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angwantibo a small lemuroid mammal of Africa. [W. African angwan, cat].
ape an anthropoid primate; (verb) to imitate.
babacoote a large lemur. [Malagasy babakoto lit. 'father-child'.]
baboon a large monkey of various species, with long muzzle and dog-like tusks.
baboonish like a baboon.
baboonery baboonish behaviour.
bandar a rhesus monkey.
bandari a female monkey.
bobbejaan (S. African) a baboon.
bonobo a chimpanzee-like primate.
bushbaby a small African tree-living primate with large eyes.
capuchin a S. American monkey with thick hair like a monk's cowl.
cebid ceboid one of a family of monkeys, the capuchins.
chacma a large species of African baboon, aka ursine baboon.
chimp a chimpanzee.
chimpanzee an intelligent anthropoid ape inhabiting the tropical central African forests.
coaita the native name of certain South American monkeys of the genus Ateles.
colobus a genus of monkey. Pl. COLOBI.
colugo a flying lemur. Pl. COLUGOS.
cynomolgus a type of macaque. Pl. CYNOMOLGI.
douc a kind of monkey, remarkable for its varied and brilliant colors, native to Cochin China.
douroucouli durukuli a small, nocturnal, South American monkey.
drill a W. African baboon, smaller than a mandrill.
entellus an East Indian long-tailed bearded monkey regarded as sacred by the natives, remarkable for the caplike arrangement of the hair on the head.
galago a kind of African lemur. [Wolof golokh, monkey]. Pl. GALAGOS.
gelada a kind of baboon, remarkable for the length of the hair on the neck and shoulders of the adult male. [Arabic qilada, collar].
gibbon any of various small long-armed tailless arboreal apes of the SE Asian genus Hylobates.
gorilla a large anthropoid ape.
grivet a long-tailed African monkey.
guenon a kind of long-legged African monkey.
guereza a large, long-haired, black-and-white African monkey, with a bushy tail.
hamadryas a type of baboon.
hanuman an E. Indian monkey with a bristly face.
hominoid relating to the superfamily Hominoidea, comprising man and modern apes and their extinct ancestors; (noun) a member of this family.
hoolock a small black gibbon found in the mountains of Assam.
howler a S American monkey, with prodigious power of voice.
hylobate any species of the genus Hylobates; a gibbon, or long-armed ape.
indri indris a short-tailed lemur of Madagascar. [Malagasy indry! lo! behold!, or indry izy! there he is!, mistaken for the name of the animal, which in Malagasy is babakoto (see BABACOOTE)].
jacchus a S. American marmoset. [L. Iacchus]. Pl. JACCHUSES.
jocko a chimpanzee > JOCKOS. [Bantu còkó, a kind of monkey].
kipunji a long-tailed Tanzanian monkey with a crest of erect hair.
langur a long-tailed Asian monkey.
lemur one of a group of long-tailed mammals allied to the monkeys, living in Madagascar > LEMURS. [Also an ancient Roman ghost of the dead > LEMURES].
lemurlike like a lemur.
lemuroid like a lemur; (noun) a member of the lemur family.
loris any one of several species of small lemurs of the genus Stenops.
macaco any one of several species of lemurs > MACACOS.
macaque a kind of monkey. [Fr. f. Port. macaco f. Bantu makaku some monkeys, f. ma numerical sign + kaku monkey].
magot the Barbary ape; also, a small grotesque figure in Chinese art.
malmag the TARSIER or spectral lemur. [Philippine word].
mandrill a large W. African forest baboon, the adult of which has a bright red and blue face and blue buttocks.
mangabey mangaby an Equatorial African monkey with a long tail and muzzle.
marmoset a small monkey. [OFr. marmouser, to murmur].
mico the black-tailed marmoset > MICOS.
mona a kind of West African monkey.
monkey any mammal of the Primates except man and (usu) the anthropoid apes; (verb) to mimic.
mono the black howler monkey of Central America > MONOS.
nagapie the bush-baby or nocturnal lemur. [Dutch 'night ape'].
orang ourang orangutan the orang-utan. [Malay orang, man].
ouakari uakari a short-tailed, long-haired monkey.
ouistiti wistiti a marmoset.
pithecoid resembling or pertaining to the apes, esp. the higher or anthropoid apes.
pongid relating to a PONGO, any large ape; especially, the chimpanzee and the orang-outang.
pongo any large ape; especially, the chimpanzee and the orang-outang > PONGOES or PONGOS.
potto a nocturnal mammal of the Lemur family, found in West Africa > POTTOS.
prosimian a primate of the suborder Prosimii, that includes the LEMUR, LORIS and TARSIER.
puggie puggy (Scots) a monkey; (adj.) monkey-like > PUGGIER, PUGGIEST.
pugginess the state of being PUGGY, monkey-like.
puggish like a monkey; snub-nosed.
quadruman quadrumane a former name for primates other than man.
rhesus a kind of monkey.
sagoin sagouin saguin a kind of monkey, aka TITI.
sai the capuchin monkey. [Fr. saï f. Port. f. Tupi sai].
saimiri a squirrel monkey. [Port. saimirim, f. Tupi sai, capuchin monkey, + mir, small.]
sajou sapajou any one of several species of South American monkeys of the genus Cebus, having long and prehensile tails. [Ult. from Tupi sai, capuchin monkey + guassú large].
siamang a large black gibbon, native to Sumatra.
sifaka a kind of lemur, long-tailed and black and white, native to Madagascar.
silverback an older male gorilla with grey hair on its back and flanks.
simial simioid simious apelike.
simian apelike; (noun) a member of the ape family.
talapoin a small green West African guenon monkey; a title of respect for a Buddhist monk.
tamarin a genus of small S. American monkeys. [Fr. from Carib].
tarsier a kind of lemur native to Madagascar.
titi a small S. American monkey.
vervet a small, long-tailed African monkey.
wanderoo a long-tailed monkey, native to the Malabar coast of India.
zati the bonnet-monkey.

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