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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

aggada the homiletic part of the Jewish scripture > AGGADOT or AGGADAS.
aggadah the homiletic part of the Jewish scripture > AGGADOTH or AGGADAHS.
aggadic relating to the AGGADAH.
agraphon a saying of Jesus not found in the canonical gospels > AGRAPHA.
antilegomena books of the New Testament not part of early Christian Bible.
beadroll a list of the dead to be prayed for.
bible an authoritative publication.
biblical relating to the bible > BIBLICALLY.
biblicism learning or literature relating to the Bible.
breviary a book containing daily church services.
bull a proclamation by the Pope.
bulla a round seal attached to a papal bull > BULLAE.
bullary a collection of papal bulls.
catena a chain or connected series of things, esp. of the patristic comments on Scripture > CATENAS or CATENAE.
chumash a printed book containing one of the Five Books of Moses > CHUMASHES or CHUMASHIM.
decalog decalogue the Ten Commandments.
diurnal recurring every day; having a daily cycle > DIURNALLY; (noun) a service book containing the day hours > DIURNALS.
evangel good news; announcement of glad tidings; especially, the gospel, or a gospel.
evangeliar evangeliarion evangeliarium evangeliary evangelarium a book of passages from the Gospels to be used at Mass or other services.
evangely the Gospel.
farse an explanation of the Latin epistle in the vernacular; (verb) to extend by interpolation.
festilogy festology a treatise on ecclesiastical festivals.
filioque a clause in the Nicene Creed.
gohonzon a Buddhist paper scroll to which devotional chanting is directed.
gospel a narrative of the life of Christ, esp one of those included in the New Testament; (verb)to instruct in the gospel > GOSPELS, GOSPELLING, GOSPELLED.
hadith a record of Muslim sayings, second in authority to the Koran.
haftara in Judaism, a Biblical selection > HAFTARAS, HAFTAROT, HAFTAROTH.
haftarah in Judaism, a Biblical selection > HAFTARAHS, HAFTAROT, HAFTAROTH.
haftorah in Judaism, a Biblical selection > HAFTORAHS, HAFTOROT, HAFTOROTH, HAFTOROS or HAFTAROS
hagadic haggadic haggadical haggadistic relating to the HAGGADAH.
haggada the homiletic part of the Jewish scripture > HAGGADAS, HAGGADOT or HAGGADOTH.
haggadah the homiletic part of the Jewish scripture > HAGGADAHS, HAGGADOT or HAGGADOTH.
halacha the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition > HALACHOT, HALACHAS or HALACHOTH.
halachic relating to HALACHA, the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition. Also HALAKHIC.
halakah the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition > HALAKAHS.
halakha the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition > HALAKHAS.
halakhah the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition > HALAKHAHS or HALAKHOTH.
halakhic relating to HALACHA, the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition.
halakic pertaining to the HALAKHA, the legal component of the Jewish oral tradition.
haphtara in Judaism, a Biblical selection > HAPHTARAS, HAPHTAROT, HAPHTAROTH.
haphtarah in Judaism, a Biblical selection > HAPHTARAHS.
hexapla a book of six (especially Biblical) parallel texts > HEXAPLAS. [Gk. hexapla, sixfold]. Cf. OCTAPLA.
hexaplar hexaplaric relating to a HEXAPLA, an edition of the bible in six languages.
hymnal hymnary hymnbook a book of hymns.
jataka the birth-story of Buddha.
lectionary a book, or a list, of lections, for reading in divine service.
logion one of the sayings of Jesus not recorded in the Gospels > LOGIA or LOGIONS.
machzor a Hebrew holiday-ritual prayer book > MACHZORIM or MACHZORS.
maftir the concluding section of a PARASHAH, a passage in Jewish literature.
mahzor a Hebrew holiday-ritual prayer book > MAHZORIM or MAHZORS.
megilla in Judaism, a scroll containing a book of the Old Testament > MEGILLAS.
megillah in Judaism, a scroll containing a book of the Old Testament; (fig.) a long tedious account > MEGILLAHS, MEGILLOTH. [Hebrew megillah, scroll or volume].
midrash the segment of the rabbinic oral tradition that interprets or expounds the Bible > MIDRASHIM, MIDRASHOTH or MIDRASHOT.
midrashic relating to the MIDRASH, the segment of the rabbinic oral tradition that interprets or expounds the Bible.
missal a book containing a complete service for mass.
musar rabbinic literature concerned with ethics, right conduct etc.
ordinal indicating order of sequence > ORDINALLY; (noun) a book containing religious rites, especially for ordination.
ordo an annual religious calendar with instructions for Mass and office for each day > ORDINES or ORDOS.
pacificae letters recommending the bearer as being at peace with the Church, aka letters pacifical.
panegyricon a collection of sermons for Orthodox church festivals > PANEGYRICA.
parashah a passage in Jewish literature > PARASHOTH, PARASHIOTH, PARASHAHS or PARASHOT.
passionary a book in which are described the sufferings of saints and martyrs.
pentateuchal relating to the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament.
portas porteous portess portesse porthors porthos porthouse portous a portable BREVIARY.
preexilic before the exile, used of Old Testament writings prior to the Jewish exile.
psalmbook a book of psalms.
purana any one of a class of sacred books of Hindu mythology, cosmology, etc, written in Sanskrit.
puranic pertaining to the PURANAS, the Hindu sacred books.
rubric a passage in book printed in red or other distinctive type, especially such direction in service book.
rubricate to write, print, or mark in red; formerly, to enter (a name) in red letters in a calendar of saints.
sastra any of the sacred writings of Hinduism.
scriptural relating to scripture > SCRIPTURALLY.
scripturalistscripturist a person who adheres to the letter of Scripture; a person who studies Scripture.
scripture a biblical writing.
scripturism adherence to the scriptures.
sefer any book of Hebrew religious literature > SIFREI.
sharia shariah shariat sheria sheriat the body of Islamic law.
shaster shastra any of the sacred writings of Hinduism.
sheria see SHARIA.
sheriat see SHARIA.
siddur a Jewish prayer book containing prayers and other information relevant to the daily liturgy > SIDDURIM or SIDDURS.
smriti a class of Hindu sacred literature > SMRITIS. [Skr.'what is remembered'].
sunna sunnah a collection of traditions received by orthodox Muslims as of equal authority with the Koran.
sura surah a chapter of the Koran.
synaxarion a lection containing an account of a saint's life > SYNAXARIA.
talmud the body of the Jewish civil and canonical law not comprised in the Pentateuch.
talmudic relating to the TALMUD.
tantra Hindu or Buddhist religious writings concerned with mysticism and magic.
tora torah the Mosaic book of the law, the Pentateuch; a scroll containing this. The pl. of TORAH is TORAHS, TOROT or TOROTH.
tripitaka the whole body of the northern Buddhist canonical writings. [Pali, 'three baskets'].
unbiblical contrary to or unsanctioned by the Bible.

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