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Religious Jobs

abba a Syriac or Coptic bishop.
abbacy abbotcy abbotship the office of ABBOT.
abbatial pertaining to ABBOTS or an abbey.
abbe a courtesy title given in France to every one vested with the ecclesiastical habit or dress.
abbess a female ABBOT, head of a nunnery.
abbot the superior of a monastery.
abbotcy see ABBACY.
abbotship see ABBACY.
ablegate a papal envoy or legate.
acoemeti an ancient monastic order who maintained an eternal choir service. [Gk. akoimetos, sleepless].
acolouthite an acolyte.
acolyte acolyth (Greek) a faithful follower.
alfaki alfaqui alfaquin a Muslim expounder of the law.
anchoress ancress a female ANCHORET.
anchoret anchorite one who lives in seclusion, usually for religious reasons.
anchoretic anchoretical of or like an ANCHORET.
anchorite see ANCHORET.
anchoritic of or like an ANCHORITE.
ancress see ANCHORESS.
anointer one who anoints.
antipope one who is elected, or claims to be, pope in opposition to the pope canonically chosen; esp. applied to those popes who resided at Avignon during the Great Schism.
apocalyptist the writer of an apocalypse.
apostle a disciple sent forth by Christ to preach the gospel.
apostolate the office of an APOSTLE.
apostolic apostolical relating to the office of APOSTLE.
archbishop a BISHOP at the head of an ecclesiastical province or one of equivalent honorary rank.
archdeacon a clergyman having the duty of assisting a diocesan BISHOP in ceremonial functions or administrative work.
archdruid a chief or presiding druid.
archimandrite the head of a monastery or convent.
archpriest a chief priest; also, a kind of vicar, or a rural dean.
arhat a Buddhist who has attained nirvana, a LOHAN.
arhatship the state of being an ARHAT.
ayatollah an Iranian religious leader.
bacchant a priest of Bacchus.
bacchante a priestess of Bacchus.
baptist baptizer one who baptizes.
bapu (Hindu) a spiritual father.
beadman beadsman bedeman bedesman a monk or almoner who prays for a benefactor
beadswoman a female BEADSMAN, a monk or almoner who prays for a benefactor.
beghard beguin in Flanders, a man living a monastic life without vows and with power to return to the world.
bhikhu bhikkhuni a fully ordained Buddhist monk.
biblicist one skilled in the knowledge of the Bible; a demonstrator of religious truth by the Scriptures.
bibliolater one having excessive reverence for the Bible as literally interpreted; one with extravagant devotion to or dependence upon books.
biblist one who makes the Bible the sole rule of faith.
bishop a senior clergyman consecrated for the spiritual direction of a diocese; (verb) to fill, or otherwise tamper with, the teeth of (a horse, to make it seem younger).
bishopdom the jurisdiction of a bishop; an EPISCOPATE.
bishopess a female BISHOP: BISHOPESSES.
bishopric the diocese or jurisdiction of a BISHOP; the rank or office of a BISHOP.
boddhisattva bodhisattva a Buddhist who gives up Nirvana out of compassion for others.
bonze a Japanese or Chinese Buddhist religious teacher. [Japanese bonzo or bonzi, a priest].
cabalist cabbalist qabalist one who practices CABALISM.
caloyer a Greek Orthodox monk, especially of the order of St Basil.
camerlengo camerlingo the papal chamberlain; the cardinal who presides over the pope's household.
canon a member of an order of clergy living in a clergy-house or within the precincts of a cathedral etc. in accordance with the canons of the church.
canoness a woman living in a community under a religious rule.
canonicate the rank or office of a CANON.
canoniser canonizer one who canonises.
cantor a singer; esp. the leader of a church choir; a PRECENTOR.
cardinal one of the leading dignitaries of the church constituting the Sacred College at Rome, to whom pertains the right of electing a new pope; (adj.) of fundamental importance: CARDINALLY.
cartulary a keeper of monastic records.
catechiser catechizer catechist one who catechises i.e. instructs by question and answer, especially in religions matters.
catholicos the Primate of the Armenian or Nestorian church: CATHOLICOI.
cellarer cellarist a monastery official in charge of provisions.
cenobite coenobite a monk; a member of religious group.
cenobitic cenobitical coenobitic of or like a CENOBITE. Also CENOBITICAL, COENOBITIC.
cenobitical relating to a cenobite. Also CENOBITIC, COENOBITIC.
chaplain the member of clergy attached to a chapel; spec. a member of the clergy officiating in the private chapel of a household or institution, on board ship, or for a regiment, school, etc.
chaplaincy chaplainry the office, position, or station of a chaplain.
chazan a cantor in a synagogue: CHAZANIM or CHAZANS.
chazzan a cantor in a synagogue: CHAZZANS or CHAZZANIM.
chazzen a cantor in a synagogue: CHAZZENS or CHAZZENIM.
chela a novice or disciple in Buddhism: CHELAS; also, the claw of an arthropod: CHELAE.
chelaship discipleship.
churchman a clergyman or ecclesiastic: CHURCHMEN, CHURCHMANLY.
churchmanly in the manner of a CHURCHMAN.
churchwoman a woman who is a member of a church: CHURCHWOMEN.
clergy the body of persons ordained for religious service.
clergyman one who works for the church.
clergywoman a woman who is a member of the clergy.
cleric a member of the clergy.
clerical like a cleric: CLERICALLY; (noun) a cleric.
clericate the position of a clergyman.
clericity the state of being a clergyman.
cloistress (Shakesp.) a nun.
coadjutor a BISHOP assisting a diocesan bishop and having the right of succession.
coadjutrix a female COADJUTOR or assistant: COADJUTRIXES.
coenobite see CENOBITE.
cohen kohen a member of the Jewish priestly class, descended from Aaron, having certain privileges and obligations in the synagogue > COHENS, KOHANIM.
colporteur a peddler of religious books. [Fr. col, neck + porter, to carry].
conclavist one of the two ecclesiastics allowed to attend a CARDINAL in the conclave.
confessor one who hears confession.
consultor an advisor to a Catholic BISHOP.
conventual of or pertaining to a convent; (noun) a monk or nun.
copastor one that shares the duties of a PASTOR.
corybant one of the priests of Cybele in Phrygia, whose rites were accompanied by wild music, dancing, etc: CORYBANTES or CORYBANTS.
corybantism the rites associated with CORYBANTS.
curacy the office of CURATE.
curate an assistant to a parish priest; (verb) to act as a curate.
curateship the office of CURATE.
curia a papal court and its officials: CURIAE or CURIAS.
curial relating to a CURIA, a papal court and its officials.
custos a guardian, custodian or keeper, especially of convents or monasteries: CUSTODES.
dataria datary an officer of the papal court charged with registering and dating bulls etc. and with granting indults and graces.
dayan a senior RABBI: DAYANS or DAYANIM.
deacon in Episcopal churches, a member of the order of clergy under priests; (verb) to put the best looking goods on top of the pile.
deaconess a female DEACON.
deaconhood deaconry deaconship the office or ministry of a DEACON or DEACONESS.
dean a dignitary in cathedral and collegiate churches who presides over the canons; (verb) to serve as a dean.
deanery deanship the office of a DEAN.
decanal relating to a dean: DECANALLY or DECANICALLY.
decretist one who studies, or professes the knowledge of, the DECRETALS.
dervish a Muslim (spec. Sufi) religious man who has taken vows of poverty and austerity.
diaconal of or pertaining to a deacon.
diaconate the office of a deacon; deaconship; also, a body or board of deacons.
dignitary someone in a high position or rank, esp in the church.
diocesan the BISHOP of a diocese.
diocese the circuit or extent of a bishop's jurisdiction.
domine dominee a minister of the Dutch Reformed Church or other Afrikaner church.
druid a Celtic priest.
druidess a lady DRUID.
druidic druidical pertaining to, or resembling, the DRUIDS.
druidry the profession of DRUID.
ecclesiast ecclesiastic a person consecrated to the church, such as a priest or a clergyman.
energumen a person supposedly possessed by an evil spirit.
episcopant a holder of a BISHOPRIC.
episcopate a bishopric; the office and dignity of a bishop; (verb, Milton) to act as a bishop.
episcopise episcopize to make a bishop of by consecration.
epistoler the reader of the epistle in an Anglican service.
epopt a person fully initiated into the Eleusinian mysteries.
eremital of or like an EREMITE.
eremite a hermit, esp: a religious recluse.
eremitish like an EREMITE, a hermit.
evangelist a writer of any of the four Gospels.
exarch a viceroy; the rank below patriarch in the Eastern church.
exarchal relating to an EXARCH.
exarchate the office or the province of an EXARCH.
exarchist a supporter of the Bulgarian EXARCH.
fakeer fakir faqir faquir a religious (esp Muslim) mendicant, ascetic or wonder-worker in India, etc.
fakirism being a FAKIR, a Hindu ascetic.
fecial fetial fetialis in ancient Rome: a member of a group of priests who acted as heralds and performed the rites connected with the declaration of war and conclusion of peace. The pl. of FETIALIS is FETIALES.
flamen a priest of a Roman deity: FLAMENS or FLAMINES.
flaminical pertaining to a FLAMEN.
frate a friar, a mendicant Franciscan: FRATI.
frater a monk; also, a house for monks.
fratery fratry a fraternity; a convent of friars.
frere a friar.
friar a member of a religious order.
friarly resembling or characteristic of a FRIAR.
friary an establishment for FRIARS.
gooroo guru in Hinduism, a spiritual teacher.
gospeler gospeller one of the four EVANGELISTS.
guru see GOOROO.
gurudom guruism guruship the state of being a GURU.
gyrovague a monk who travels from one place to another.
hagadist haggadist a scholar versed in the HAGGADAH, a Jewish scripture.
hakam a Jewish sage, a rabbinical commentator. [Hebrew hakham, wise].
halachist halakhist a practioner of Jewish religious law.
hazan a cantor in a synagogue: HAZANIM or HAZANS.
hazzan a cantor in a synagogue: HAZZANS or HAZZANIM.
hebdomadary a member of a chapter or convent, who takes his or her weekly turn in performing the sacred offices of the Church.
hegumen the head of a monastery.
hegumene the head of a nunnery.
hegumenos a HEGUMEN, the head of a monastery: HEGUMENOI.
hegumeny the office of HEGUMEN, the head of a monastery.
heortologist one who practises HEORTOLOGY, the study of religious feasts.
heresiarch the leader of a heretical movement.
hermit a recluse, esp. one with a religious motivation.
hermitess a female hermit.
hermitic of or like a hermit.
hermitical pertaining to, or suited for, a hermit.
hermitism hermitry the state of being a hermit.
hieratic hieratical pertaining to priests.
hierocrat a governing priest.
hierodule a temple slave in the service of a specified deity.
hierodulic relating to a HIERODULE.
hierologist a student of HIEROLOGY, the science of sacred matters.
hierophant one who shows or reveals sacred things; a priest.
hojatoleslam hojatolislam an Iranian cleric below the rank of AYATOLLAH.
houngan hungan a voodoo priest.
iconoclast a breaker or destroyer of images or idols; a determined enemy of idol worship.
imam imaum the officer who leads the devotions in a mosque.
incumbent imposed on > INCUMBENTLY; (noun) a person who holds an ecclesiastical benefice, or any office.
infirmarer infirmarian an officer in a mediaeval monastery who was in charge of the infirmary.
internuncio a messenger between two parties; a low-ranking papal legate > INTERNUNCIOS.
kahuna a priest or medicine-man; an expert in any field.
khazen a cantor in a synagogue > KHAZENIM or KHAZENS.
kirkman a clergyman or officer in a kirk.
lama a Tibetan monk or priest.
lampadary in the Greek Church, someone who looks after the lamps and carries a lighted taper before the patriarch.
lector a reader, esp. in a college or church service.
lectorate lectorship the office of LECTOR, a reader, esp. in a college or church service.
lectress a female LECTOR.
legate an emissary of the pope; (verb) to bequeath.
legateship the office of a LEGATE.
legatine relating to a LEGATE.
levite a clergyman.
levitic levitical of or like a LEVITE or clergyman.
limiter lymiter a friar who had a license to beg within certain areas.
liturgist a leader in public worship.
lohan a Buddhist who has attained nirvana, an ARHAT.
lymiter see LIMITER.
maharishi a Hindu teacher of mysticism and spiritual knowledge.
mahatma a religious adept, a sage. [Skr. mahatman, great-souled].
mahatmaism the state of being a MAHATMA.
marabout a Moslem hermit or saint (N. Africa) or his tomb. [Fr. from Arabic murabit, hermit].
marrano a Jew who has converted to Christianity to avoid persecution > MARRANOS.
martext an ignorant preacher.
mashgiach a person who ensures adherence to kosher rules > MASHGICHIM.
mashgiah a person who ensures adherence to kosher rules > MASHGIHIM.
mashiach in Judaism, the Messiah.
masspriest a priest retained in chantries to say masses for the dead.
maulvi moolvi moolvie a teacher in Islam.
melamed a teacher in a Jewish school > MELAMDIM.
messiah an expected liberator.
messias the Messiah > MESSIASES.
metropolitan an ARCHBISHOP holding authority over other bishops.
minister a member of the clergy in certain denominations of the Christian church; (verb) to give aid or service.
missionary a person undertaking a mission and especially a religious mission.
mohel in Jewish religion, one who performs circumcisions > MOHELS, MOHELIM or MOHALIM.
molla mollah moolah mulla mullah a Muslim learned in theology and law.
monachal of or pertaining to monks or a monastic life; monastic.
monachist an adherent of MONACHISM, the monastic way of life.
monastic relating to monks > MONASTICALLY; (noun) a monk > MONASTICS.
monastical of or pertaining to monasteries.
monk a man who is a member of a secluded religious order.
monkery monks in general; monasticism.
monkhood the state or profession of a monk.
monkish pertaining to monks > MONKISHLY.
monsignor an honorific title given to a Roman Catholic prelate, officer of the papal court and household, etc > MONSIGNORI or MONSIGNORS.
moolah see MOLLA.
moolvi see MAULVI.
moolvie see MAULVI.
mueddin muezzin the Muslim official who calls the faithful to prayer.
mujahedeen mujahedin mujahideen mujahidin Islamic fundamentalist freedom fighters.
mulla see MOLLA.
mullah see MOLLA.
mullahism the system of having MULLAHS.
nun a female member of a religious order.
nunciature the office of a NUNCIO.
nuncio one who brings tidings; a high-ranking papal legate.
nunhood the state of being a nun.
nunlike like a nun.
nunnish of, pertaining to, or resembling a nun.
nunship the state of being a nun.
oblate flattened at the poles > OBLATELY; (noun) a person dedicated to monastic or religious life or work.
oratorian a father or priest of an oratory, a Roman Catholic school.
ordinand one who is undertaking ordination.
ordinant a person who ordains or confers holy orders.
ordinee one who is being or has just been ordained.
ostiary a doorkeeper, especially in a church.
padre father; a title given to priests; an army chaplain.
papable likely to, or qualified to, become POPE.
papacy the position or office of Pope (of Rome).
papal of or relating to the Pope or the papacy > PAPALLY.
papalise papalize to make papal; imbue with papal principles or doctrines.
papalism the system of having a Pope.
papalist an adherent of PAPALISM.
papalize see PAPALISE.
pape a POPE.
papist a Roman Catholic.
pardoner one who raises money for religious works by selling indulgences.
parson a clergyman.
parsonic parsonical of or pertaining to a PARSON.
parsonish appropriate to, or like, a parson; -- used in disparagement.
pastor a person who has care of a flock or of a congregation > PASTORLY; (verb) to serve as the spiritual overseer of.
pastorate the office, state, or jurisdiction of a PASTOR.
pastorly appropriate to a PASTOR.
pastorship the office of PASTOR.
patercove a hedge-priest i.e. a vagrant or disreputable priest.
patrico a hedge-priest i.e. a vagrant or disreputable priest > PATRICOES.
patrologist one who practises PATROLOGY, the study of early Christianity.
peritus a theological consultant acting as an authority within the Roman Catholic church > PERITI.
piarist one of a religious foundation for the education of the poor.
pillarist an ascetic living on top of a pillar, a STYLITE.
pir a Muslim title of honour, given to a holy man.
pontifex a high priest; a pontiff > PONTIFICES.
pontiff a chief priest. [L. pontifex, pontificis].
pontific relating to, or consisting of, pontiffs or priests.
pontifical an office-book for bishops.
pontificality the state of being PONTIFIC.
pontify to play the PONTIFF.
popedom the place, office, or dignity of the pope.
popehood the state of being a pope.
popeless without a pope.
popelike like a pope.
popeling a petty or deputy pope.
popeship the office of pope.
popish of or pertaining to the pope; hence, of or pertaining to the Roman Catholic Church; -- often used opprobriously > POPISHLY.
postulancy the state or period of being a POSTULANT.
postulant a candidate for a religious order.
postulator an official who presents case for canonization or beatification.
preacher one that preaches.
preachership the office of preacher.
prebendary a clergyman attached to a collegiate or cathedral church who enjoys a PREBEND in consideration of his officiating at stated times in the church.
precent to officiate as precentor; to lead the singing of a choir or congregation.
precentor a leader of the singing of a church choir.
precentorship the office of PRECENTOR.
precentress a female PRECENTOR.
predicant a preacher; spec. a member of a predicant religious order.
predikant a Dutch reformed preacher, esp. in S. Africa.
prelacy prelaty the office of a PRELATE; church government.
prelate a bishop or abbot of superior rank.
prelatess a female PRELATE.
prelatial prelatic prelatical of or pertaining to prelates or prelacy; as, prelatical authority.
prelatise prelatize to bring under the influence of the PRELACY.
prelatish like a PRELATE.
prelatism domination by prelates.
prelatist a supporter or adherent of PRELACY or EPISCOPACY.
prelature the office of PRELATE, a bishop or abbot of superior rank.
prelaty see PRELACY.
presbyte presbyter an elder in the early Christian church.
presbytership the office of PRESBYTER, an elder in the early Christian church.
presbytery part of church reserved for officiating clergy.
presentee someone who is presented to a benefice.
prester a priest.
priest an ordained minister; (verb) to act as priest.
priestcraft priestly policy directed to worldly ends.
priestess a female PRIEST.
priesthood the office, dignity, or character of a priest.
priestlike like a PRIEST.
priestliness the state of being PRIESTLY.
priestling a PRIEST of low rank.
priestly like a priest > PRIESTLIER, PRIESTLIEST.
priestship the office of PRIEST.
primatal relating to a PRIMATE; (noun) a primate > PRIMATALS.
primate a bishop or archbishop to whose see was formerly annexed the dignity of vicar of the holy see.
primatial of or pertaining to ecclesiastical primacy > PRIMATIALS.
primatic primatical of or pertaining to ecclesiastical primacy.
primus a presiding bishop in the Scottish Episcopal church > pl. PRIMUSES not PRIMI (but PRIMI is valid as a plural of PRIMO).
prior one in charge of a priory, ranking second to abbot.
priorate priorship the state or office of a PRIOR.
prioress a female superior of a house of any of various orders of nuns; the deputy of an abbess.
priorship see PRIORATE.
pronuncio a papal ambassador of lower status than a NUNCIO.
prozymite a person who uses leavened bread in the Eucharist (as opposed to an AZYMITE).
psalmist one who composes psalms.
psalmodist a singer of psalms.
pujari a Hindu priest.
pulpiteer pulpiter someone who speaks from a pulpit, a preacher.
pythoness a witch (with cap, the priestess who gave oracular answers at Delphi in Greece).
qabalist see CABALIST.
qawwal a singer of QAWWALI, devotional Sufi music.
quaestionary a religious PARDONER.
rabbin a Jewish expounderof the law.
rabbinic of or pertaining to the RABBINS > RABBINICS.
rav a rabbi, esp one in authority; a teacher or mentor.
rebbe a rabbi or spiritual leader of a Hasidic Jewish group.
rebbetzin the wife of a RABBI.
recollet a member of an order of Franciscan friars who cultivate detachment from the world.
rector in the Church of England, a clergyman of a parish where the tithes were formerly paid to the incumbent.
rectoral pertaining to a RECTOR.
rectorate the office, rank, or station of a rector.
rectoress rectress a female rector, a rector's wife.
rectorial pertaining to a rector or a rectory; (noun) at a Scottish university, a rectorial election.
rectorship the office of RECTOR.
rectress see RECTORESS.
recusant one who refuses to attend Catholic church services; generally, one who refuses to submit to authority.
reformade (Spanish) a monk of a reformed order.
reformado (Spanish) a monk of a reformed order > REFORMADOS or REFORMADOES.
religieuse a (female) person bound by monastic vows; a nun.
religieux a (male) person bound by monastic vows; a monk.
renunciate a religious devotee who gives up earthly pleasures to live as an ascetic
reverend a member of the clergy.
revivalist one who conducts religious revivals.
roshi a teacher of Zen Buddhism.
rubricator one who rubricates.
rubrician a student or follower of liturgical rubrics.
sacerdotal priestly.
sacrist sacristan a Church official in charge of vessels and the sacristy.
saddhu sadhu an ascetic Indian holy man.
saint a person of exceptional holiness; (verb) to declare to be a saint.
saintdom the state or character of a saint.
saintess a female saint.
sainthood the state of being a saint.
saintish somewhat saintlike.
saintism the character or quality of saints; also, hypocritical pretense of holiness.
saintlike like a saint.
saintling a little saint.
saintly like a saint > SAINTLIER, SAINTLIEST; SAINTLILY.
saintship the character or qualities of a saint.
sandek a man who holds a baby being circumcised.
sangh an association promoting unity between different groups in Hinduism.
sannyasi sannyasin sanyasi a Hindu ascetic or hermit who lives by begging.
sant in Sikhism, a devout person, a saint.
santera a priestess of SANTERIA, a Caribbean religion.
santero a priest of SANTERIA, a Caribbean religion.
santon an Eastern dervish or saint.
sanyasi see SANNYASI.
saunt a saint.
sceuophylax a sacristan > SCEUOPHYLAXES.
scribe an expounder and teacher of the traditional Jewish law and that of Moses.
scribism the character and opinions of a Jewish scribe in the time of Christ.
sectary a member of a sect; a person who is zealous in the cause of a sect.
seminarian seminarist a member of, or one educated in, a seminary; specifically, an ecclesiastic educated for the priesthood in a seminary.
sermoneer sermoner a preacher; a sermonizer.
sermonise sermonize to deliver or compose a sermon.
sexton a church caretaker or bellringer.
sextoness a female sexton; a sexton's wife.
sextonship the office of a sexton.
shaman a doctor-priest or medicine man working by magic, esp a priest of Asian Shamanism.
shamanic pertaining to a SHAMAN.
shamanist an adherent of Shamanism.
shammas the sexton in a synagogue; the candle used to light the other 8 candles of a Chanukah menorah > SHAMMASIM.
shammash the sexton in a synagogue; the candle used to light the other 8 candles of a Chanukah menorah > SHAMMASHIM.
shammes the sexton in a synagogue; the candle used to light the other 8 candles of a Chanukah menorah > SHAMMOSIM.
shammos the sexton in a synagogue; the candle used to light the other 8 candles of a Chanukah menorah > SHAMMOSIM.
shamos the sexton in a synagogue; the candle used to light the other 8 candles of a Chanukah menorah > SHAMOSIM.
shochet a slaughterer who slaughters in the kosher manner > SHOCHETIM or SHOCHETS.
shriver one who shrives; a confessor.
sidesman a person elected as an assistant to the churchwardens of a parish or church.
silentiary a person maintaining or bound to silence.
sim a Simeonite, an evangelical.
simoniac simonist one who practices SIMONY, the buying or selling of a church office or ecclesiastical preferment.
simony the buying or selling of a church office or ecclesiastical preferment. [ME simonie, from OF, from Late Latin simonia after Simon Magus, a sorcerer who tried to buy spiritual powers from the Apostle Peter (Acts 8:9-24).]
softa a Muslim student or practitioner of sacred law and theology.
sopheric relating to the SOPHERIM, Jewish scribes.
sopherim the scribes, the expounders of Jewish oral law.
souper in Ireland, a person who dispenses soup as a means of proselytising; one who has been converted in this way.
squarson a clergyman who is also a squire or landowner in his parish.
starets an Eastern Orthodox spiritual advisor > STARETSES or STARTSY.
staretz an Eastern Orthodox spiritual advisor > STARETZES.
stigmatist one believed to be supernaturally impressed with the marks of Christ's wounds.
stylite one of a class of ascetics who lived on the tops of pillars in ancient times. [Gk. stylites, from stylos, a pillar].
stylitic of or like a STYLITE, one of a class of ascetics who lived on the tops of pillars in ancient times.
stylitism the practice of being a STYLITE.
subabbot one down from an abbot.
subcantor a subordinate CANTOR, a singer; esp. the leader of a church choir.
subchanter a precentor's deputy; an officer or lay member of a cathedral who assists in chanting the litany.
subdeacon a minister of an order next below that of deacon.
subdean an under dean; the deputy or substitute of a dean.
subdecanal of or pertaining to a SUBDEAN or subdeanery.
subprimate one ranked below a primate.
subprior the vicegerent of a prior; a claustral officer who assists the prior.
subprioress an assistant PRIORESS.
subvicar an assistant vicar.
suffragan an assistant bishop; any bishop in relation to his metropolitan. [L. suffraganeus, assistant].
swami a Hindu mystic > SWAMIS.
swamy a Hindu mystic > SWAMIES.
synedrial of or like a SYNEDRIUM, an ancient rabbinical council of 70 sages, the highest court of ancient Jerusalem.
synedrion synedrium an ancient rabbinical council of 70 sages, the highest court of ancient Jerusalem > SYNEDRIA.
synodsman a member of a SYNOD, an ecclesiastical assembly or council.
synoptist one of the writers of the Synoptic Gospels.
taperer one who bears a taper during a religious procession.
theogonist a writer on theogony.
theolog theologer theologian theologist theologue a specialist in theology.
thurifer an altar boy or acolyte who carries a THURIBLE.
tohunga a priest, a wise man with healing powers.
tractarian tractator a writer of tracts.
tsaddik in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety > TSADDIKS or TSADDIKIM.
tsaddiq in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety > TSADDIQS or TSADDIQIM.
tzaddik in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety > TZADDIKS or TZADDIKIM.
tzaddiq in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety > TZADDIQS or TZADDIQIM.
ulama ulema the body of professional theologians, expounders of the law, in a Muslim country.
unmiter unmitre to deprive of a mitre; to depose or degrade from the rank of a bishop.
unpriestly not like a PRIEST.
vartabed a member of an Armenian order of clergy.
verger a church usher and attendant.
vergership the office of VERGER.
vestal one of the Roman patrician virgins consecrated to Vesta, goddess of the hearth > VESTALS; (adj.) relating to a vestal > VESTALLY.
vestryman a member of a vestry.
vesturer a person responsible for care of clerical vestments and for other church duties.
vicar a church official.
vicarate vicariate the office or authority of a vicar.
vicaress a female vicar.
vicarial of or pertaining to a vicar or vicars.
vicariate see VICARATE.
vicarly like a VICAR.
vicarship the office or dignity of a vicar.
vicary a vicarship.
vidame in French feudal jurisprudence, the deputy of a bishop in temporal affairs; a minor noble.
virger a VERGER (still the accepted spelling at St Paul's).
votaress votress a female votary.
votarist a votary, one who has taken a vow.
votary one who has taken a vow, esp. religious.
votress see VOTARESS.
vowess a woman who has taken a vow; a nun.
zaddick in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety > ZADDIKIM.
zaddik in Judaism, a Hasidic leader, or person of extraordinary piety > ZADDIKS or ZADDIKIM.
zelator zelatrice zelatrix a nun whose duty is to keep watch on the behaviour of younger nuns in the convent. The pl. of ZELATRIX is ZELATRICES.
zymite a priest using leavened bread during communion.

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