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David Sutton's word lists: NOW AMENDED TO INCLUDE NEW CSW12 WORDS!

These documents have been produced for the interest and benefit of Scrabble® players. Some of them made their first appearance in weekly postings to the uk-scrabble list, but the versions given here contain various corrections and a number of additions. Further corrections and additions are always welcome and can be emailed to David Sutton.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents are accurate in the limited sense that all headwords should be found valid according to the current Scrabble® word list (i.e. CSW), but the definitions and derivations are in many cases considerably simplified from what is to be found in a proper dictionary.

This material may be freely downloaded for private use or for reproduction in any non-commercial Scrabble® venture.

Note: the material below has now been extensively amended to incorporate new words from the latest Collins Scrabble Tournament and Club Word List (CSW12), which has been valid for play since Jan 1, 2012.




Plurals with no singular

Words that don't take -S though you might think they would

Non-standard verb forms in CSW12 (PDF, 600K)

Foreign and irregular plurals in CSW12 (PDF, 617K)

Adjectives that don't compare

Sic! (Apparent Misspellings)

Pitfalls and Pratfalls

New Threes in CSW12 (a narrative aide-memoire)

New Fours in CSW12 (a narrative aide-memoire)

Note: the aide-memoire stories for the new three and four letter words in CSW12 can also be found on the WESPA site, along with other material such as an analysis of CSW12 impacts on existing words.