UK Open Final Fling Entrants

Entrants as at 22nd December.

Please note that ratings order is for illustration purposes only.

Name OrderRatings Order
1160EngJack Anscomb1220NZLNigel Richards
2105EngTed Anscomb2195AUSAlastair Richards
3118EngSteve Balment3176EngWayne Kelly
4143EngAdrienne Berger4167AUSKaren Richards
5122EngSyd Berger5165EngBob Violett
6153ScoAmy Byrne6164EngSteve Perry
7122EngGeoff Cooper7163NIrNuala O'Rourke
8142NDLSuzanne Dundas8161EngNeil Rowley
9154EngJack Durand9160EngJack Anscomb
10128EngAnn Golding10157EngPhil Kelly
11134EngDave Hoskisson11155EngKevin Synnott
12140EngNicky Huitson12154EngJack Durand
13157EngPhil Kelly13153ScoAmy Byrne
14104EngKenneth Lovell14152EngDavid Shenkin
15119EngBarbara Lukey15148EngRuth MacInerney
16148EngRuth MacInerney16143EngAdrienne Berger
17139IRLEileen Meghen17142NDLSuzanne Dundas
18141USADaniel Milton18141EngLen Moir
190EngKhadeeja Mohamed19141USADaniel Milton
20141EngLen Moir20140EngTom Wilson
21110EngLinda Moir21140EngNicky Huitson
22135EngDamian O'Malley22139IRLEileen Meghen
23163NIrNuala O'Rourke23135EngDamian O'Malley
240EngBobbie Penn24134EngDave Hoskisson
25164EngSteve Perry25128EngAnn Golding
26195AUSAlastair Richards26128EngMarlene Skinner
27167AUSKaren Richards27122EngSyd Berger
28220NZLNigel Richards28122EngGeoff Cooper
29161EngNeil Rowley29120EngJenny Sakamoto
30120EngJenny Sakamoto30119EngBarbara Lukey
31152EngDavid Shenkin31118EngSteve Balment
32128EngMarlene Skinner32111EngSree Sukumar
33111EngSree Sukumar33110EngLinda Moir
34155EngKevin Synnott34105EngTed Anscomb
35165EngBob Violett35104EngKenneth Lovell
36140ScoTom Wilson360EngKhadeeja Mohamed
37176EngWayne Kelly370EngBobbie Penn

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