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alcove a vaulted or arched recess in a room-wall, formerly esp. one for a bed. [Arabic al-kubba, the vault].
alcoved having an alcove.
anteroom a room before, or forming an entrance to, another; a waiting room.
apadana the great hall or throne-room of an ancient Persian palace.
apartment any room in a building, usually one of several forming a suite, esp. one that is spacious and well furnished and used as living accommodation, offices, etc.
appartement a set of rooms in a house for an individual or a family.
atelier an artist's studio or workshop.
atrial of or pertaining to an ATRIUM, a square hall lighted from above, into which rooms open at one or more levels.
atrium a square hall lighted from above, into which rooms open at one or more levels > ATRIUMS or ATRIA.
attic a space or room within the roof of a house.
auditorium the part of a theatre, lecture-hall, or other public building occupied by the audience > AUDITORIUMS or AUDITORIA.
aula a hall > AULAS.
backroom a room at the back.
barroom a room in which drinks are served, forming part of a public house.
bathroom a room containing a bath.
bedroom a room containing a bed.
bedroomed having a bedroom.
bedsitting as in bedsitting room, a one-room apartment.
bierkeller a beer cellar.
boardroom a room where the board of directors of a company meets.
boudoir a lady's private room.
boxroom a room in which boxes, trunks, etc., are stored.
butlery the butler's pantry.
buttery a storeroom for provisions and liquors; (adj.) like or containing butter > BUTTERIER, BUTTERIEST.
byroom a side or private room.
cafetorium a large room designed for use as both a cafe and an auditorium.
caldarium a hot room in a Roman bath-house > CALDARIA. Cf. FRIGIDARIUM, TEPIDARIUM.
calefactory a monastery sitting room.
carol carrel carrell a desk or alcove in a library for private study.
cellar a room below ground-level; (verb) to store in a cellar.
cellarage the space or storerooms of a cellar; a cellar.
cenacle the room where the Last Supper was eaten; a clique or circle, especially of writers. [L. cenaculum, dining-room].
chamber a meeting hall, esp. one used for a legislative or judicial assembly; a reception room or audience room in an official residence, palace, etc; (verb) to place in a chamber.
charnel a room where corpses are placed.
chaumer a room or building in which male farm-workers sleep.
checkroom a cloakroom, a luggage room.
classroom a room in which children are confined, nominally for purposes of instruction.
cloakroom a room in which coats etc. are stored.
clubroom a room in a clubhouse.
coatroom a cloakroom.
cockloft a small room just under the roof.
cookroom a room for cookery; a kitchen; the galley or caboose of a ship.
couchette a sleeping-berth on a continental train.
cubby a snug enclosed place.
cubbyhole a small enclosed space or room.
cubicle a partially or totally enclosed section of a room, as in a dormitory.
cubiculum a cubicle > CUBICULA.
dinette an alcove or other part of a room or kitchen set apart for meals.
donko (NZ) an informal tea-room in a factory.
dorm dormitory.
dormitory a sleeping room, or a building containing a series of sleeping rooms.
dorter dortour a dormitory.
foyer a large room in a theatre or concert hall for the use of the audience during intervals.
frigidarium the room in Roman baths containing the final, cold, bath > FRIGIDARIA.
garderobe a chamber for storing clothes; a private chamber, a privy.
garret a room just under the roof of a house; attic.
garreted provided with garrets; lodged in a garret.
greenroom the retiring room of actors and actresses in a theater.
grillroom a room where grills are prepared.
growlery a retreat for times of ill humor.
guardroom a room having the same function as a guardhouse.
gunroom a room for storing guns.
gynaeceum gynaecium the women's apartments in a household; any room or building set aside for women esp. in ancient Greece or Rome > GYNAECEA or GYNAECEUMS; GYNAECIA or GYNAECIUMS.
hall a room serving as an entry area in a house or building.
hallway a hall or corridor.
homeroom the classroom where pupils assemble before classes.
houseroom room or place in a house; as, to give any one houseroom.
kitchen a room equipped for preparing food; (verb) to entertain in a kitchen, provide with food.
kitchenet a small kitchen.
kursaal a public hall or room, for the use of visitors at watering places and health resorts in Germany.
larder a room or cupboard, used as a store for food.
lobby a room or corridor used as an entrance hall, vestibule, etc; (verb) to seek to influence (members of a house of legislature) in the exercise of legislative functions.
locutory a room for conversation.
lounge a living room in a private house; (verb) to sit, lie etc. in a relaxed manner.
lunchroom a room where lunch is served.
mailroom a room where mail is sorted.
mattamore a subterranean repository for wheat.
megaron the central hall of an ancient Greek, esp. Mycenaean, house > MEGARA or MEGARONS.
mudroom a room for shedding muddy clothing or footwear.
oda odah a room in a harem.
pantry a small room or a cupboard in which provisions, crockery, cutlery, table linen, etc., are kept.
parlor parlour orig., a private room set apart for conversation or conference in any large or public building. Later, a sitting-room in a private house.
playroom a room in a house set aside for children's play.
pressroom a room for reporters.
proofroom a room where proofs are set up.
refectory the dining-hall of a monastery or other institution.
restroom a room set aside for rest.
roomette a sleeping-compartment in a train.
saddleroom a room where saddles and harness are kept.
salle a hall.
salon a room in a large house in which guests are received.
saloon a large room or hall used for meetings, exhibitions, etc., esp. in a hotel or public building.
sanctum a sacred place; a very private room > SANCTA or SANCTUMS.
scriptorium a writing room, especially of scribes in medieval monastery > SCRIPTORIA.
scullery a small kitchen.
selamlik the portion of a Turkish house reserved for men.
servery a room or rooms adjoining a dining-room, from which the food is served.
sickroom a room to which a person who is ill is confined.
sitkamer (Afrikaans) a sitting-room.
snug a cosy room, a corner; (verb) to lie close.
snuggery snuggerie a snug cozy place; especially a small room.
solar soler sollar soller an upper room, a garret.
solarium a sun-room > SOLARIA.
stackroom in a library, a room where books are kept in stacks.
staffroom a room in a school set aside as a sanctuary for the teaching staff.
stateroom a private cabin or room on a ship, train, etc; a large room in a palace or other building for use on state occasions.
stillroom a room for distilling.
stockroom a room where goods are kept.
storeroom a room in which things are stored.
studio a room in which an artist, photographer, or musician works; a room used to record television or radio programmes, make films, etc.
study a room set aside for study.
subcellar a subdivision of a cellar.
sudatorium a sweat room in a bath > SUDATORIA or SUDATORIUMS.
sunroom a room for taking the sun.
tallat tallet tallot in the West of England, a loft.
taproom a room where liquors are kept on tap; a barroom.
tepidarium a warm room between the hot and cold rooms of a Roman bath > TEPIDARIA.
tokonoma a small alcove in a Japanese house.
undercroft an underground room or vault, esp under a church; crypt.
vestiary a robing-room; a cloakroom; (adj.) of or relating to clothes.
vestibular of or pertaining to a VESTIBULE; like a vestibule.
vestibule an entrance-hall; (verb) to provide (a railway carriage) with vestibules; link by means of vestibules.
vestibuled having a vestibule.
voorkamer (Afrikaans) a front room, esp. of a farmhouse.
wardroom quarters for a ship's officers.
wareroom a room in which goods are stored or exhibited for sale.
washroom a room, esp. in a factory or office block, in which lavatories, washbasins, etc., are situated; (U.S. and Canadian) a euphemism for lavatory.
workroom a room in which work, usually manual labour, is done; a room in a house set aside for a hobby, such as sewing.

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