Association of British Scrabble Players


The National Scrabble Championships is organised by Mattel, the Scrabble trademark owners, and has had a variety of formats over its years of existence. The current format involves six regional stages where players play over 7 games in one day; the number of qualifying places available varies according to the number and strength of players in the region. The 60 qualifiers then play a 14-game semi-final stage, with the top two finishers qualifying for a best-of-five head to head final in London towards the end of the year.

The British Matchplay Scrabble Championships (BMSC) is the flagship event of the ABSP. Consisting of 19 games played over the August Bank Holiday weekend, it was held in Nottingham until 2001, moved to Birmingham for 2002-2004 but has more recently found a home at Yarnfield Conference Centre in Staffordshire.

The ABSP Masters is an elite invitational event for the 16 best players in the UK. It is usually a 'round robin' event (i.e. everyone plays everyone else once), currently held on the first weekend in July in Staffordshire.

The UK Open was introduced in 2008 and is the longest event of the year, comprising a mammoth 38 games over 5 days in early January. The Spring Matchplay was originally held at Durham University but moved to Daventry in 2008, also increasing from 13 to 25 rounds over the early May Bank Holiday weekend. The Easter Matchplay is held in Exeter over the Easter weekend and comprises 19 rounds, as does the Festival of Scrabble (formerly known as Summer Matchplay) in Edinburgh in June. The Winter Matchplay is 12 rounds played in Milton Keynes in late November each year.

The British Elimination Scrabble Tournament (BEST) is a knockout competition which lasts over six months. Played as a series of face-to-face knockout matches at regional and then national level, the winner typically plays more than 70 games over six months to lift the trophy. The event has its own website with past results. It start off as an annual event but has become biannual in recent years due to the long time period over which it is played.

National Champion BMSC ABSP Masters BEST UK Open

1987 Allan Simmons
1988 Allan Simmons
1989 Russell Byers Gareth Williams
1990 Philip Nelkon Phil Appleby
1991 Phil Appleby Allan Simmons
1992 Philip Nelkon Mark Nyman Di Dennis
1993 Allan Saldanha Andrew Fisher Phil Appleby
1994 Mike Willis Russell Byers Allan Simmons
1995 Allan Saldanha Mark Nyman
1996 Andrew Fisher Mark Nyman Gareth Williams
1997 Andrew Cook Andrew Davis Mark Nyman
1998 Mark Nyman Helen Gipson Andrew Fisher
1999 Evan Simpson Andrew Perry Andrew Davis
2000 Brett Smitheram David Acton Mark Nyman
2001 Mark Nyman Andrew Cook Andrew Davis Andrew Fisher
2002 Mark Nyman Mark Nyman Andrew Davis Paul Allan
2003 Harshan Lamabadusuriya Brett Smitheram Mark Nyman Phil Appleby
2004 Mark Nyman Brett Smitheram Mark Nyman Adam Logan
2005 Wale Fashina Harshan Lamabadusuriya Brett Smitheram
2006 Jake Jacobs Brett Smitheram David Webb Phil Appleby
2007 Paul Allan Paul Allan Allan Simmons
2008 Allan Simmons Allan Simmons Harshan Lamabadusuriya Harshan Lamabadusuriya Nigel Richards
2009 Craig Beevers Mark Nyman Jared Robinson David Webb Helen Gipson
2010 Mikki Nicholson Brett Smitheram Lewis Mackay Mark Nyman Nigel Richards
2011 Wayne Kelly Lewis Mackay Craig Beevers Mikki Nicholson Nigel Richards
2012 Paul Gallen Kevin McMahon Femi Awowade Lewis Mackay Nigel Richards
2013 Paul Allan Paul Gallen Paul Gallen Paul Gallen Nigel Richards
2014 Chris May Paul Gallen Paul Gallen Chris May Nigel Richards
2015 Craig Beevers Mark Nyman Lewis Mackay Paul Allan
2016 Phil Robertshaw Allan Simmons Allan Simmons Allan Simmons Nigel Richards
2017 Austin Shin Dave Koenig Paul Allan Paul Gallen Nigel Richards
2018 Ed Martin Lewis Mackay Gary Oliver Paul Gallen Nigel Richards
2019 Nigel Richards

Spring Matchplay Easter Matchplay Festival of Scrabble Winter Matchplay

1988 Mark Nyman
1989 Barrie Knox Darryl Francis
1990 Pete Finley Mark Nyman
1991 Simon Gillam Mark Nyman Mark Nyman
1992 Andrew Fisher Gareth Williams Mark Nyman
1993 Mark Nyman John Grayson Andrew Fisher Evan Simpson
1994 Helen Grayson Mark Nyman Clive Spate Mark Nyman
1995 Mike Willis Terry Kirk Russell Byers Andrew Cook
1996 Clive Spate Andrew Fisher Martin Fowkes Joyce Cansfield
1997 Clive Spate Terry Kirk David Acton Bob Violett
1998 Peter Preston Phil Appleby Karl Khoshnaw Jackie McLeod
1999 Rob Dowse Andrew Perry Joyce Cansfield Andrew Perry
2000 Mike Willis Allan Simmons Paul Allan Andrew Cook
2001 Paul Allan Gareth Williams Paul Allan Andrew Cook
2002 David Acton Andrew Fisher Robert Richland Shanker Menon
2003 Allan Simmons Femi Awowade Martin Thompson Pete Finley
2004 Adam Philpotts Phil Appleby Lewis Mackay Pete Finley
2005 Adam Logan Ed Martin Stewart Holden Austin Shin
2006 Wayne Kelly Brett Smitheram Paul Allan Craig Beevers
2007 Ed Martin Elie Dangoor Helen Gipson Femi Awowade
2008 Martin Harrison Brett Smitheram Mikki Nicholson Austin Shin
2009 Austin Shin Phil Robertshaw Martin Harrison Azu Ogbogu
2010 Martin Harrison Wayne Kelly Brian Sugar
2011Martin HarrisonElie DangoorAzu OgboguAdam Logan
2012Wayne KellyTheresa BroussonAzu OgboguCraig Beevers
2013Martin HarrisonPhil RobertshawTerry KirkAustin Shin
2014Jackie McLeodPhil RobertshawJohn Ashmore
2015Wayne KellyWayne KellyDavid EldarAustin Shin
2016Allan SimmonsRafal DominiczakLewis Mackay
2017Austin ShinHarshan LamabadusuriyaWayne KellyAustin Shin
2018Nick DellerLewis MackayJohn AshmorePhil Robertshaw
2019Brett SmitheramLewis Mackay

For details of all of these tournaments and others, have a look at the calendar.