Welcome to UK Open Scrabble.

We are proud to announce these six tournaments held throughout the year at Quality Hotels, Coventry.

First up is the UK Open. This prestigious big prize money event includes 2 tournaments. The well attended event attracts players from across the globe and is WESPA internationally rated. 2014 will see the 7th UK Open.

In late March we have the Coventry Double, a high octane weekend event with promotion and relegation. This tournament comprises round robin divisions of 12 each day played to 20 minutes. After day one the top four move up a division and the bottom four drop down. At 22 games for around £100 the Coventry Double offers incredible value. The first Coventry Triple takes place just two days after the Coventry Double, three round robins of 10 players - play in both for a great Scrabble feast.

Late May sees the English Grand held in Coventry. The 30 game event is held from Friday to Monday and includes a projected prize fund of over £1000 per division. With each division of 16 played in a double round robin format and six prizes including £500 for first this tournament ensures everyone has a great chance of going home happy.

The English Open kicks off in mid-July. A 3 day event with 21 rounds and top prizes of £2000 for the open division and £1000 for each of the round robins.

In early October we have the Cock of the North. Another 3 day event featuring triple round robins.

Things are are rounded out with the second Coventry Triple of the year, an event held just two days after the Cock of the North - why not play in both? The Triple offers daily round robins of 10 players with promotion and relegation.

Whichever events you enter we wish you the best of luck and happy Scrabbling!

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