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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aftershave a usually scented lotion for use on the face after shaving.
aftersun moisturing lotion applied to the skin to soothe sunburn and prevent peeling.
berouged covered with rouge.
botoxed (Tradename) having had Botox treatment.
bronzer a tanning cosmetic.
chapstick a small stick of a substance for soothing chapped lips.
cosmesis preservation of bodily beauty, esp of face.
cosmetic relating to beauty preparation (noun) a beauty preparation
cosmetology the study of cosmetics.
detangler a cosmetic product for detangling hair.
exfoliant a cosmetic for removing dead skin.
eyeblack mascara.
eyeliner a type of cosmetic.
eyeshadow a coloured cosmetic for the eyelids.
facial relating to the face (noun) a beauty treatment to the face
facially (Adv.) FACIAL, relating to the face.
fard white paint for the face; (verb) to paint, as the face or cheeks.
fucused beautified with fucus, paint on the face.
gelee (Fr.) a cosmetic gel.
guyliner eyeliner when worn by a man or boy.
kohl (Arabic) a black cosmetic powder.
kumkum (Hindi) a red powder used by Hindu women as a cosmetic.
lipgloss a cosmetic for making lips glossy.
lipliner a cosmetic used to outline the lips.
lipsalve ointment for the lips, esp to prevent chapping.
lipstick a short stick of colouring for the lips; (verb) to apply lipstick to.
lotion a liquid preparation for external application.
maquillage (Fr.) makeup.
mascara (Ital.) a colouring for the eyelashes, a cosmetic; (verb) to apply mascara.
mattify to make skin less oily by the use of cosmetics.
mudpack a cosmetic facepack.
panstick foundation makeup like pancake makeup but in stick form.
rouge (Fr.) a red powder or cream used as a cosmetic to add colour to the lips or esp the cheeks; (verb) to redden with rouge.
skincare care of the skin using cosmetics.
skinfood a cosmetic intended to nourish the skin.
sunscreen a cream preventing sunburn.
talcum talc; (verb) to treat with a powder made from talc.
unrouged not rouged.
warpaint paint used to decorate the face and body before battle.
whiteface white makeup esp as used by a clown.