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One of the aims and objectives of the ABSP is to promote matchplay Scrabble tournaments with cash prizes. This we have achieved. There are more events than ever on the Scrabble calendar awarding cash and trophies, and our flagship event, the British Matchplay Scrabble Championship had a total prize fund this year of over £1,500.

We also seek sponsorship for our events.

Would your company like to sponsor either an established ABSP event or a new one? Sponsorship could include any or all of the following:

  • Prizes, in cash or kind
  • Trophies
  • Providing a venue

Tournament entry fees usually cover running costs and a modest prize fund, but our aim is to increase prize funds by way of company sponsorship, and to hold our events in more prestigious venues. Sponsorship also raises the profile of tournament Scrabble in the UK, attracts top players to events, and generates publicity for us and for our sponsors. Reciprocally, we can offer sponsors:

  • Publicity on this website, featuring logo or hyperlink as appropriate
  • Mention in our Press Releases (we have our own Publicity Officer)
  • Advertising space in The Last Word (ABSPís regular magazine)

Please contact Allan Simmons, Sponsorship Officer for further details.

Our sincere thanks to the following for their support


For publishing OSW, OSL, OSWI (see Publications), for listening and responding to the changing needs of the UK Scrabble movement and for frequently donating books as prizes.


We value our link with Spears via Philip Nelkon (Spearsí representative on the ABSP Committee) and they also have been most generous in donating Scrabble merchandise as prizes at many events over the years.

Apart from ABSP events, the following organisations have generously sponsored other Scrabble tournaments:

Nationwide Building Society (Swindon Tournament)

Channel Island Hotels (Jersey Tournament)

And finally:

A note to all ABSP members:

  • Do you work for, run, or have links with, a potential sponsor organisation?
  • Do you have any relevant expertise to share?
  • Do you have a brilliant sponsorship idea?

If so, then please let us know. With your help, ABSP tournaments and prizes can be bigger and better than ever.

Contact: Allan Simmons, Sponsorship Officer