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Last updated: 14th June 2010

Links to websites of interest

Internet Scrabble Club - play online here!
Jumble Time - popular online anagramming
Centre Star - the UK's Scrabble game library
Zyzzyva - The Last Word in Word Study
Quackle - Crossword Game and Analysis Tool
David Ensor's site - see consensus games here

International Scrabble Organisations

UK Scrabble Clubs and Organisations
Onwords - magazine and Scrabble company
BEST - the exciting UK knockout tournament
Brighton and Hove Scrabble Club
Romford Scrabble Club
Scottish Scrabble Association
London Scrabble League
Postal Scrabble Club
Shipley Scrabble Club
West Berkshire Scrabble Club
Southern Counties Scrabble League

Overseas Scrabble Clubs and Organisations
National Scrabble Association (North America)
Singapore Scrabble Association (Toucanet)
Netherlands English Scrabble Club
SANSPA(The South African National Scrabble Players' Association)
Bahrain Scrabble League - excellent gulf region site
ASPA (Australian Scrabble Players Association)
NZASP (New Zealand Association of Scrabble Players)
Malta Scrabble Club
Nigerian Scrabble

Scrabble Products:

- Tilefish is the UK's one-stop shop for all Scrabble accessories and playing equipment. Includes Protiles and SamTimer clocks (see below), luxury racks, books and just about everything else you will ever need!

- excellent quality smooth tournament tiles

- Sam Kantimathi's digital game timers, Protiles, board wheeler, Scrabble rug

- Gene Tyszka's digital Scrabble clocks, boards and tile racks

Other links:
The Koala Clinic - excellent Australian site for improving your game
The Countdown Page - Mike Brown's definitive website for Channel 4 quiz show 'Countdown'