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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

alpeen a cudgel. [Irish ailpin].
ballow a cudgel.
baton batoon a short rod; (verb) to strike with this.
battero an alternative reading for BALLOW, a cudgel > BATTEROS.
blackjack a kind of COSH; (verb) to hit with a blackjack.
bludgeon to strike with a bludgeon.
club a heavy staff of wood, usually tapering, and wielded in the hand; (verb) to strike with a club.
clublike like a club.
cosh a bludgeon, truncheon, lead-pipe, piece of flexible tubing filled with metal, or the like, used as a weapon; (verb) to strike with a cosh.
crabstick a stick, cane, or cudgel, made of the wood of the crab tree.
cudgel a heavy staff, a club; (verb) to beat with a cudgel > CUDGELED/CUDGELLED.
flail a medieval weapon with a spiked iron swingle; an implement for threshing corn; (verb) to strike with a flail.
kierie kirri in S. Africa, a stick, club.
knobkerrie a short South African knobbed-head club.
lathee lathi in India, a heavy stick.
mace a club-like weapon; (verb) to attack with this.
martel a mediaeval hammer-like weapon with a pointed head; (verb) to make a blow with this.
maul a war-club or mace; a heavy wooden hammer or beetle; (verb) to beat with a maul, to handle roughly.
manrikigusari a weapon consisting of a series of weights on a chain.
meri a war-club.
morgenstern a club with a spike-studded head, a morning-star.
quarterstaff a long wooden pole with an iron tip, an old weapon of defence > QUARTERSTAFFS or QUARTERSTAVES.
shillala shillalah shillelagh an Irish cudgel.
slungshot a weight attached to a cord, used as a weapon.
staff a wooden pole carried in the hand, primarily for support but usable as a weapon > STAFFS or STAVES.
taiaha a long-handled club with a sharp tip.
truncheon a club carried by a police officer; (verb) to strike with a truncheon.
waddy a kind of war-club used by Australian aborigines; (verb) to strike with a waddy.