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Now updated for CSW15. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

abortuary an anti-abortion term for an abortion clinic.
asylum a place of refuge; a hospital for the insane > ASYLA or ASYLUMS.
bedlam a lunatic asylum. [From the Bethlehem, a hospital for the insane, in London, corrupted into bedlam].
biobank any large store of human biological samples for research into the genetic and environmental causes of diseases.
bughouse an insane asylum.
cemetery a burial ground.
clinic an institution, or a department of one, or a group of doctors, for treating patients.
clinical relating to a clinic > CLINICALLY.
clinicalness the state of being CLINICAL.
clinique a clinic.
crem a crematorium.
crematorial relating to a CREMATORIUM.
crematorium a place where bodies are cremated > CREMATORIA or CREMATORIUMS.
crematory a crematorium.
cryobank a place for storing genetic material at low temperature.
daybed a bed in a hospital for patients coming in for the day.
dayroom a room in a hospital for patients' use during the day.
deadhouse a mortuary.
dispensary a place where medicines are dispensed.
emerg the section of a hospital that deals with emergencies.
eyebank a storage place for corneal grafts.
hospice a shelter esp for the terminally ill.
hospital a medical institution.
infirmary a hospital or place for the treatment of the sick.
lazaret lazarette lazaretto a hospital treating infectious diseases.
leprosarium a hospital for lepers > LEPROSARIUM or LEPROSARIA.
leproserie leprosery a hospital for lepers.
madhouse a lunatic asylum.
morgue a place where dead bodies are laid out .
mortuary a place where dead bodies are kept until burial.
nonclinical not CLINICAL.
nonhospital not linked to a HOSPITAL.
nosocomial of or relating to a hospital, e.g. a nosocomial infection is one picked up in hospital.
nuthouse a lunatic asylum.
ozzie (coll.) a hospital.
pesthouse a house or hospital for persons who are infected with any pestilential disease.
polyclinic a clinic in which diseases of many sorts are treated; especially, an institution in which clinical instruction is given in all kinds of disease.
rathouse a psychiatric hospital or asylum.
resus (short for) resuscitation room > RESUSES or RESUSSES.
sanatorium a hospital, esp for tuberculosis > SANATORIUMS or SANATORIA.
sanitarium a hospital, esp for tuberculosis > SANITARIA or SANITARIUMS.
sanitorium a hospital, esp for tuberculosis > SANITORIUMS or SANITORIA.
sickbay a ship's hospital.
sickbed a sick person's bed.
spital spittle a hospital, esp. for foul diseases.
surgery a doctor's or dentist's consulting room.

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