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baldric baldrick baudric baudrick baudricke bawdric an often ornamental belt worn over one shoulder to support a sword or bugle.
bandelier bandoleer bandolier a shoulder belt for carrying ammunition.
bandoleered wearing a BANDOLEER.
bandoliered wearing a BANDOLIER.
baudric see BALDRIC.
baudrick see BALDRIC.
baudricke see BALDRIC.
bawdric see BALDRIC.
begoggled wearing goggles.
belt a band of leather or other material, esp one worn around the waist; (verb) to strike with or as with a belt.
beltless without a belt.
beltline the waistline.
bifocaled wearing BIFOCALS.
bifocals spectacles with bifocal lenses.
brolly (coll.) an umbrella.
bumbershoot (coll.) an umbrella.
burdash a fringed sash worn by gentlemen in the time of Anne and George.
ceinture a belt for the waist.
chadar chaddar chaddor chador chuddah chuddar chudder the large veil worn by Muslim women. The pl. of CHADOR is CHADRI or CHADORS.
chatta an umbrella.
cheveron chevron a kid glove.
chuddah see CHADAR.
chuddar see CHADAR.
chudder see CHADAR.
cincture a belt worn around an ecclesiastical vestment; (verb) to gird or surround.
crios a multi-coloured woollen belt worn by men in the Aran Islands > CRIOSES.
cumberbund cummerbund kummerbund a waistband, a sash. [Hindi kamarband, a loinband].
dicky dickey dickie dickybird+ dickeybird a false shirt-front.
dumpy a short umbrella > DUMPIES.
eyeglass a glass to assist the sight, esp a monocle; the lens of an optical instrument to which the eye is applied.
eyeshade a piece of stiff, usu tinted, transparent material, worn like the peak of a cap to protect the eyes from the sun or other bright light.
flabellum a fan; especially, the fan carried before the pope on state occasions, made in ostrich and peacock feathers > FLABELLUMS or FLABELLA.
fogle a silk handkerchief.
fourchette a forked reinforcement on the backs of gloves.
foureyed wearing spectacles.
gamp a large, baggy umbrella.
girdle a WAISTBELT; a cord worn around the waist by a monk, etc; (verb) to enclose with or as with a girdle.
glove a covering for the hand, normally with a sheath for each finger; (verb) to cover with or as with a glove.
gloveless without gloves.
gloving (noun) the craft of making gloves.
gorgoneion a mask carved in imitation of a Gorgon's head.
gremial a cloth laid on a bishop's knees to keep his vestments clean from oil at ordination.
handkercher a handkerchief.
hankie hanky (coll.) a handkerchief.
jambee a fashionable cane. [From Jambi in Sumatra].
lorgnette a pair of spectacles or opera glasses on a handle. [Fr. lorgner, to have a furtive look, from MF lorgne, squinting].
lorgnon an EYEGLASS.
mask a covering for the face, or the upper part of it, for concealment, disguise, protection, amusement or ceremonial purposes; (verb) to conceal with or as with a mask.
mitt mitten any of various glovelike hand coverings, such as one that does not cover the fingers.
mittened wearing MITTENS.
monocle a single eyeglass.
monocled wearing a MONOCLE.
mouchoir (Fr.) a handkerchief.
muckender a handkerchief. [Fr. mouchoir].
muff an open-ended cylinder of fur or cloth into which the hands are placed for warmth; (verb) to make a mess of, fail to catch.
muscatorium a FLABELLUM, a fan; especially, the fan carried before the pope on state occasions, made in ostrich and peacock feathers > MUSCATORIA.
napkin a small square of linen, paper, etc, used at table for wiping the mouth and hands, protecting clothing, etc; a baby's nappy; a handkerchief.
niqab a type of veil worn by some Muslim women that is made of lightweight opaque fabric and leaves only the eyes uncovered.
ombrella an UMBRELLA.
parasol a light portable screen or canopy carried to give shade from the sun, esp. a small light umbrella.
parasoled equipped with a parasol.
patte a narrow band keeping a belt or sash in its place.
pockies (Scots) mittens. No POCKIE*.
regalia royal accoutrements.
sash to dress or adorn with a sash.
shash a sash; (verb) to adorn with a sash.
snotrag a handkerchief.
specs spectacles.
sudarium a cloth for wiping away sweat > SUDARIA.
sudary a napkin or handkerchief.
sunglasses dark-lensed spectacles used to protect the eyes against strong sunlight.
sunshade a parasol; also, an awning.
sweatband an absorbent wristlet worn by e.g. tennis players to prevent sweat running down to their hands.
trifocals spectacles with trifocal lenses giving near, intermediate and far vision.
umbrel an umbrella.
umbrella to shelter with an umbrella.
umbrello an umbrella > UMBRELLOES or UMBRELLOS.
unglove to remove the glove from.
unsashed without a sash.
unspectacled not wearing spectacles.
varifocals spectacles having differing focal lengths.
veilless having no veil.
vele a veil.
waistband the strip of fabric in a garment that fits round the waist.
waistbelt a belt worn round the waist e.g. for the carrying of money.
waistcloth a cloth or wrapper worn about the waist; by extension, such a garment worn about the hips and passing between the thighs.
waistline a line thought of as marking the waist, but not fixed by anatomy in women's fashions.
watchstrap the strap of a watch.
wristband a band worn round the wrist e.g. to soak up sweat.
yashmac yashmak yasmak a double Muslim veil leaving only eyes uncovered.
zona a girdle or belt; a zone > ZONAE.
zonulet a small belt or girdle.
zoster an ancient Greek waist-belt for men.

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