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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

ascot a type of NECKTIE with broad ends.
bands a pair of strips of white linen, worn by clergyman.
barbe a piece of vertically pleated linen cloth worn over or under the chin, as by nuns.
belcher a coloured, spotted NECKERCHIEF.
bertha berthe a woman's deep lace collar to hide a low neckline.
boa a long, serpent-like coil of fur, feathers or the like worn round the neck by women.
boatneck a wide open neck on a garment.
chevesaile an ornamental collar of a coat.
collar something worn round the neck; the neck or (sometimes detachable) neckband of a garment; (verb) to seize by the collar, fig. to arrest.
collaret collarette a small collar.
cravat cravate a scarf or band worn as a NECKTIE; (verb) to dress in a cravat. [Fr. cravate, from Cravates, 17th century Croatian mercenaries who wore a scarf in battle].
crewneck a round, close-fitting style of neck on a jersey.
guimpe a wide cloth covering neck and shoulders worn by nuns.
mousquetaire a broad turnover linen collar; also a woman's cloak trimmed with ribbons, with large buttons, fashionable about 1855.
muffettee a MUFFLER; also, a woollen cuff.
muffler a thick scarf, collar, etc.
mufflered wearing a muffler.
neckatee a NECKERCHIEF.
neckband the part of a garment around the neck.
neckcloth a cloth worn round the neck.
neckerchief an ornamental cloth, a kerchief for the neck > NECKERCHIEFS or NECKERCHIEVES.
neckgear garments for the neck.
necklet an ornament for wearing round the neck; a small fur garment for the neck.
neckline the shape or position of the upper edge of a dress, blouse, etc.
neckpiece a piece of cloth for the neck.
necktie (esp. N. America) a band of fabric tied round the neck under the collar and usu hanging down in front, a tie.
neckwear anything worn round the neck.
owrelay a large CRAVAT.
partlet a covering for the neck, and sometimes for the shoulders and breast; originally worn by both sexes, but later by women alone.
rabatine a low collar.
rabato rebato a stiff flaring lace collar worn by both sexes in 17th C > RABATOS or RABATOES; REBATOS or REBATOES.
rebozo a long scarf worn chiefly by Mexican women > REBOZOS.
rollcollar a collar of a garment turned back in a curve.
ruff a frill, usu starched and pleated, worn round the neck, esp in the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods; (verb) to provide with a ruff.
rufflike like a ruff.
scarf a light, usu decorative piece of material thrown loosely on the shoulders about the neck > SCARFS or SCARVES. (Verb) to cover as with a scarf.
scarved wearing a scarf.
scarfwise arranged like a scarf.
steenkirk steinkirk a NECKCLOTH or CRAVAT with long lace ends.
stole a narrow ecclesiastical vestment worn on the shoulders.
tapalo a scarf worn in Latin American countries. Pl. TAPALOS.
tie a strip of cloth worn round the neck.
tieless not wearing a tie.
tippet a long narrow piece of cloth formerly attached to a hood or sleeve, or worn loose around the neck.
turndown a turned down collar; a rejection.
turtleneck a style of neck for a sweater.
vandyke a broad collar with the edges cut into deep points; a short pointed beard; (verb) to notch or zigzag. [From Sir Antony Van Dyke (or Vandyke), 17th century painter].
victorine a woman's fur TIPPET.
woggle a ring of leather or plastic used to thread a NECKERCHIEF.

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