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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

afresh again
again agen agin once more.
algate algates always; wholly; everywhere.
alway always at every time.
ance once.
anew afresh, again.
annual happening every year > ANNUALLY; (noun) a plant that flowers for one year only.
biannual taking place twice a year > BIANNUALLY; (noun) something appearing, occurring, etc., twice a year.
biennial taking place every two years > BIENNIALLY; (noun) something appearing, occurring, etc., every two years.
biennium a period of two years > BIENNIA or BIENNIUMS.
bihourly taking place every two hours.
bimensal occurring every two months.
bimestrial occurring every two months; lasting for two months.
bimestrially in a bimestrial fashion.
bimillennial recurring every two thousand years.
bimonthly a periodical that comes every other month.
biquarterly happening every second quarter.
biweekly a periodical that comes every other week.
biyearly every two years.
centennial recurring every hundred years > CENTENNIALLY; lasting a hundred years; (noun) a hundredth anniversary.
circadian occurring every 24 hours.
dailiness dailyness the quality of being DAILY.
daily taking place every day.
decennial happening every ten years > DECENNIALLY.
diarial diarian pertaining to a diary; daily.
duodecennial recurring twelve years.
everyday taking place every day.
everywhen on every occasion.
fortnightly taking place once a fortnight.
frequent often > FREQUENTLY.
frequentness the state of being FREQUENT.
hebdomadal occurring once every seven days; weekly > HEBDOMADALLY.
hourly taking place every hour.
ilkaday ilkadays every day, every day but Sunday.
infrequent not frequent > INFREQUENTLY.
mensal monthly.
monthly occurring every month; (noun) a monthly periodical > MONTHLIES.
nightly taking place every night.
novennial recurring every ninth year. N.B. no NOVENNIALLY*.
octennial recurring every eighth year > OCTENNIALLY.
oft often > OFTER, OFTEST.
often happening many times > OFTENER, OFTENEST.
oftenness frequency.
oftentimes often, repeatedly.
ofttimes often.
once one time.
onst once.
periodic happening at set intervals.
quarterly occurring every quarter (three months); (noun) a periodical appearing once every three months > QUARTERLIES.
quinquennial occurring every fifth year > QUINQUENNIALLY.
seldom not often > SELDOMLY.
semestral half-yearly.
semimonthly (something) issued or happening twice a month.
semiweekly (something) issued or happening twice a week.
semiyearly issued or happening twice a year.
semper (Lat.) always.
sexennial happening once in six year > SEXENNIALLY.
sometimes happening from time to time.
somewhiles sometimes.
sporadic at irregular intervals.
statedly at stated times; regularly.
triennial happening every third year, or continuing for three years > TRIENNIALLY; (noun) a period of three years > TRIENNIALS.
trieteric occurring in alternate years.
trimonthly every three months.
triweekly occurring or appearing three times a week.
unoften not often.
unseldom not seldom.
vicennial occurring every twenty years. N.B. no VICENNIALLY.
weekly happening every week.
whenever at every time when.
yearly occurring every year; (noun) a publication appearing once a year.
yince (Scots) once.

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