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angstrom a unit of one ten-billionth of a meter. [From A. J. Ångström (1814—74), Swed. physicist].
arfvedsonite an iron-rich sodium amphibole which occurs as black or dark green monoclinic crystals. [From J. A. Arfvedson (1792—1841), Swed. chemist].
bastnaesite bastnasite a reddish-brown fluorite of cerium.
dahlia a showy garden flower. [From Andreas Dahl (1751—89), Swed. botanist].
desman a semi-aquatic insectivorous shrewlike mammal of the mole family. [Swedish desman, musk].
erbia an oxide of of ERBIUM.
erbium a soft malleable metallic chemical element of the lanthanide series. [From Ytterby, a town in Sweden].
fartlek a training technique, used esp. among runners, consisting of bursts of intense effort alternating with less strenuous activity. [Swed. fart, speed + lek, play].
gahnite a mineral, zinc spinel. [From J.G.Gahn, a Swedish chemist].
glogg a hot spiced drink: wine, brandy, and sherry, with raisins, almonds and orange peel.
gravadlax gravlaks gravlax a Scandinavian dish of salmon with spices and salad.
gyttja sediment on a lake bottom.
halleflinta a dense rock containing quartz and feldspar. [Swedish 'hornstone'].
kalmia a genus of North American shrubs with poisonous evergreen foliage and corymbs of showy flowers. [From Pehr Kalm (1716—79), Swed. botanist].
krumkake a kind of Scandinavian biscuit.
limpa rye bread made with molasses.
ombudsman a government official who investigates complaints against government departments; (often without capital ombudsman) any official with a similar function. Pl. OMBUDSMEN.
rudbeckia a composite plant of the sunflower family. [From Olaf Rudbeck (1660—1740), Swed. botanist].
rutabaga a root vegetable like a swede. [Swed. dialect rotabagge].
salchow an ice-skating leap with turns from inner backward edge of one skate to outer backward edge of other. [From Ulrich Salchow, a Swedish figure-skater].
sievert the SI unit of radiation dose. [From R. M. Sievert, 20th-cent. Swed. radiologist].
sloid slojd sloyd a Swedish system of manual training by woodwork.
solander a case for maps, plates, etc., made to resemble a book and having the front cover and fore edge hinged. [From Daniel Charles Solander (1736-1782), the Swedish naturalist who invented it.]
svedberg a unit of time used to measure sedimentation velocity. [From Theo Svedberg, Swedish chemist].
terbic relating to TERBIUM.
terbium a rare metal found in certain YTTRIUM minerals. [From Ytterby in Sweden].
thunbergia any of a genus of evergreen climbing plants. [From C. P. Thunberg (1743—1822), Swed. botanist].
tillandsia a genus of epiphytic endogenous plants found in the Southern United States and in tropical America. [From Elias Tillands (1640—93), Swed. botanist].
trona a native hydrated double salt of sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, occurring esp. as an evaporite. Aka URAO.
vallhund a Swedish breed of dog.
ytterbia an oxide of YTTERBIUM.
ytterbium a rare earth element. [From Ytterby, a town in Sweden].
yttria an oxide of YTTRIUM.
yttrium a rare earth element. [From Ytterby, a town in Sweden].
yttric yttrous relating to compounds of YTTRIUM.
yttriferous yielding YTTRIUM.

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