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Costume: Hair

afro fro A hairstyle characterized by thick, bushy curls standing out from the head. Pl. AFROS, FROS.
bagwig a wig, in use in the 18th century, with the hair at the back of the head in a bag.
bandoline a glutinous POMATUM for the hair; (verb) to apply this to the hair.
bang a fringe, hair cut square across the brow (often in pl); (verb) to cut hair square across.
barnet a hair-style.
beard the hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of a man's face; (verb) to oppose resolutely.
beardy having a beard > BEARDIER, BEARDIEST.
becurl to curl; to adorn with curls.
beehive a dome-shaped hairstyle.
bewhiskered having whiskers.
bewig to cover or dress in a wig.
bilevel a hairstyle with two different levels.
bingle a hairstyle midway between bob and shingle; (verb) to cut the hair in such a style.
blondine to dye hair blonde > BLONDINES, BLONDINING, BLONDINED.
blonding the act of dyeing hair blond.
bobwig a wig with the ends turned up into short curls.
boofy of the hair, voluminous > BOOFIER, BOOFIEST.
bouffant a kind of puffed out hairdo.
braid a plait, esp. of hair; (verb) to form into a braid.
brilliantine a perfumed hair oil for making the hair glossy; also a glossy cotton and mohair fabric.
bumfluff soft and fluffy growth of hair on the chin of an adolescent.
burnsides full mutton-chop whiskers. BURNSIDE, meaning the side of a burn, is valid but not US.
butch a very short haircut for men or women; (adj.) of a woman, aggressively tough > BUTCHER, BUTCHEST.
buzzcut a very short haircut.
buzzwig a large bushy wig.
calflick a cowlick or lock of unruly hair.
carrottopped having red hair.
caxon a kind of wig.
chevelure a head of hair or arrangement of the hair; a periwig; the nebulous part of a comet.
chignon a knot or roll of hair worn at the back of the head.
chignoned wearing a CHIGNON, a knot or roll of hair worn at the back of the head.
cockernony the gathering of hair in a FILLET; a coiffure.
coiffure a style of hairdressing; (verb) to dress the hair.
combover a vain attempt to make the most of one's dwindling resources of hair.
cornbraid to braid hair in cornrows.
cornrow a hair-style in which the hair is arranged in tightly braided flat rows; (verb) to arrange hair in cornrows.
cowlick a tuft of hair turned up or awry (usually over the forehead), as if licked by a cow.
crewcut a very short haircut.
curl a ringlet of hair; (verb) to make curly.
curler something that curls e.g. the hair.
curlpaper a strip of paper round which the hair is twisted to give it a curl.
curly having curls > CURLIER, CURLIEST.
cymotrichous having wavy hair.
cymotrichy the state of having wavy hair.
dalmahoy a bushy BOBWIG worn in the 18th century.
depilate to remove hair from.
depilator an agent for removing hair.
dreadlock a hairstyle favoured by Afro-Americans > DREADLOCKED.
ducktail (US) a style of haircut.
dundrearies long sideburns (N.B. no DUNDREARY*). [From Lord Dundreary, character in the play, Our American Cousin (1858)].
earlock a lock or curl of hair near the ear; a LOVELOCK.
elflock a lock of tangled hair.
embraid to braid up, as hair.
epilate to remove hair from.
epilator an agent used for EPILATING.
fillet a band for the hair; (verb) to cut into fillets.
fixature a gummy preparation for fixing the hair.
flattop (US) a modified crew cut. Also, an aircraft carrier.
forelock a lock of hair hanging down in front; (verb) to fasten with a forelock or cotter.
frisette frizette a curl of hair or silk; a pad of frizzed hair or silk worn by women under the hair to stuff it out.
frisure the dressing of the hair by crisping or curling.
frizzies frizzy hair, as in 'a bad case of the frizzies'. Cf. FRIZZY.
frizzily (Adv.) FRIZZY, tightly curled.
frizzy tightly curled > FRIZZIER, FRIZZIEST.
ginge someone with ginger hair.
gizz jiz a wig. Pl. GIZZES, JIZZES.
goatee a short beard, like a goat's.
goateed having a GOATEE beard.
graybearded greybearded having a grey beard.
hairband a band for the hair.
haircut a cutting of the hair or the style in which this is done.
hairdo a style of hair arrangement. Pl. HAIRDOS.
hairgrip a short, narrow band of metal, bent double, worn in the hair, to keep it in place.
hairline the edge of the hair on the forehead.
hairlock a lock of hair.
hairnet a net for keeping the hair in place.
hairpiece an artificial extension to the hair.
hairpin a U-shaped pin for fastening up the hair.
hairspray lacquer sprayed on the hair to hold it in place.
hairstyle a particular way of cutting and arranging the hair.
hairstyling a styling of the hair.
hairweaving the interweaving of false hair with real on a balding person's head.
handlebar designating a type of moustache.
headband a band (e.g. of ribbon, or elastic or rigid material) for wearing around the head.
heare (Spenser) hair.
hearie (Spenser) hairy.
hirsute roughly hairy.
imperial a small beard or tuft of hair under the lower lip as popularized by Napoleon III.
infula a sort of FILLET worn by dignitaries, priests, and others among the ancient Romans. Pl. INFULAE.
jasey jasy jazy a wig, orig. of worsted.
jiz see GIZZ.
kesh the uncut hair and beard traditionally worn by Sikhs.
kirbigrip a kind of hairgrip.
kirby as in kirby grip, a kind of hair grip.
leiotrichous straight-haired.
leiotrichy the state of being straight-haired.
lissotrichous having straight or smooth hair. Cf. CYMOTRICHOUS.
lovelock a long lock of hair hanging prominently by itself, worn by men of fashion in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I.
lowlight a portion of hair artificially brightened to enhance the look; (verb) to brighten hair in this way.
macassar a kind of hair-oil. [From Makasar (now Ujung Pandang), a district of the island of Sulawesi (Celebes)].
marcel an artificial wave in hair; (verb) to style hair in this way.
merkin a hairpiece for the pubic area.
mohawk (US) a Mohican hairstyle.
mohican a punk hairstyle.
mophead a person with unkempt hair.
moustache mustache the unshaved hair on a man's upper lip.
moustached having a moustache.
moustachio mustachio a large, elegantly curling moustache.
mullet to quote Chambers, 'a hairstyle that is short at the front, long at the back, and ridiculous all round'. Also a type of fish and a heraldic ornament.
mustache see MOUSTACHE.
mustached having a MUSTACHE.
mustachio see MOUSTACHIO.
muttonchops (US) side whiskers that are narrow at the temple and broad and round by the lower jaws. N.B. no MUTTONCHOP*, despite the fact that MW10 says MUTTONCHOPS are also known as 'muttonchop whiskers'.
nott with close-cropped hair.
pageboy a hairstyle in which the hair hangs smoothly to about jaw level and is curled under at the ends.
periwig a wig or PERUKE; (verb) to put on a periwig.
perruque peruke a kind of wig.
peruke see PERRUQUE.
peruked wearing a PERUKE.
pigtail a single plait hanging down at the back of the head.
pigtailed having a PIGTAIL.
plait a BRAID in which strands are passed over one another in turn; (verb) to form a braid in this fashion.
pomade ointment for the hair; (verb) to apply POMADE to.
pomatum a pomade, a perfumed unguent or composition, chiefly used in dressing the hair. Pl. POMATUMS.
pompadour a hairstyle where the hair at the front is brushed up into a mound or a roll, above the forehead. [From the Marquise de Pompadour (1721-1764), mistress of Louis XV of France].
pompadoured in the POMPADOUR style.
ponytail a hairstyle (esp. of girls or women) in which the hair is drawn back, tied, and made to hang down like a pony's tail.
postiche a wig, a TOUPEE.
pouf a loose roll of hair.
pouffy of hair, in a POUF or loose roll > POUFFIER, POUFFIEST.
pube pubic hair.
quiff a tuft of hair brushed away from the forehead; an oiled lock of hair.
ramilie ramillie a type of wig.
ringlet a curl of hair.
ringleted of hair, styled in ringlets.
ronnie a moustache.
scrunchy scrunchie a piece of elastic, loosely covered with fabric, for tying back the hair; (adj.) crunchy > SCRUNCHIER, SCRUNCHIEST.
shingle a style of haircut in which the hair is cut short in overlapping layers, emphasizing the shape of the head at the back; (verb) to cover with shingles; to cut in the manner of a shingle.
shockheaded having a head of bushy or tousled hair.
sideboards side whiskers. SIDEBOARD is valid, as an article of furniture.
sideburns two strips of hair grown along the side of the face. N.B. no SIDEBURN*.
sidelevers (Aust.) side whiskers, sideburns.
sidelock a lock of hair at the side of the head.
skinhead one favouring a minimalist style of tonsure.
snood a band for the hair, once worn by unmarried women in Scotland as the badge of virginity; (verb) to fasten with a snood.
tete an elaborately dressed head of hair; a headdress.
toilette the action or process of washing, dressing, arranging the hair, etc.
tonsure the shaven crown worn by monks; a bald spot resembling same; (verb) to cut the hair in tonsure form.
toorie tourie a small heap, a knob of hair.
toothcomb a fine-toothed comb.
topknot a tuft or crest of hair growing on the top of the head.
toupee toupet a little tuft; a curl or artificial lock of hair.
toupeed having a toupee.
tourie see TOORIE.
towheaded with light-coloured hair.
tress a plait or braid of the hair of the head; a long lock, braided or not; to form into tresses.
tressy abounding in tresses > TRESSIER, TRESSIEST.
ulotrichous having woolly or crisply curling hair.
ulotrichy woolly-hairedness.
unbearded not having a beard.
unbobbed not bobbed.
unibrow an informal word for eyebrows that meet above the nose.
unplait to release (hair) from a plait.
untressed not tied up in TRESSES.
unwigged not having a wig.
updo an upswept hairdo. Pl. UPDOS.
vandyke a short pointed beard; also a type of collar; (verb) to notch or zigzag.
volumise volumize to give extra body to hair.
walrus a type of moustache.
weepers long and flowing side-shiwskers. WEEPER is valid, as e.g. someone who weeps.
whisker a coarse hair growing on a human face, usu. a man's.
whiskerando A whiskered person, in allusion to Dom Ferolo Whiskerandos in Sheridan's Critic > WHISKERANDOS.
whiskerandoed having whiskers.
whiskered having whiskers.
whiskery having whiskers > WHISKERIER, WHISKERIEST.
wig an artificial covering of hair for the head worn esp. to conceal baldness; (verb) to scold.
wiggery a wig or wigs; false hair.
wigless having or wearing no wig.
wiglet a small wig.
wiglike like a wig.
zapata denoting a kind of flowing, drooping moustache. [From Emilio Zapata (1879-1919), Mexican revolutionary].
ziff a beard, a goatee.

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