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Scrabble Clubs


There are over 300 registered Scrabble clubs in the UK.

If you are keen to take Scrabble to a higher level than playing with just family and friends, we strongly recommend you give your local club a try. Newcomers always made very welcome and you will be given plenty of help and advice to get you started. Club meetings are very sociable events, usually with drinks and snacks available, so no matter how well you do you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable evening with a friendly bunch of people.

Don't forget that if you can't make it your local club, the Internet Scrabble Club website allows you to play Scrabble online 24 hours a day. However to really experience the fun and social aspect of this great board game, find your nearest club and give it a whirl. Good luck!

List of all UK Scrabble clubs and leagues

If you cannot read the above document then email Philip Nelkon ( for details of your nearest club.

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