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aquaboard a board for riding on the surface of water.
aquaplaning the sport of skimming across water.
bodyboard a surfboard that is shorter and blunter than a standard board, on which the surfer lies rather than stands.
bodysurf to surf without a surfboard.
bodysurfer one who BODYSURFS.
bombora a dangerous current over a submerged reef,
dumper a wave that crashes suddenly downwards with great force, causing surfers to fall.
funboard a board used for speed in windsurfing.
gnarly of surfing conditions, difficult and dangerous.
gremmie gremmy an inexperienced surfer.
hodad hodaddy a non-surfer.
longboard a type of SURFBOARD.
malibu as in malibu board, a lightweight surfboard. No —S.
paddleboard a long narrow buoyant board used for riding the surf or in rescuing swimmers.
rashie a shirt worn by surfers as protection against the sun, heat rash etc.
reelman the member of a life-saving surf team who operates the reel.
rote the noise of the surf on the shore.
sailboard a long narrow buoyant board used for riding the surf or in rescuing swimmer.
sailboarder one who uses a SAILBOARD.
sailboarding the sport of using a sailboard.
shortboard a SURFBOARD between six and eight feet in length.
skimboard a type of surfboard shorter than normal and rounded at both ends; (verb) to use a skimboard.
skimboarder one who uses a SKIMBOARD.
skyboard a small board used for surfing.
surf surging water or waves rushing up a sloping beach; sea foam; (verb) to bathe in or ride on surf.
surfable that can be surfed.
surfboard a long narrow board used in surfing; (verb) to surf on a surfboard.
surfboarder one who uses a SURFBOARD.
surfer one who surfs.
surfie a young usu. unemployed person who spends much time surfing.
surfrider one who engages in SURFING.
surfy having surf.
wakeboard a short surfboard for a rider towed behind a motorboat; (verb) to ride a wakeboard.
wakeboarder one who practises WAKEBOARDING.
wakeboarding a sport similar to water-skiing in which the participant is towed behind a motorboat while riding on WAKEBOARD.
wahine (US) a female surfer.
windsurf to sail on a SAILBOARD.
windsurfer one who practises windsurfing.
wipeout a fall from a surfboard; a complete failure.

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