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AAHto express surprise
AALan Indian shrub
AASplural of AA
ABAan outer garment worn by Arab women
ABBa textile yarn
ABOan aboriginal
ABSplural of AB
ABYto pay as a penalty (also ABYE; pa.t. ABID)
ACE(to play) a winning serve in tennis
ACHScots. interj. expressing regret or impatience (also OCH)
ACTto do in a specified way
ADDto make an addition
ADObustle or fuss
ADSplural of AD
ADZAmer. form of adze, a cutting tool
AFTbehind; near the stern of a vessel, etc.
AGAa Turkish commander
AGEto grow old (pr.p. also AGEING)
AGOpast; since
AHAinterj. expressing exultation or pleasure
AHSplural of AH
AIAan Indian nurse-maid
AIDto help or assist
AILto be indisposed; a trouble
AIMto point or direct
AINa Hebrew letter
AIRthe mixture of gases breathed by people and animals; to make known publicly
AISthe plural of AI
AITa small island
AKEan old spelling of ache
ALAan outgrowth on a fruit
ALBa priest's long, white vestment
ALEa kind of beer
ALLthe whole; everything and everybody
ALPa mountain
ALSplural of AL; obsolete form of ALSO
ALTa high tone
AMAa maid (also AMAH)
AMIa friend (Fr.)
AMPshort for ampere or amplifier
AMUa unit of mass
ANAin equal quantities (in recipes)
ANDthe symbol ampersand; something added
ANEScots for one
ANIa tropical American bird
ANNa payment to a parish minister's widow
ANTpa.t. (of ante) ANTED; n. ANTING
ANYsome; whichever, no matter which
APEa monkey; to imitate
APTobs. word for to adapt
ARBa short form of arbitrageur, a stocks and shares shyster
ARCto form an arc (pa.t. ARCED, ARCKED)
ARDa primitive plough
AREa unit of metric land measure
ARFa barking sound
ARKto place in an ark
ARMa limb; a weapon; to provide with weapons
ARSplural of AR
ARTthe creation of works of beauty; a human skill
ARYdial. for any
ASHto convert something into ash
ASKto request, inquire or invite; dialect word for a newt
ASPa venomous snake
ASSa long haired animal like a small horse; a stupid person
ATEreckless ambition that drives one to ruin
ATTa Laotian monetary unit (pl. ATT)
AUFan elf's child
AUKa type of sea-bird
AVAan aromatic plant of the pepper family (also KAVA)
AVEa recitation of the prayer to the Virgin Mary
AVOa monetary unit of Macao
AWAScots. for away
AWEto strike with awe (pr.p. also AWEING)
AWLa pointed tool for boring
AWNto shelter with an awning
AXEa tool for chopping; to chop or cut down
AYEever; yes
AYSthe plural of AY
AYUa small fish
AZOcontaining nitrogen
BAAto bleat as a sheep
BAD something that is evil
BAGa receptacle for containing something
BAHinterj. expressing disgust or contempt
BALa balmoral shrub
BAMto hoax or cheat (n. BAMMER)
BANa prohibition; to forbid or prohibit
BAPa large, flat breakfast roll
BARto obstruct or prevent
BASplural of BA
BATa flying mammal; an implement for striking a ball; to strike with a bat
BAYto bark or howl
BEDa place to sleep on; to put a bed
BEEan insect that makes honey; the letter 'B'
BEGto ask for
BELa measure of noise
BENa mountain
BETto wager (pa.t. also BETTED)
BEYa Turkish governor
BEZthe second tine of a deer's horn
BIBto tipple
BIDan offer; to make an offer
BIGScots. word for build
BINto place into a bin
BIOa short form of biography
BISplural of BI; twice
BITto curb or restrain
BIZslang for business
BOAa large constricting snake
BOBto move quickly up and down
BODa person
BOGa marsh; to sink
BOHan exclamation used to startle someone
BOKa goat or antelope
BONgood (Fr.)
BOOa sound expressing disapproval or contempt; to make such a sound
BOPto dance to pop music (n. BOPPER)
BOREast Anglian form of address meaning neighbour
BOSplural of BO
BOTto cadge
BOWa bending of neck or body in greeting; to bend or incline downwards
BOXto put into a box; to strike with the hand or fists
BOYto play (a female part) as a boy
BRAshort form of brassiere
BROa place for which one feels a strong affinity
BRRinterj. to indicate cold (also BRRR)
BUBcolloq. for baby
BUDto produce buds
BUGto annoy
BUMa tramp or sponger
BUNa kind of sweet roll or cake
BURto whisper hoarsely (n. BURRER)
BUSto travel by bus (pa.t. BUSED)
BUTto put forward as an objection
BUYto purchase; something purchased
BYEa pass to the next round (of a competition, etc.)
BYSplural of BY
CABto travel by taxi
CADa dishonourable man
CAMto whiten with camstone
CANa container of tin-plate; to store in such a container
CAPto put a cap on something
CARa self-propelled wheeled vehicle
CATto vomit
CAWto cry as a crow (also KAW)
CAYa low islet
CEEthe letter 'C'
CELa short form of celluloid
CEPa kind of edible mushroom
CHEdial. form of I, used by Shakespeare
CHIfeminine of chal, a fellow or person (also KHI)
CIDa chief, captain or hero
CIGshort for cigarette
CIShaving certain atoms on the same side of the molecule
CITcontemptuous term for one who is not a gentleman
CLYto seize or steal
COBto strike
CODto hoax or make fun of (n. CODDER)
COGto furnish with cogs
COLa pass in a mountain range
CONa trick or swindle; to trick, or persuade by dishonest means
COOto make a sound like a dove
COPto capture
CORa Hebrew measure
COSa crisp, long-leaved lettuce
COTa small bed for a young child
COWto subdue
COYto caress
COZshort for cousin (also CUZ)
CRUa vineyard (Fr.)
CRYto utter a sound of pain or grief
CUBto produce cubs
CUDfood chewed again by a ruminating animal
CUEto give a cue as a signal (pr.p. CUING, CUEING)
CUMwith the addition of
CUPto form into a cup shape
CURa worthless mongrel dog
CUTto make an incision in; to reduce
CUZsame as COZ, above (pl. CUZZES)
CWMa Welsh word for valley
DABto touch or press gently; an expert
DADto thump
DAEa Scots form of do (pa.t. DID, pr.p. DAEING)
DAGto cut the dags off sheep
DAHsame as DA (a Burmese knife)
DAKin India, the mail or post
DALa kind of Indian edible pea
DAMto restrain water with an embankment or bank
DANa level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports
DAPto dip bait gently into the water when fishing (also DIB; n. DAPPER)
DASplural of DA
DAWto dawn
DAYthe time when it is light
DEBcolloq. form of debutante
DEEa substitute for damn
DEFexcellent, brilliant
DEIthe plural of DEUS (Latin for god)
DELa mathematical symbol
DENto retire to a den
DEVa hindu god (also DEVA)
DEWto moisten as with dew
DEXa sulfate used as a stimulant
DEYformerly, the pasha of Algiers
DIBsame as DAP, above (n. DIBBER)
DIDpast tense of DO
DIEto cut or shape with a die (pr.p. DIEING)
DIGto excavate (pa.t. also DIGGED)
DIMnot bright; to make dim
DINto make a loud noise
DIPto immerse briefly; to lower
DISto dismiss, put down
DITnamed or reputed (Fr.); Scots word meaning to block
DIVan evil spirit of Persian mythology
DOBto inform on or betray
DOCcontraction of doctor
DODto cut the hair of
DOEthe female of a deer, rabbit and some other animals
DOGto follow like a dog
DOHa musical note
DOLa unit of pain intensity
DOMa title given to certain monks
DONa university lecturer, etc.; to put on (clothes, etc.)
DOOScots word for dove or pigeon
DOPobs. word for dip (n. DOPPER)
DORto mock
DOSplural of DO, a musical note
DOTa very small spot; to make such a spot
DOWto be able
DRYa prohibitionist (pl. DRYS)
DSOsame as ZO, DZO, ZHO, DZHO (a Himalayan ox)
DUBto add sound effects, etc., to; Scots word for a puddle
DUDsomething or someone ineffectual
DUEShak. word for endue (pr.p. DUING)
DUGthe teat or udder of a female mammal
DUIa plural of duo
DUNto press for payment
DUOtwo people considered a pair for a specific reason
DUPto undo
DUXa leader
DYEto stain; a colour produced by dyeing
DZOsame as ZO, ZHO (a cross between a yak and a cow)
EANto give birth to (Shakespearean)
EARto produce corn ears
EASplural of EA
EATto consume by mouth
EAUwater (Fr.)
EBBto move back from the land (of the tide)
ECHShak. for eke out (also ICH)
ECUa European unit of currency
EDHa letter used in old English (also ETH)
EEKinterj. expressing fright
EELa long, smooth, cylindrical fish
EENthe plural of EE (Scots. for eye)
EFFa euphemism for fuck
EFSplural of EF
EFTa newt
EGGan oval or round body from which young are hatched; to add eggs to (in cooking, etc.)
EGOThe "I" or self
EHSplural or verb form of EH
EIKScots. for eke
EKEto add; an addition
ELDold word for age or old age
ELFShak. word meaning to entangle hair
ELKa kind of large deer
ELLa measure of length
ELMa tree with serrated leaves
ELSplural of EL
ELTa young sow
EMEobs. word for uncle
EMFelectromotive force
EMSplural of EM
EMUa flightless, fast-running bird
ENDto finish or close
ENEpoetic for even
ENGa phonetic symbol
ENSplural of EN
EONsame as AEON, an eternity
ERAa series of years; an age
EREobs. for plough
ERFa South African garden plot (pl. ERVEN)
ERGa unit of work
ERKa slang word for aircraftsman
ERNan old spelling of earn
ERRto make a mistake
ERSplural of ER; the bitter vetch
ESSsame as ES (the letter 'S')
ESTa programme designed to develop human potential (Erhard Seminars Training)
ETAa letter of the Greek alphabet
ETHsame as EDH, above
EUKto itch (also EWK, YUKE, YOUK, YUCK)
EVEpoetic word for EVENING
EWEa female sheep
EWKsame as EUK, above
EWTan old form of newt, a tailed amphibious animal
EYEto look at carefully (pr.p. EYING, EYEING)
FADa craze
FAGa cigarette; drudgery; to work, or be worked, hard
FAHsame as FA (a musical note)
FANa instrument used for cooling; to cool, as with a fan
FAPfuddled or drunk
FARto remove to a distance
FASplural of FA
FATto make or grow fat
FAWa gypsy
FAXto send messages via a machine that scans electronically
FAYto clean out (also FEY)
FED U.S. slang for federal agent
FEEto pay a fee to
FEHa pe, or peh (a Hebrew coin)
FEMa passive homosexual
FENlow marshy land
FETobs. for fetch
FEUto grant or hold land in feu land tenure
FEWnot many
FEYsame as FAY (to clean out)
FEZa red brimless cap of wool or felt
FIBa little lie; to tell such a lie
FIDa conical pin of hard wood
FIEan old interj. expressing disapproval
FIGto make an insulting gesture at
FILthe shaft of a vehicle
FINto equip with fins
FIRa kind of conifer
FIThealthy, suitable; to make suitable
FIXto make firm, to arrange; a difficulty; something fraudulently arranged
FIZ(verb) to make a hissing or sputtering sound (also FIZZ)
FLUa short form of influenza
FLYto a hit a ball high into the air in baseball (pa.t. FLIED)
FOBa small watch pocket; obsolete word meaning to pocket
FOEan enemy
FOGto be affected by fog
FOHan interjection expressing disgust or contempt (also PHO)
FONto compel
FOPto deceive
FORin the place of; in favour of; towards
FOUa bushel
FOXto act cunningly, to cheat
FOYallegiance, loyalty
FRAItalian for brother
FROobs. form of from
FRYto cook in oil or fat
FUBto put off
FUDa rabbit or hare's tail
FUGa very hot, close atmosphere; to cause a fug in
FUMa fabulous Chinese bird (also FUNG)
FUNto play, frolic
FURto cover or coat with fur
GABto chatter; idle talk
GADto wander about idly; a miner's chisel
GAEScots word for GO (verb)
GAGto silence; something that gags the mouth
GALa girl
GAMa school of whales; to join up in a gam
GANa past tense of gin, to begin
GAPto make a gap in
GARScots word meaning to complel; a garfish
GASto poison with gas (pa.t. GASSED; pl. also GASES)
GATa pistol
GAUa German political district of the Nazi regime
GAYa homosexual
GEDa food fish
GEEof horses, to move on
GELto form a gelatinous substance
GEMto adorn with gems
GENgeneral information
GEOsame as GIO, GOE (a gully or creek)
GETto obtain; a stupid person
GHIclarified butter (also GHEE)
GIBto fasten with a gib, a wedge-shaped piece of metal
GIDa sheep disease
GIEScots. for give (pr.p. GIEING)
GIFarch. form of if
GIGto play a gig
GINto process cotton
GIOa gully or creek (also GOE, GEO)
GIPto swindle (also GYP; n. GIPPER)
GISplural of gi: karate costume
GITa stupid person
GJUsame as GUE (a type of violin formerly used in Shetland)
GNUan African antelope
GOAa Tibetan gazelle
GOBto spit
GODto deify
GOEsame as GIO, above
GONa geometrical grade
GOOa sticky substance
GORinterj. used as a mild oath
GOSplural of GO
GOTpast tense of GET
GOVshort form of governor (also GUV)
GOXgaseous oxygen
GOYa Gentile
GUBa white man
GUEsame as GU (a violin formerly used in Shetland)
GULa design in oriental carpets
GUMto smear or coat with gum
GUNa weapon for discharging explosive projectiles; to discharge such projectiles
GUPgossip, prattle
GURan unrefined, sweet cane sugar
GUSplural of GU
GUTthe intestine; to take the guts out of (a fish, etc.)
GUVsame as GUV, above
GUYto make fun of
GYMa short form of gymnasium
GYPsame as GIP (to swindle; n. GYPPER)
HADScots. form of hold (pa.t. HAD)
HAEScots. form of have (pr.p. HAEING)
HAGScots. word for hack or hew
HAHa sound of surprise
HAJa Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca
HAMsalted and smoked fish from the leg of a pig; a bad actor; to overact, exaggerate
HANSpens. plural of have
HAOa monetary unit of Vietnam (pl. HAO)
HAPto happen by chance
HASpresent tense of HAVE
HATto provide with a hat
HAWto make indecisive noises
HAYto make hay
HEHa Hebrew letter
HEMan edge or border; to form a hem on
HENto challenge to a daring act (n. HENNER)
HEPa rosehip
HERpronoun representing a female person or thing
HESplural of HE
HETslang word for heterosexual
HEWto cut with blows
HEXto bring misfortune
HEYto dance a hey, a winding country dance
HICinterj. representing a hiccup
HIDpast tense of HIDE
HIEto hurry along (also HYE; pr.p. HYING, HIEING)
HIMpronoun representing a male person or thing
HINa Hebrew liquid measure
HIPto carry on the hip
HISof or belonging to a male person or thing
HITto strike; an act of striking
HMMsame as HM (interj. expressing thoughtful consideration)
HOAto stop
HOBto furnish with hobnails
HOCLatin word for this
HODto bob or jog
HOEa tool for loosening the earth; to use a hoe
HOGa kind of pig; to use selfishly
HOHsame as HO (to stop)
HOIinterj. used to attract attention
HONshort for honey, as a term of endearment
HOOShak. interj. expressing boisterous emotion
HOPto leap on one leg
HOSplural of HO
HOTvery warm; to heat
HOWa manner or means
HOX(verb) Shak. for hock or hamstring
HOYto incite
HUBthe centre of a wheel
HUEa colour or tint
HUGto embrace
HUHinterj. expressing non-understanding
HUIa Maori gathering
HUMto make a sound like bees
HUNa barbarous and destructive person
HUPto turn a horse to the right
HUTto settle in a hut
HYEsame as HIE, above (pr.p. HYEING)
HYPto offend
ICEfrozen water; to cool with ice
ICHsame as ECH, above
ICKinterj. used to express disgust
ICYcovered with ice; frosty
IDEa type of fish
IDSplural of ID
IFF'if and only if' as used in logic
IFSplural of IF
ILKa type or kind
ILLunwell; harm, misfortune
IMPto engraft (a hawk) with new feathers
INKa coloured liquid used in writing; to colour with ink
INNto put up at an inn
INSplural of IN
IONan electrically charged particle
IOSplural of IO
IREto anger
IRKto annoy or weary
ISHlegal word meaning issue or expiry
ISMany distinctive theory or fad
ISOshort for isolated replay, a TV and film facility
ITAthe miriti palm
ITSof or belonging to something
IVYa climbing evergreen plant
JABto poke or stab
JAGa sharp projection; to pierce
JAKan East Indian tree
JAMa conserve made with fruit and sugar; to block up
JAP(verb) short form of japan, to apply a black lacquer to
JARa wide-mouthed container; to put in jars
JAWto chatter at length
JAYa bird of the crow family
JEE(verb) of horses, to urge on (also GEE)
JETa stream of liquid; a jetplane
JEUa game (pl. JEUX)
JEW(verb) to cheat or get the better of
JIBto show objection
JIGa lively dance; to dance a jig; to jump up and down
JINa supernatural being in Muslim mythology
JIZa wig (also GIZZ; pl. JIZZES)
JOBto work at jobs
JOEsame as JO (a Scottish sweetheart)
JOGto run at a slow, steady pace
JORthe second movement of a raga
JOTa little bit; to note down
JOW(verb) to toll a bell
JOYobs. for rejoice
JUDa mass of coal
JUGto stew in a closed pottery jar
JUNa coin of North Korea
JUSa Latin word for a law or legal right
JUTto project
KABan ancient Hebrew unit of measure
KAEto serve (pr.p. KAEING)
KAFa Hebrew letter (also KAPH)
KAIin New Zealand, a meal
KAMawry, twisted, distorted
KASplural of KA
KATsame as QAT, KHAT (an East African shrub)
KAWsame as CAW, above
KAYthe letter 'K'
KEAa large New Zealand parrot
KEBto give birth to a stillborn lamb
KEDa wingless fly that infests sheep
KEFa drug that produces a dreamy repose (also KIF)
KEGa small cask
KENto know (n. KENNER)
KEPto catch
KETScots word for carrion, rotting flesh
KEXa dry stalk
KEYan instrument for locking; to enter (data) into a computer.
KHIsame as CHI, Greek letter
KIDa young goat; a child; to hoax or deceive
KIFsame as KEF, above
KINone's relations
KIPa nap; to have a nap or sleep
KIRa wine and blackcurrant drink
KITto outfit, provide with equipment
KOAa Hawaiian acacia
KOBan African waterbuck
KOIa large Japanese carp (pl. KOI)
KONSpens. for know (pa.t. KOND)
KOPa South African word for hill
KORa Hebrew unit of measure
KOSan Indian measure of distance (also COSS)
KOWa bunch of twigs
KUEthe letter Q
KYEsame as KY (cows, cattle)
KYUa novice grade in judo
LABa short form of laboratory
LACa dark-red resin
LADa boy or youth
LAGa delay; insulating material; to fall behind; to cover (e.g. pipes) with insulating material
LAHsame as LA (a musical note)
LAMto beat (n. LAMMER)
LAPa circuit of a race track; to scoop up with the tongue
LARthe god relating to a house
LASplural of LA
LATshort form of latrine
LAVshort form of lavatory
LAWobs. word for to take to court
LAXa kind of salmon
LAYto deposit as a wager (pa.t. also LAYED)
LEAa meadow or pasture
LEDpast tense of lead
LEEScots. for tell a lie
LEGa limb for walking and standing; to walk briskly
LEIa garland or wreath
LEKto gather and display cocks at a lek
LEPdial. for leap
LESsame as LEZ (short form of lesbian)
LETto hinder (pa.t. LETTED)
LEUa unit of Romanian currency (pl. LEU)
LEVa unit of Bulgarian currency (also LEW; pl. LEVA)
LEWsame as LEV, above
LEXa Latin word for law
LEYsame as LEA (a meadow)
LEZsame as LES (a short form of lesbian)
LIBto geld
LIDto provide with a lid
LIEa false statement; to tell a lie; to be in a horizontal position
LIGto lie about, idle (n. LIGGER)
LINto cease
LIPto touch with the lips
LISa fleur-de-lis
LITthe litas (monetary unit of Lithuania)
LOBa ball hit (in tennis) or thrown (in cricket) in a specific way; to hit or throw a ball in this way
LODa statistic relating to the odds of an event
LOGto enter into a record
LOOto subject to a forfeit at loo, a card game
LOPto cut off unnecessary parts
LORcolloq. for lord, interj. expressing surprise
LOTto allot
LOWto make the noise of cattle
LOX(verb) to supply with lox, liquid oxygen
LOYa long, narrow spade
LUDan old form of lord
LUGto pull or drag with difficulty; dialect word for EAR
LUMa chimney (Scots)
LURa Bronze Age trumpet
LUVlove, as a term of endearment
LUXa unit of illumination
LUZa supposedly indestructible bone (pl. LUZZES)
LYEa short branch of a railway
LYMShak. for lyam, or leash
MAAto bleat as a goat
MACa short form of mackintosh
MADto drive mad
MAGto tease or chatter
MAKsame as make
MALpain, sickness (Fr.)
MAMdial. for mother
MANan adult human male; to provide with a (human) operator
MAPa diagram of the surface of the earth, etc.; to make a map of
MARto spoil or damage
MASplural of MA
MATto entangle
MAWto mow
MAXobs. for gin, the drink
MAYto gather may blossom
MEGa halfpenny
MEMa Hebrew letter
MENplural of MAN
MESplural of ME
METa short form of meteorology
MEUthe spignel plant
MEW(of a cat) to make a high pitched cry
MHOa unit of electrical inductance
MIBa type of playing marble (also MIG)
MIDshort for midshipman; the middle
MIGsame as MIB, above
MILa unit of wire measurement
MIMprim and proper
MIRa Muslim ruler
MISplural of MI
MIXto mingle; a mixture
MIZshort form of miserable, misery (pl. MIZZES)
MNAa Greek unit of weight or money (also MINA)
MOAa gigantic extinct bird
MOBa disorderly crowd; to form into a mob
MOCa moccasin
MODa Highland Gaelic festival
MOEa wry face
MOGto move away
MOIFrench form of me, facetiously used in English
MOLa mole
MOMAmer. colloq. for mother
MONa Japanese family badge or crest
MOO(of cattle) to low; a cow's low
MOPa sponge, etc., on a stick; to clean with a mop
MORa layer of humus
MOSplural of MO
MOTa word (Fr.)
MOUa mouth (Scots)
MOWto cut the grass on; a pile of hay
MOYa coin or a measure
MOZa type of curse
MUDto bury or hide in mud
MUGa cup with vertical sides; to attack from behind
MUMto act in a mime
MUNdial. for man
MUSplural of MU
MUTalternative spelling of MUTT
MUX(verb) to spoil, botch
NABto seize; a hilltop
NAEScots. form of no, certainly not
NAGa small horse; to worry or annoy constantly
NAHcolloq. for no
NAMdistraint (also NAAM)
NANslightly leavened bread (also NAAN)
NAPto take a short sleep
NASform of obsolete NE HAS, has not and NE WAS, was not
NATcolloq. form of nationalism
NAWcolloq. for no
NAYa denial
NEBto put a bill on
NEDa young hooligan
NEE(of a woman) born
NEFa church nave
NEKa col, a pass in a mountain range (S. Afr.)
NEPdial. for catmint, a plant attractive to cats
NETan open material, formed into meshes; to catch (fish) in a net
NEWobs. for to renew
NIBto provide with a nib
NIDa pheasant's nest or brood
NIEsame as NYE (an old spelling of nigh ; pr.p. NYING)
NIMto take or steal
NIPa small quantity of spirits; to pinch
NISa brownie or goblin in Scandinavian folklore (pl. NISSES)
NITa young louse; a fool
NIX(verb) to veto or cancel
NOBa person of high social rank
NODto move the head forward in assent or greeting
NOGto fix with a nog, a wooden peg
NOHa traditional style of Japanese drama
NOMname (Fr.)
NONLatin word for not
NORand not; neither
NOSplural of NO
NOTword expressing denial, negation or refusal
NOWthe present time
NOXnitrogen oxide
NOYSpens. for annoy
NTHimplying a large number
NUBto hang
NUNa female member of a religious order
NURa knot on a tree (also KNUR)
NUSplural of NU
NUTan edible seed in a hard shell; to look for and gather nuts
NYEobs. spelling of nigh (also NIE; pr.p. NYING)
NYSSpens. for "not is" or "is not"
OAFa lout; an idiot
OAKa kind of tree; its wood
OARto row a boat
OATa kind of grass, the seeds of which are used as food
OBAin West Africa, a chief or ruler
OBEa form of sorcery of African origin
OBIto bewitch (pr.p. OBIING)
OBOa vessel for carrying oil and bulk ore
OBSplural of OB
OCAa South American wood-sorrel
OCHsame as ACH, above
ODAa room in a harem
ODDstrange; unpaired, left over; in golf, an additional or allowed stroke
ODEan elaborate lyric addressed to someone or something
ODSplural of OD
OESplural of OE
OFFto go off
OFTpoetic for often
OHMa unit of electrical resistance
OHOan expression of triumph or surprise
OHSpresent tense verb form of OH
OIKan inferior person
OILa greasy, flammable liquid; to smear or lubricate with oil
OKAa Turkish unit of weight
OKEalso a Turkish unit of weight...
OLDan individual of a specified age
OLEa shout of approval
OLMa blind salamander
OMSplural of OM
ONEsingle; undivided; only; an individual thing or person; the number or figure 1
ONSplural of ON
OOFslang word for money
OOHto express pleasure or surprise with 'ooh'
OOMuncle (S. Afr.)
OONScots for oven
OOPto bind with thread, join (also OUP)
OORScots. for our
OOSplural of OO
OOTan out
OPEpoetic for open
OPSplural of OP
OPTto decide or choose
ORAthe plural of OS (a bone)
ORBto form into an orb
ORCa killer whale (also ORCA)
ORDa point of a weapon
OREa solid mineral aggregate
ORFa viral infection of sheep
ORSplural of OR
ORTa leftover from a meal
OSEan esker, a narrow ridge of gravel and sand
OUDa stringed instrument of Northern Africa
OUKScots for week
OUPsame as OOP, above
OURof or belonging to us
OUTto put or throw out
OVAthe plural of ovum, an egg
OWEto be in debt for
OWLto behave like an owl
OWNto possess; belonging to oneself
OWTdial. for anything
OXOcontaining oxygen (also OXY)
OXYsame as OXO, above
OYEsame as OE, OY (a grandchild)
OYSplural of OY
PACa shoe patterned after a moccasin
PADto cover or fill with soft material
PAHsame as PA (a Maori port or settlement)
PALto associate as a pal
PAMthe knave of clubs
PANa broad, shallow container; to wash earth for gold
PAPto feed soft pap food to infants
PARto score a standard number of strokes in golf
PASFrench word for STEP; plural of PA
PATa gentle stroke with the palm of the hand; to stroke gently
PAWto scrape with a paw
PAXa kiss of peace
PAYto remunerate (pa.t. also PAYED)
PEAa vegetable, the rounded seed of a climbing plant
PECcolloq. shortening of pectoral muscle
PEDa shortening of pedestrian
PEEthe letter P; to urinate
PEGa pin or fixture; to fasten with a peg
PEHsame as PE (a Hebrew letter)
PENan implement for writing; to write down on paper
PEPvigour or spirit; to put pep into
PERfor each; by
PESplural of PE
PETa tame animal; a favourite; to treat as a pet
PEWa bench in a church
PHIa letter of the Greek alphabet
PHOsame as FOH, above
PHSplural of PH
PHTinterj. of mild anger
PIAa tropical plant
PICcolloq. for picture
PIEsame as PYE, to reduce to confusion (pr.p. PIEING or PIING)
PIGa farm animal bred for food; slang word meaning to eat greedily
PINa piece of wood or metal used for fastening; to fasten with a pin
PIPa small hard seed in a fruit; to offend or disgust
PIRa Muslim title of honour, given to a holy man
PISthe plural of PI
PITto put in a pit
PIUmore (Italian)
PIXa box in which coins are kept for testing
PLYa fold; to bend or fold
POAa meadow-grass plant
PODto shell peas
POHinterj. expressing contempt
POIa Hawaiian dish of fermented taro
POLa politician
POMcolloq. for Pomeranian dog
POOto defecate
POPa mild explosive sound; to make a pop
POSadj. positive
POTa utensil used for cooking or storing; to cook or put in a pot
POWhead (Scots)
POXto infect with pox
POZan old form of positive
PROa short form of professional, or prostitute
PRY(in plural form, PRYS) an old form of price
PSIa letter of the Greek alphabet
PSTinterj. used to attract attention (also PSST)
PUBa public house
PUDcolloq. for pudding
PUGto fill in with clay or mortar
PUHShak. for pooh, interj. expressing disgust
PULa coin of Afghanistan
PUNto make a pun (play on words)
PUPto give birth to puppies
PURobs. spelling of purr
PUSthick yellowish bodily fluid
PUTto place; to throw
PUYa small volcanic cone
PYAa copper coin of Burma
PYEto reduce to confusion (also PIE; pr.p. PYEING)
PYX(verb) to test
QATan East African shrub (also KAT)
QISplural of QI
QUAin the capacity of
RADto fear
RAGa worn scrap of cloth; to tease or ridicule
RAHto express joy with the sound of 'rah'
RAIa modern North African form of popular music
RAMa male sheep; to push or cram down hard
RANpast tense of RUN
RAPa sharp blow; to strike sharply
RASan Ethiopian prince
RATto hunt rats
RAWa sore or irritated spot
RAX(verb) to stretch
RAYto emit rays
REBa Confederate soldier
RECa recreation ground
REDto put in order (also REDD)
REEan enclosure for sheep (Scots)
REFa short form of referee
REGa regulation
REHan accumulation of salts on soil
REIa Portugeuse coin
REMa unit of radiation dosage
RENan old spelling of run
REPto work as a representative
RESa short form of reservation
RETto soak
REVa revolution in an internal combustion engine; to increase the speed of revolution
REWSpens. spelling of row
REXan animal with a single layer of hair; king (pl. REGES)
REZa short form of reservation (pl. REZZES)
RHOa letter of the Greek alphabet
RHYSpens. spelling of rye
RIAa drowned valley
RIBa bone curving forward from the backbone; to tease
RIDto free or clear
RIFto dismiss from employment
RIGto fit with sails; to equip or clothe
RIMto provide with a rim
RINScots. form of run
RIPto tear open or apart
RITto score or scratch (also RITT)
RIZUS past tense of rise
ROBto steal; a fruit syrup
ROCan enormous bird of Arabian legend (also ROK, RUC)
RODto push a rod through
ROEa mass of fish eggs (adj. ROED)
ROKsame as ROC, above
ROMa gypsy man
ROOa short form of kangaroo
ROTto decay; decay or corruption
ROWa line or rank; a noisy squabble; to quarrel; to propel through water with oars
RUBto apply friction; an impediment or difficulty
RUCsame as ROC, above
RUDto redden
RUEto regret (pr.p. RUING, RUEING)
RUGa heavy floor-mat; Scots word meaning to pull roughly
RUMa spirit distilled from sugar-cane; odd, drole
RUNto move quickly; to organise and/or control
RUTto make a furrow with a wheel
RYAa type of Scandinavian rug
RYEa cereal grass; its grain
SABto sob; a saboteur
SACin biology, a bag-like structure
SADunhappy, sorrowful
SAGto bend or hang down
SAIthe capuchin monkey
SALa large North Indian tree
SANa Japanese form of address
SAPa liquid circulating through plants; to drain
SARScots. form of savour (pa.t. SARED)
SATpast tense of SIT
SAUsame as XU (a Vietnamese coin; pl. SAU)
SAWa cutting tool with a toothed blade; to use a saw; past tense of SEE
SAXa short form of saxophone; a slate chopper
SAYto utter in words, speak; something said or stated
SAZa stringed instrument of North Africa
SEAa great expanse of water
SECa secant
SEDMilt. spelling of said
SEEto perceive by the eye; an area under the authority of a bishop
SEGa stud in the sole of a shoe
SEIa whale, a kind of rorqual
SELScots form of self
SENa Japanese monetary unit
SERa unit of weight in India
SETto put or place in position; a group; a complete series
SEWto work on with a needle and thread
SEXto identify the sex of
SEYa part of a carcase of beef
SEZslang spelling of says
SHAsame as SH, SHH (interj. requesting silence)
SHEpronoun used in referring to female person or thing
SHHsee SHA, above
SHYembarrassed, bashful; to jump aside, recoil
SIBa blood relation
SICto incite a dog to attack
SIMshort for Simeonite, an evangelical
SINmoral offence; to commit sin
SIPto drink in small mouthfuls; a quantity sipped
SIRto address as "sir"
SISa contraction of sister
SITto rest on the buttocks; a spell of sitting
SIXthe next whole number after five
SKAJamaican music similar to reggae
SKIa narrow strip attached to a boot for gliding over snow; to move on skis
SKYto hit towards the sky (pa.t. also SKYED)
SLYcunning, wily; surreptitious
SMAScots. word for small
SNYside channel of a river
SOBto cry uncontrollably, taking intermittent breaths
SOCthe right of holding a local court
SODto cover with sods of turf
SOGto soak
SOHa musical note (also SOL)
SOLsame as SOH, above
SONa male offspring
SOPto soak
SOSplural of SO, a musical note
SOTto act as a sot, a habitual drunkard
SOUan old small French coin
SOVshort form of sovereign, a gold coin
SOWa female pig; to scatter seed on the ground
SOXslang spelling of socks
SOYdark, salty sauce made from fermented beans
SPAa resort with a mineral spring; to stay at a spa
SPYa secret agent employed to watch; to watch secretly
SRIsir, used as a Hindu title of respect
STYto keep in a sty (pa.t. STIED, STYED)
SUBto subscribe, substitute etc.
SUDa rare singular form of SUDS, froth of soapy water
SUEto prosecute at law (pr.p. SUING)
SUILatin word meaning of himself, itself
SUKsame as SUQ, SOUK (a market place)
SUMthe total, whole amount; to add, make up the total of
SUNthe star that is the source of light; to expose to the sun's rays
SUPto take liquid into the mouth
SUQa marketplace (also SUK, SOUK)
SURon, above (Fr.)
SUSto arrest for suspicious behaviour (pl. also SUSES)
SWYan Australian two-up game
SYEto strain (pr.p. SYEING)
TABto name or designate
TADa small amount
TAEScots. form of toe (pr.p. TAEING)
TAGa tab or label; to put a tag on
TAIa Japanese sea bream
TAJa crown
TAKScots form of take
TAMa cap with a broad, circular flat top
TANbrown colour of the skin after exposure to the sun's rays; to become brown in the sun
TAOa path of virtuous conduct in Japanese philosophy
TAPa gentle knock or its sound; to knock gently
TARa black bituminous substance; to coat with tar
TASplural of TA
TATto touch up
TAUa letter of the Greek alphabet
TAVa Hebrew letter
TAWto prepare skins for white leather
TAXa contribution levied towards a country's revenue; to impose a tax on
TAYdial. for tea
TEAto take tea
TEDto spread out grass for drying
TEEto place a golf ball on a tee
TEFan Ethiopian cereal grass
TEGa sheep in its second year
TELin Arab countries, a hill or mound
TENthe next whole number after nine
TESplural of TE
TETa Hebrew letter (also TETH)
TEWto hustle
THEthe definite article
THOSpens. for those
THYof thee
TICan involuntary twitching of muscles
TIDScots word meaning mood
TIEto fasten (pr.p. also TIEING)
TIGto touch
TINto coat with tin
TIPa gratuity; a helpful piece of advice; to give a tip
TISplural of TI
TITto tug
TOCtelecommunications code for the letter 'T'
TODto yield a tod, an old wool weight (also TODDE)
TOEa digit on the end of a foot; to kick or touch with the toes
TOGto dress
TOMa male cat; to behave like an Uncle Tom
TONa unit of weight
TOOalso; excess
TOPthe highest point, part or level; to cover the top; to surpass
TORa hill
TOTa small child or drink; to add or total
TOWto pull along (behind); an act of towing; prepared fibres of flax or hemp
TOYan object for playing with; to play idly with
TRYto attempt; to make an effort
TSKto utter such an exclamation of annoyance
TUBto bathe in a tub
TUGto pull forcibly
TUIa New Zealand bird
TUMcolloq. word for stomach
TUNto put in a tun, a large task
TUPof a ram, to copulate
TUTto say 'tut'
TUXshort for tuxedo, a dinner jacket
TWAScots. form of two
TWOthe next whole number after one
TWPWelsh word for dim-witted or stupid
TYEto wash in a tye trough (pr.p. TYEING)
TYGan old drinking-cup with two or more handles
UDOa Japanese species of aralia
UDSold interj. meaning "God Save"
UEYa U-turn
UFOan unidentified flying object
UGHan old representation of a cough or grunt
UGSpresent tense of UG
UKEa ukulele
ULEa Central American rubber tree
ULUan Eskimo knife
UMMsame as UM (interj. expressing doubt or hesitation)
UMPto umpire
UNIcolloq. for university
UNSplural of UN
UPSplural and present tense of UP
URBan urban area
URDan Indian bean
UREan extinct wild ox
URNto place in an urn
USEto put to some purpose
UTAany of a genus of large lizards
UTEa short form of utility, a small truck
UTSplural of UT
UTUa Maori settlement of a debt
UVAa grape or grape-like berry
VACa vacation; to clean with a vacuum cleaner (pa.t. VACKED)
VAEin Orkney or Shetland, a bay or creek (also VOE)
VANto go or send in a van
VARa unit of reactive power
VASa duct carrying liquid
VATto put or treat in a vat
VAUan obsolete letter in the Greek alphabet
VAVa Hebrew letter
VAWa Hebrew letter (also VAV)
VEEthe letter 'V'
VEGshort for vegeatable
VETto examine closely
VEXto distress or annoy; Scots word meaning grief
VIAa Latin word for road
VIDshort form of video
VIEto contend in rivalry; obsolete word meaning a bid
VIGa vigorish, a charge paid to a bookie on a bet
VIMenergy, vigour
VINwine (Fr.)
VISLatin word for force
VLYlow-lying wet ground, a swamp
VOEsame as VAE, above
VOLin heraldry, two wings displayed and conjoined
VORto warn
VOWa solemn promise; to make a vow or vows
VOXa voice (pl. VOCES)
VUGa cavity in a rock
VUMto vow
WABa web
WADto form into a wad
WAEScots for woe
WAGto move from side to side; a habitual joker
WANto make or become wan
WAPto throw or pull quickly
WARa state of conflict; to make war
WASpast tense of BE
WATa Thai Buddhist temple or monastery
WAWSpens. for wave
WAXa fatty substance; to treat with wax; to grow larger
WAYSpens. for to journey
WEBa fine structure spun by a spider; to envelop with a web
WEDto marry; a pledge, security
WEEsmall; a short distance; to urinate
WEMold word for wame, the womb or belly
WENa sebaceous cyst
WETto make wet (pa.t. also WETTED)
WEX(verb) obs. form of wax
WEYa measure for dry goods
WHAScots. form of who
WHOpronoun used in referring to a person or people
WHYthe reason or cause of something (pl. WHYS)
WIGto scold; to provide with a wig
WINto winnow (pa.t. WINNED)
WISsham archaic word meaning to know
WITarch. for to know
WIZa very skilful person
WOGoffensive word for a nonwhite foreigner
WOKa pan used in Chinese cookery
WONto dwell; the monetary unit of Korea (pl. WONS)
WOOto court; to seek the support of
WOPto thump (also WHOP, WHAP)
WOSplural of WO, woe
WOTanother form of wit, to know
WOWto impress
WOXobs. past tense of wax
WRYto give a twist to (pa.t. WRIED)
WUDScots. form of wood
WUSa Welsh term used for addressing a companion
WYEthe letter 'Y'
WYNa rune, having the value of modern English 'w'
XISplural of XI
YAHa variant of yea, an affirmative vote
YAKto talk persistently
YAMa sweet potato
YAPto bark sharply or constantly; a yelp
YARnimble (also YARE)
YAWto deviate from a course
YAYan affirmative vote (also YEA)
YEAsame as yay, above
YEHcolloq. form of yes (also YEAH)
YENto desire or yearn
YEPa variant of yes (also YUP)
YESto give an affirmative reply to (pl. also YESES; pa.t. YESSED)
YETin addition, besides; nevertheless
YEWa type of evergreen tree
YEX(verb) to hiccup or belch (also YESK)
YGOSpens. past tense of go
YIDan offensive term for a Jew
YINone of two opposing principles of Chinese philosophy
YIPto give a short, sudden cry
YOBa lout
YODa Hebrew letter
YOKto laugh (also YUK)
YOMa Jewish day (pl. YOMIM)
YOSplural of YO
YOUpronoun referring to the person being addressed
YOWto yowl, howl
YUGone of the four hindu ages of the world (also YUGA)
YUKsame as YOK, above
YUMinterj. to express satisfaction
YUPsame as YEP, above
YUSplural of YU
ZAG(verb) to change direction on a zig-zag course (also ZIG)
ZAPto destroy; vitality or force
ZAXa variant of SAX (a chopper for trimming slate; also ZEX)
ZEApart of a cereal, once used as a diuretic
ZEDthe letter 'Z'
ZEEAmerican form of zed
ZEKan inmate of a labour camp in the former USSR
ZELan oriental cymbal
ZEXsame as ZAX, above
ZHOsee DZO, above
ZIG(verb) same as ZAG, above
ZIPenergy, vitality; to full of or act with energy
ZITa pimple
ZIZto take a nap
ZOAa plural of zoon, a unified individual creature
ZOOa garden or park where animals are kept
ZOSplural of ZO
ZUZan ancient Palestinian coin (pl. ZUZZES)