pl.) NO.
nogg An egg-nog or similar drink > NOGGS. Also NOG.
nogs (Pl.) NOG, an egg and alcohol drink.
noil Short fibers combed from long fibers during textile preparation > NOILS.
noir (Fr.) a type of crime fiction > NOIRS.
nole The top of the head; the noddle > NOLES. Also NOLL, NOUL, NOWL, NOULE.
noll The top of the head; the noddle > NOLLS. Also NOUL, NOWL, NOULE, NOLE.
nolo (Lat.) a type of legal plea > NOLOS.
noma An ulceration of the cheek > NOMAS.
nome (Greek) a province or department esp. in ancient Greece > NOMES. Also NOMOS.
noms (Pl.) NOM, name.
nona A virus disease > NONAS.
none One of seven canonical daily periods for prayer and devotion > NONES.
nong (Aust. sl.) a fool, an idiot > NONGS.
noni (Hawaiian) a tree of SE Asia whose fruit provides a possibly health-promoting juice > NONIS.
noob An Internet novice > NOOBS.
nook A corner in a room > NOOKS. Also NEUK.
noon The middle point of the day; (verb) to rest at noon > NOONS, NOONING, NOONED.
noop (Scott) a knob, the tip of the elbow > NOOPS.
nope (Coll.) no.
nori (Japanese) a kind of seaweed, used as a foodstuff in Japan > NORIS.
nork (Aust. sl.) a woman's breast > NORKS.
norm A standard regarded as typical for a specific group > NORMS, NORMED.
nose (Verb) to sniff with the nose > NOSES, NOSING, NOSED.
nosh (Yiddish) food; (verb) to eat > NOSHES, NOSHING, NOSHED.
nosy Prying > NOSIER, NOSIEST; NOSILY; (noun) a nosy person > NOSIES. Also NOSEY.
nota (Pl.) NOTUM, the dorsal aspect of the thorax in insects.
note To write down > NOTES, NOTING, NOTED.
nott With close-cropped hair.
noul The top of the head; the noddle > NOULS. Also NOLL, NOWL, NOULE, NOLE.
noun A word used to denote the name of something > NOUNS.
noup (Scots) in the Shetlands, a crag, a steep headland > NOUPS.
nous (Greek) pure intellect; reason; commonsense > NOUSES.
nout (Dial.) nothing. Also NOWT.
nova (Lat.) an exploding star > NOVAE or NOVAS.
nowl The top of the head; the noddle > NOWLS. Also NOLL, NOUL, NOULE, NOLE.
nown (Obs.) own.
nows (Pl.) NOW, the present time.
nowt (Dial.) nothing. Also NOUT.
nowy Having a convex curvature near the middle. No comp!
noys (Pl.) NOY, to hurt or annoy.
nubs (3rd.) NUB, to hang.
nude Without clothes > NUDER, NUDEST; NUDELY; (noun) someone without clothes > NUDES.
nuff (Sl.) enough.
nugs (Pl.) NUG, a chunk of wood sawn from a log.
nuke (Verb) to destroy by use of nuclear weapons > NUKES, NUKING, NUKED.
null (Verb) to annul, cancel, make void > NULLS, NULLING, NULLED.
numb Without feeling > NUMBER, NUMBEST; NUMBLY; (verb) to make numb > NUMBS, NUMBING, NUMBED.
nuns (Pl.) NUN, a female member of a religious order.
nurd A person obsessed with computers at the expense of human interaction > NURDS, NURDY. Also NERD.
nurl To cut with reeding or fluting on the edge of, as coins, the heads of screws, etc > NURLS, NURLING, NURLED. Also KNURL.
nurr A knot in wood > NURRS. Also KNAUR, KNURR, KNUR, NUR.
nurs (Pl.) NUR, a knob or knot in wood.
nuts (Pl.) NUT, popularly, any fruit with an edible seed in a hard shell.
nyah an interjection used to express contempt for another.
nyas (Obs.) = EYAS, a young hawk taken from the nest for training > NYASES
nyed (Pt.) NYE, to draw nigh.
nyes (3rd.) NYE, to nigh.