The 10 point rule

The 10-point rule is used when rating a division with at least one player who starts an event with a rating based on fewer than 30 games.

If the new rating of such a player is at least 10 points higher or lower than their start rating, for the sole purpose of rating that division, their start rating will be reset to their new rating, and the division's ratings performances and new ratings recalculated.

The 10-point rule as described above applies for games played after March 31st 2009.


1) The only criteria are start rating based on fewer than 30 games, and a new rating at least 10 points higher or lower than start rating after the first calculation. There is no upper (or lower) limit to a start rating, nor limit on the number of games played in the event being rated.

2) There will be only one recalculation per player per eligible division.

3) UK-Scrabble results postings will show the relevant figures where the 10-point rule has been applied.