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Ropes, Straps & Thongs

babiche a thong or lace made of rawhide.
backseat a rope supporting the mizzenmast.
becket a loop of rope having a knot at one end and an eye at the other.
beknot to tie in knots > BEKNOTS, BEKNOTTING, BEKNOTTED.
bellyband a saddle-girth.
bend a knot by which a line is tied to another, or to itself after passing through a ring, etc.
bobstay a rope used on ships to steady the bowsprit.
boltrope a strong rope stitched to the edges of a sail.
bootstrap a strap on the back of a boot for pulling it on.
bowknot a knot in which a portion of the string is drawn through in the form of a loop or bow, so as to be readily untied.
bowline a kind of knot; a rope used to keep weather edge of a sail taut.
bowyang a strap tied round the trouser legs by outdoor labourers.
breeching a harness strap behind the haunches; a rope tied to cannon on ship.
browband the bridle-strap that goes over a horse's forehead.
buntline a rope attached to the middle of a square sail to haul it up to the yard.
burl a small knot in thread; (verb) to finish cloth by removing burls.
cabestro cabresto cabresta a lasso.
cable a heavy rope; (verb) to fasten with a cable (a heavy rope).
cablet a little cable less than ten inches in circumference.
carrick as in carrick bend, a type of knot. No —S.
catfall a rope used in hoisting the anchor to the cathead.
cavesson (Fr.) a noseband for a horse.
clew a corner of a sail with a hole to attach ropes; (verb) to attach a rope thus with a clew.
cordage ropes in the rigging of a ship.
cordelle a rope esp. on a ship; (verb) to tow a boat with a CORDELLE.
corder a person who or thing which fastens with a cord or forms a cord.
cording the act of binding; cordage.
cordlike like a cord.
crouper crupper a strap buckled to the back of a saddle and looped under the horse's tail, to prevent the saddle from slipping forward.
curpel (Scots) a CRUPPER.
downhaul a rope for holding down or hauling down a sail or spar.
dragrope a rope used for dragging.
earing a line for fastening the corner of a sail to the gaff or yard.
flemish to flemish down, i.e. to stow a rope in a Flemish coil.
footrope the rope rigged below a yard, upon which men stand when reefing or furling.
foresheet a rope used for trimming the foresail; the space near bow of open boat.
frap to draw tight (as with ropes or cables) > FRAPS, FRAPPING, FRAPPED.
gantline a rope used in single-block hoist.
girthline girtline a GANTLINE, a rope used in single-block hoist.
gromet a ring of rope or metal; a metallic eyelet in or for a sail or a mailbag.
grommet a ring of rope or metal; a metallic eyelet in or for a sail or a mailbag; (verb) to fit with grommets > GROMMETS, GROMMETING, GROMMETED.
grummet a ring of rope or metal; also, a metallic eyelet in or for a sail or a mailbag; (verb) to fit with grummets > GRUMMETS, GRUMMETING, GRUMMETED.
guyline a line used as a guide.
hackamore a strap buckled to the back of a saddle and looped under the horse's tail, to prevent the saddle from slipping forward.
halliard halyard haulyard a rope or tackle for hoisting and lowering sails.
halser hawser a large rope for mooring or towing a ship.
halter a rope for holding and leading an animal; (verb) to put a halter on.
halyard see HALLIARD.
harpin harping a short rope under the tops at the lower end of the futtock shrouds.
haulyard see HALLIARD.
hawser see HALSER.
hayband a rope of twisted hay.
headfast a mooring rope at the bows of a ship.
hitch a type of knot by which one rope is connected with another, or to some; (verb) to fasten with a knot or hook.
honda part of a LARIAT.
houseline tarred MARLINE, a line of two loosely twisted strands.
inhaul inhauler a rope used to draw in the jib boom, or flying jib boom.
jeff a circus rope.
jess jesse a strap of leather attached to the talons of a hawk, by which it is held on the fist; (verb) to fasten such straps > JESSES, JESSING, JESSED.
keckle to protect by binding with rope.
kernmantel a type of mountaineering rope. No —S.
knittle a string that draws together a purse or bag.
knot a closed loop; (verb) to tie in a knot.
knotless free from knots; without knots.
knotter one who knots.
laniard lanyard a rope or line for fastening something in a ship.
lariat a lassoo; (verb) to lassoo > LARIATS, LARIATING, LARIATED. [Sp. la reata the rope].
lasso a long rope, esp. of untanned hide, with a noose at one end now used chiefly in the western US for catching cattle and wild horses > LASSOS or LASSOES; (verb) to use a lasso > LASSOES, LASSOING, LASSOED.
latigo a strap for tightening a cinch > LATIGOES or LATIGOS.
lazo a lasso; (verb) to lasso > LAZOS or LAZOES, LAZOING, LAZOED.
longe a rope used in training horses; (verb) to train or cause to go with a LONGE > LONGES, LONGING, LONGED.
lorate strap-like.
magnus as in magnus hitch, a knot similar to a clove hitch.
mainsheet a rope by which a mainsail is trimmed and secured.
manrope a rope used as a handrail on a ship.
marline a line of two loosely twisted strands.
martingal martingale a strap from the reins to the girth of a horse preventing it from carrying its head too high.
metump a TUMPLINE, a strap placed across a man's forehead to assist him in carrying a pack on his back.
musrol (Obs.) the nose-band of a bridle.
nipper to seize two ropes together.
noose a loop at the end of a rope; (verb) to secure with a type of loop.
noseband a strap passing round the nose of a horse, suspended by its own head-piece fitted under the bridle.
nosebanded wearing a noseband
oakum old ropes untwisted for caulking the seams of ships.
outhaul outhauler a rope used to haul a sail taut along a spar.
parbuckle a sling made by wrapping both ends of rope around object; (verb) to raise or lower (a cask, gun, etc) with a parbuckle.
parral parrel a band by which a yard is fastened to a mast.
prolonge a rope for a gun-carriage.
prusik a type of rope sling used in climbing; (verb) to climb by using such a sling > PRUSIKS, PRUSIKING, PRUSIKED. [From Karl Prusik, Austrian mountaineer who devised the method].
puddening a pad of rope used as a fender on a boat.
reata riata a lariat.
reeve to pass (a rope) through a ring; to fasten by reeving > REEVES, REEVING, REEVED or ROVE, ROVEN.
riata see REATA.
riem a raw-hide thong.
riempie a long RIEM about the width of a shoelace, used as string.
ripcord a cord that is pulled on to open a parachute.
riser one of the straps that connects a parchutist's harness with the shroud lines
rope a thick line of twisted fibres; (verb) to bind with a rope.
ropelike resembling a rope.
ropy like rope.
selvagee an untwisted skein of rope yarn marled together to form a strop.
sennit sinnet plaited straw or rope.
sheepshank a hitch by which a rope may be temporarily shortened.
sheet a rope attached to the lower corner of a sail.
sinnet see SENNIT.
skein a knot or number of knots in yarn or thread; (verb) to wind into a long loose coil.
slipknot a knot that adjusts tightness by slipping along a rope.
slipnoose a noose made with a SLIPKNOT, that tightens when pulled.
spunyarn a line or rope made of one or more yarns twisted (not laid) into a cord.
sternfast a rope or chain for making fast a ship's stern to a wharf.
sugan (Irish) a straw rope.
surcingle a girth or strap for holding saddle to animal's back; (verb) to fasten with a surcingle.
swift rapid > SWIFTER, SWIFTEST; SWIFTLY; (verb) to tighten with a rope > SWIFTS, SWIFTING, SWIFTED.
swifter a rope used to tighten or keep a thing in place > SWIFTERS.
thong a narrow strip of leather used for binding.
thonged having a thong or thongs.
throatlatch throatlash a strap used to fasten a horse's bridle.
timenoguy a rope stretched from place to place on a ship; a makeshift.
towrope a rope for towing.
triatic a rope joining adjacent mastheads.
trice to haul in and lash secure a sail with a small rope.
tumpline a strap placed across a man's forehead to assist him in carrying a pack on his back.
unknot to free from knots; to untie.
unreeve to withdraw a rope from an opening > UNREEVES, UNREEVING, UNROVE, UNROVEN.
vitta a leather strap on a soldier's suit of armour > VITTAE.
wanty a surcingle, or strap of leather, used for binding a load upon the back of a beast.
watchband the strap of a wristwatch.
widdie widdy a rope, esp. one made of osiers; a hangman's noose.
withe a tough, flexible branch or twig, especially one used for binding; (verb) to bind with a withe.
woold to wind a rope or chain around.
woolder a stick used to tighten the rope in woolding.
wristlet a band or strap for the wrist.

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