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This is a list of ABSP members who play on either the Internet Scrabble Club or JumbleTime and their aliases.

Last updated: 7th September 2010

If you would like to join a mailing list for UK-based ISC players then send a blank email to The mailing list is used to organise ISC tournaments, introduce new players to clubs and tournaments and general ISC discussion.

ISC           ABSP member

aalii         Paul Allan
Adam1980      Adam Philpotts
alice1237     Margaret Jaggs
Andrea1977    Andrea Waddington
aphis         Andrew Fisher
arbuddhdev    Anand Buddhdev
archilowe     Mike Willis
bargepole     David Carrod
bensmum       Debbie Heaton
BIN70         Andrew Davis
bluff1964     Peter Thorpe
bobblin       Bob Lynn
canary        Tom Wilson
carras        Darryl Francis
catlincoln    Carolyn Emery
cerberus      Roy Miller
chawky        Chris Hawkins
chivas        Graham Bonham
chrismark     Christine Gillespie
compton       Viv Beckmann
dante         Jared Robinson
dapperbabe    Heather Laird
dav50         David Hoyle
deljos1       Jojo Delia
donerkebab    Christian Brown
doodle        Laura Finley
dweeb         David Webb
dystopian     Ian Coventry
eldan         Elie Dangoor
emcee         Moira Conway
ensor42       David Newman
EskimoNel     Celine Lowry
evilbudge     Craig Beevers	
FRUITBAT      Neil Rowley
geoffuk       Geoff Cooper
gizzadrink    Paul Thomson
goatboy       Russell Smith
gorbachev     Ben Wilson
grapefruit    Janet Bonham
guesswest     Alastair Ives
hakam         Raymond Tate
harshanl      Harshan Lamabadusuriya
herve         Hervé Bohbot
hopeful       Rachelle Winer
iamb          Amy Byrne
Imogen1205    Susan Paton
iscdennis     Dennis Hussey
jaggery       John Grayson
jay303        Jason Goddard
jimblackle    Jim Blackler
jide          Rasheed Balogun
karlos        Karl Kwiatkowski
kathysuddi    Kathy Suddick
kmarion       Marion Keatings
ladino        Peter Thomas
lenny         Len Moir
letsgo        Elizabeth Terry
lettuce       Linda Vickers
limey         Alec Webb
lindipops     Linda Moir
longdog       Andrew Perry
Loverboy      David Garland
managram      Neil Green
mandates      Paul Steadman
maryj         Mary Jones
MASKED7       Sandie Simonis
mglovesfun    Martin Gardner
mikelsc       Mike Holland
min           Evelyn Wallace
mirimone      Lorna Rapley
mistress8     Sarah-Jane Holden
morcha        Maureen Chamberlain
mozza         Maurice Brown
mrphil        Phil Appleby
mspinner      Matthew Pinner
Muffin7       Joy Lloyd
munchkin      Anne Ramsay
niobe         Alison Sadler
nitsua        Austin Shin
nrb43         Neil Broom
oinomel       Nick Deller
oxonian       Andy Gray
pandrop       Sandra Hoffland
paxes         Pam Sparkes
Picardo       Elizabeth Hull
pips          Janet Phillips
pisces43      Jackie McLeod
plangent      Steve Perry
PlayerA       Bob Berry
pooh          Helen Gipson
Powerslave    Shane O'Neill
ragdoll       Yvonne McKeon
RedDoggie     Gary Male
redsnapper    Robert Richland
Roderick      Rod Winfield
rorqual       Nuala O'Rourke
salzburg      Clive Spate
scwabble      Len Moir
sirhector     Allan Simmons
smallig       Simon Gillam
splut         Martin Taylor
sunbeam       Pat Colling
sundance      Pete Liggett
Tesscam       Theresa Camilleri
Thricer       Rod Winfield
toast         Margaret Staunton
Tokoloshe     Stewart Holden
tooly         Ivan Swallow
TUQAX         Adrian Yonace
vittel        Jason Carney
von           Yvonne Eade
Vulcanese     Marion Kirk
wakeywakey    Wayne Kelly
whitewitch    Cathy Anderson
Whoobub       Martin Reed
wordbear      Paul Richards
xcarol        Carol Malkin
xmphx         Martin Harrison
xrobert       Robert Pells
Yashin        Pauline Johnson
zythums       Graham Wakefield

If you're an ABSP member who is not on here and should be, let us know! Email us.

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