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Darryl Francis

ABSP Dictionary Committee

Darryl Francis

Since the late 1960s, Darryl has written numerous articles on word puzzles and wordplay (including Scrabble) for the US journal Word Ways. In the early 1970s, he edited the Scrabble column of the magazine Games & Puzzles, and it was through this column that many of today's Scrabble players first discovered competitive Scrabble.

Darryl has written several books on Scrabble and was one of the co-compilers of Official Scrabble Words, and then Official Scrabble Lists, along with Allan Simmons. Darryl has also ghost-written books for various personalities and co-hosted, with Alan Coren, a series of five BBC2 television shows on the World Scrabble Championship back in 1991.

Darryl has been a member of the ABSP since its inception. He originally had membership number 001, but this was subsequently reassigned and he is now 006! He has also experienced the pleasures of playing overseas, in Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore.

Outside of Scrabble, Darryl's other interests include all forms of wordplay, dictionaries, driving, wine-tasting, rock'n'roll (from the 1950s), US country music, US history, and travelling in the US.