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acouchi acouchy a relative of the AGOUTI. [Tupi acuchy]. Pl. ACOUCHIS, ACOUCHIES.
agouti agouty aguti a small S. American rodent related to the guinea-pig.
arvicole a mouse of the genus Arvicola; the field mouse. [L. arvum, a field + colere, to inhabit].
arvicoline of or like a field mouse.
bandicoot a species of very large rat, found in India and Ceylon; (verb) to remove potatoes from the ground leaving the tops undisturbed. [Telugu pandikokku, pig-rat].
beaver an amphibious rodent; (verb) to toil industriously.
biscacha bizcacha viscacha vizcacha a gregarious burrowing S. American rodent related to the chinchilla.
bobac bobak a species of marmot.
capybara a large S. American rodent.
cavy a kind of South American rodent.
chickaree the American red squirrel, so called from its cry.
chinchilla a S. American rodent of the genus Chinchilla, with very soft grey fur.
chipmuck chipmunk a mainly terrestrial squirrel of N America and parts of Asia, with dark stripes on the back and cheek pouches for storing and carrying food.
coypou coypu a large S. American rodent, the source of nutria fur.
cricetid a member of the Cricetidae, a family of rodents including gerbils.
degu A small rodent native to Chile, aka Brush-Tailed Rat.
dormouse any member of the Myoxidae, a family of rodents related to mice but somewhat squirrel-like in form and habit > DORMICE.
fieldmouse fieldvole a name for various species of mouse and vole that live in the fields > FIELDMICE, FIELDVOLES.
flickertail a N. American ground squirrel.
geomyoid belonging to the pouched rats, an American family of burrowing rodents.
gerbil gerbille jerbil a desert rodent.
gopher a name in America applied to various burrowing animals, including the pouched rat and the ground squirrel; (verb) to burrow, mine.
groundhog a common large North American marmot, aka WOODCHUCK.
hackee the chipmunk; also, the CHICKAREE or red squirrel.
hampster hamster a small Eurasian rodent.
hutia a W. Indian rodent, aka hog-rat.
jerboa a desert rodent that jumps on long legs like a kangaroo. [Arabic yarbu].
jird a N African gerbil.
kiore (Maori) a small brown rat native to New Zealand.
lemming a small short-tailed Arctic rodent.
loir a large European dormouse.
mara a large rodent, like a CAVY, found in Patagonia.
marmot a kind of rodent.
molerat a name for several burrowing rodents.
mouse also a verb: to catch mice: hence MOUSES is valid.
mouselike like a mouse.
mousie mousekin a little mouse.
murid murine belonging to the rats and mice family of rodents.
muriform resembling a mouse or rat.
muskrat musquash a large semi-aquatic N. American rodent, resembling a beaver.
nutria the COYPU, or its fur.
paca a South American rodent, the spotted CAVY.
porcupine a large spiny rodent of various kinds.
porcupinish+ porcupiny like a porcupine.
porpentine a Shakespearean word for porcupine.
ratlike like a rat.
rattish like a rat.
ratton rottan rotten a rat. Worth remembering that ROTTEN, therefore, takes an —S hook.
scaletail a type of squirrel.
sciurid a member of the squirrel family.
sciurine sciuroid of or relating to squirrels or chipmunks.
sewellel the mountain beaver, a squirrel-like burrowing rodent of NW coastal regions of N. America. [Chinook shewallal, a robe of its skin].
souslik suslik a ground squirrel.
spermophile a member of family of seed-loving rodents.
springhaas a S. African nocturnal rodent > SPRINGHAAS or SPRINGHASE.
squirrel also a verb: to store away, hide > SQUIRRELED/SQUIRRELLED.
squirrely like a squirrel.
taguan a giant flying squirrel of SE Asia.
tucotuco tucutuco tucutucu an American rodent of mole-like habits.
urson the Canadian porcupine.
viscacha see BISCACHA.
viscachera a settlement of VISCACHAS.
vole any of numerous blunt-nosed, short-eared, mouselike or ratlike rodents, including the so-called water rat and some fieldmice.
woodchuck a common large North American marmot, aka GROUNDHOG.
woodmouse a mouse living in woodland.
woodrat another name for the pack-rat.
xerus an African squirrel > XERUSES.
zizel the ground-squirrel. [Ger. Ziesel, chipmunk].

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