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Allan Simmons

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Allan Simmons
One of the founder members of the ABSP and its president from 1988 to 1999, and chairman 2002-2006, Allan has been a player of the game since he joined the London Scrabble League in the mid 70's soon becoming involved in all aspects of the Scrabble movement. He was Chairman of the Postal Scrabble Club in the 80's, organised Scrabble weekends from 1985-91 and has been running annual courses since 1985. He has edited and published Onwords Scrabble magazine 1979-2009 and was instrumental in getting OSW off the ground, and one of the team in updating it over the years. Together with Darryl Francis he has also provided us with OSL.

Allan has written Chambers' Top Scrabble Tips , Collins: The Times Scrabble Workout, and Collins: Play Like a Champion. He has also compiled numerous puzzles in the media over the years (daily and Saturday Scrabble appears in The Times, and Saturday Scrabble teaser in The Telegraph) As a player, Allan has won the British Matchplay four times (1987, 88, 91 and 2008) and the ABSP Masters twice (1994 and 2007). He has also played at five World Championships to-date.

Having left the ratrace, Allan now works as a Scrabble consultant and lives up in the Scottish borders with wife Gilli and three daughters. Outside of Scrabble his hobbies include rock guitar, DIY in the house and garden and not playing Scrabble.