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afrormosia a dense tropical hardwood resembling TEAK, used for furniture and panelling.
agalloch agalwood agila eaglewood the wood of the ALOE.
aldern made of alder wood.
alerce the wood of the SANDARACH tree, the Chilean arbor vitae. [Sp. alerce, larch].
algum almug a wood imported into ancient Palestine, probably red sandalwood.
ambatch ambach a spongy wood, often used for rafts.
amboina amboyna a reddish-brown, curly-grained Moluccan wood. [From the Island of Amboina in the Moluccas, Indonesia].
balsawood the very light wood of the BALSA tree.
barwood a hard red African wood.
baywood a coarse mahogany.
beechen made of beech.
beechwood the wood of the beech.
bentwood wood artificially curved for making furniture.
birchen birken made of birch wood.
blackwood a name given to several dark-colored timbers.
bogoak trunks of oak embedded in bogs and so preserved from decay.
bogwood the wood of trees, esp. of oaks, dug up from peat bogs.
boxen made of boxwood.
boxwood the wood of the box, noted for its fine grain.
brazil brazilwood a red tropical wood.
briarwood brierwood the wood of the briar.
brushwood loppings and broken branches; underwood or stunted wood.
bulletwood the tough durable wood of an African tree, much used in construction.
calamander a hard valuable wood of the ebony genus.
caliatour calliature an old term for a tropical dye-wood, perhaps red-sanders.
campeachy as on campeachy wood, a logwood.
camwood the wood of a W. African tree, used in making a red dye.
candlewood the wood of various resinous tropical trees.
cedarn of cedar wood.
cedarwood the wood of the cedar.
cheesewood the yellow wood of various Australian trees.
cocobola cocobolo a dark wood used in cabinetry.
cocuswood the so-called Jamaica ebony, a tradename for the wood of the KOKRA.
copsewood brushwood; coppice.
cordwood wood cut up and stacked in cords.
corkwood very light wood e.g. balsa, or alligator apple.
coromandel a kind of timber, aka CALAMANDER. [From the Coromandel Coast in SE India].
driftwood wood drifted or floated by water.
dyewood any wood from which coloring matter is extracted for dyeing.
eaglewood see AGALLOCH.
earlywood the wood formed in the first part of the growth layer during the spring.
ebon ebony; (adj.) consisting of ebony.
ebonise ebonize to make or become like ebony.
ebony a dark heavy tropical wood.
elmen made of elm wood.
elmwood the wood of the elm.
eughen ewghen made of yew-wood.
fatwood wood abounding in pitch.
fiddlewood the wood of several West Indian trees, mostly of the genus Citharexylum.
firewood wood used for burning.
firwood the wood of the fir.
fruitwood the wood of a fruit tree.
fuelwood wood suitable for fuel.
fustet fustic fustoc the wood of a tree growing in the West Indies, used in dyeing yellow.
gopherwood another name for YELLOWWOOD.
groundwood wood found lying on the ground.
gumwood the wood of a GUMTREE.
hardwood timber of deciduous trees, whose comparatively slow growth produces compact hard wood.
heartwood the inner wood of a tree, harder than the sapwood.
heben ebony.
hupiro (Maori) a New Zelanad name for STINKWOOD.
ivorywood the hard white wood of an Australian tree, used for engraving and turnery.
jarrah the mahogany-like wood of an Australian eucalyptus.
kokra the wood of an Indian tree, used for making flutes.
lacewood the wood of the American plane or a similar wood, suitable for ornamental use.
lana the wood of the GENIPAP, a large West Indian tree.
lancewood a tough, elastic wood, often used for the shafts of gigs, archery bows, fishing rods, and the like.
larchen of or pertaining to the larch.
latewood the wood formed in the later part of a growth ring.
lauan a lightweight hardwood timber produced by various Philippine trees.
lightwood pine wood abounding in pitch, used for torches in the Southern United States; pine knots, dry sticks, and the like, for kindling a fire quickly or making a blaze.
lignaloes aloes-wood.
ligneous wood-like; containing wood.
lignum the fragrant wood of several shrubs and trees. Pl. LIGNUMS.
logwood the heavy, red heartwood of a tree native to South America, used in dyeing.
marblewood the distinctively marked wood of a Malaysian tree.
matchwood wood suitable for making matches; splinters or fragments.
meranti (Malay) the wood of various Malaysian trees.
oaken made of oak wood.
orangewood the wood of the orange-tree.
ovenwood brushwood.
palisander the wood of the JACARANDA or other ROSEWOOD.
pearwood the wood of the pear tree.
pinewood the wood of the pine.
plywood boarding made of thin layers of wood glued together, the grain of each at right angles to that of the next.
porkwood the coarse-grained brownish yellow wood of a small tree of Florida and the West Indies.
pulpwood wood suitable for paper-making.
purpleheart a kind of wood, purple-coloured.
quassia the bitter wood of several tropical American trees, used in medicine and sometimes as a substitute for hops in making beer. [From a black slave, Quassi, who discovered its value against fever].
rosewood a valuable cabinet wood of a dark red color, streaked and variegated with black, obtained from several tropical leguminous trees.
roundwood timber used (as for poles) without any sawing or hewing.
sanders sandalwood, esp. red sandalwood. Pl. SANDERSES.
sanderswood sandalwood, esp. red sandalwood.
santal sandalwood.
sapan sapanwood sappan sappanwood the wood of a leguminous tree, formerly used to provide a red dye.
sapele a tropical timber resembling mahogany.
satinwood a smooth, satiny ornamental wood from India.
sawlog a log large enough to saw into boards.
sawtimber timber suitable for sawing into lumber.
shittim shittimwood the wood of the SHITTAH tree, believed to be a species of acacia.
softwood a conifer.
splintwood sapwood.
springwood secondary wood formed in spring and early summer.
stinkwood a name given to several kinds of wood with an unpleasant smell.
teakwood the wood of the teak tree.
tigerwood any of several showy black-striped woods used in cabinetmaking .
timber wood suitable for building or carpentry; (verb) to provide or cover with timber.
timbery like timber.
torchwood the inflammable wood of certain trees; also, the trees themselves.
tulipwood the beautiful rose-colored striped wood of a Brazilian tree, much used by cabinetmakers for inlaying.
twiggen made of twigs; wicker.
vimineous made of wicker.
walnutwood the wood of the walnut tree.
wattle material for fences, roofs, etc, in the form of rods and branches, etc.; (verb) to construct with wattle.
wattlework wickerwork.
wicker a small pliant twig or osier; wickerwork.
wickered made of wicker, covered with wickerwork.
wickerwork basketwork of any kind.
woodchip chipped wood, used e.g. for mulch.
wooden made of wood; stilted > WOODENER, WOODENEST.
woodmeal sawdust and other wood waste used as industrial filler.
yellowwood the wood of any one of several different kinds of trees; also, any one of the trees themselves.
yewen made of yew wood.
zante the wood of the European smoke-tree. [From Zante, one of the Ionian islands].
zebrawood a kind of cabinet wood having beautiful black, brown, and whitish stripes, the timber of a tropical American tree.

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