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Scrabble Magazines

The Last Word is the official magazine of the ABSP. It is edited by Alec Webb and is issued to all ABSP members six times per year.

As well as containing the latest ratings list and events diary at time of going to press and all the latest news and developments in more details than can be found on this website, the magazine features many other articles and stories not to be found elsewhere:

  • letters to the editor
  • tournament reports and results
  • reports from players and events around the world
  • details of forthcoming AGMs or committee meetings
  • annotated games, specially chosen and analysed by top player Phil Appleby and other experts
  • detailed looks at a chosen Scrabble website
  • letters from abroad; a focus on Scrabble in another country
  • Scrabble player interviews
  • Edgeways, a subsection devoted to word lists, puzzles and competitions.

The Last Word - cover of issue 85 The Last Word - a tournament report The Last Word - a puzzle/word list page
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Onwords is a Scrabble Enthusiasts magazine edited by top player Allan Simmons. Allan has been the editor of Onwords since its first issue back in 1980, and the magazine recently celebrated its 100th edition with a special bumper issue. The 101st edition of Onwords Right from the start, Onwords has been by far the best "unofficial" magazine for Scrabble players of all levels --- issued quarterly, Allan fills each issue with useful word lists, intriguing puzzles and special features galore. One player is also invited to share their "Words in the Wilderness", a kind of Desert Island Discs where an expert player recalls their favourite plays of all time; annotated games and cartoons are also regular features. The magazine costs 8 for 6 issues and has its own website. If you would like to receive a free sample copy of Onwords then write to Allan, enclosing an SAE, at:

	Allan Simmons,
	Edington House,
	The Bow,
	TD14 5NE.
or email him with your address.

Scrabble Clubs (UK) is an organisation sponsored by Mattel Games - the makers of Scrabble - to promote Scrabble Clubs, assist in their formation and provide any services they require.

They publish Scrabble Club News (SCN) 4 times per year. SCN is a 4 page A3 broadsheet giving details of the Scrabble World, new products and developments from Mattel etc., plus news of tournaments and clubs in the UK and worldwide. It also provides access to Scrabble products not sold elsewhere and occasional special offers.

All registered clubs receive a free copy and it is available by subscription. Contact Scrabble Clubs(UK), or telephone +44 (0)1628 500283 for further details.

Have a look at the front page of a recent edition (84 kb).

Word Ways: The Journal of Recreational Linguistics has been published quarterly since 1968, and contains many items of interest Word Ways magazine to Scrabble players who enjoy playing with words and anagramming. The magazine, which was founded by the highly-respected Dmitri Borgmann, has been at the forefront of wordplay for many years and regularly features puzzles, articles and letters from Scrabble enthusiasts all over the world. If the mathematical side of Scrabble appeals to you then a trial subscription to Word Ways is highly recommended if you are prepared to invest the 21 required for four issues. The magazine has its own website at which contains some sample articles and contact details for the editors.

Forwords is the official Scrabble magazine of the New Zealand Forwords magazine Association of Scrabble Players. It contains many interesting articles and cartoons not to be found elsewhere, and is easily available to UK subscribers. Email NZASP secretary Glenda Foster ( for details.