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alpaca a domestic animal related to the LLAMA; a cloth made from its long silky wool. [Sp. from Quechua].
camel a large, humped mammal.
camelid an animal of the camel family.
cameloid (a member) of the camel family > CAMELOIDS.
cria the offspring of a llama.
dromedare (Spenser) a dromedary.
dromedary the Arabian camel, having one hump or protuberance on the back, in distinction from the Bactrian camel, which has two humps.
guanaco huanaco a South American mammal allied to the llama. Pl. GUANACOS, HUANACOS.
llama a S. American cud-chewing mammal which belongs to the same family as camels but is smaller and humpless.
oont (military slang) a camel > OONTS.
paco an alpaca > PACOS. [Sp. f. Quechua pako red, reddish yellow].
tylopod a section of the ungulates with padded toes, including camels and llamas.
vicugna vicuna a wild wool-bearing llama-like animal of the Andes. [Sp. f. Quechua wikúña].

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