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baba a kind of cake. [Fr., from Polish baba old woman].
babka a kind of coffee-cake, containing almonds, raisins, rum, orange rind. [Polish babka, little old woman].
bigos a kind of Polish stew.
bobac bobak a species of marmot.
britschka britzka britkska britska an open four-wheeled carriage with a folding top.
chapka czapka a Polish military cap, adapted from the traditional peasant cap, worn by lancers. Cf. SCHAPSKA.
cracovienne krakowiak a lively Polish dance; the music for it. [From Kraków (Cracow), a city in southern Poland).
cracowe a long-toed boot of the fourteenth century. [From Kraków (Cracow), a city in southern Poland.]
grosz grosze groszy a Polish monetary unit, 1/100 of a ZLOTY > GROSZY.
hetman a Cossack headman or general. [Polish, prob. f. G Hauptmann (earlier Heubtman) headman, captain.]
kielbasa a smoked sausage > KIELBASY, KIELBASAS, KIELBASI. [Pol. kielbasa sausage]. Cf. KOLBASI, KOLBASSI.
kolbasi kolbassi a smoked sausage. Pl. KOLBASIS. [Pol. kielbasa sausage].
kromesky a croquette wrapped in bacon or calf's udder and fried. [Polish kromeczka, litle slice].
mazourka mazurka a Polish folk dance in moderate triple measure. [Polish mazurka, woman of the province Mazovia].
perogi pierogi pirogi a traditional Polish dish, a semicircular filled dumpling > PEROGIES.
schapska a flat-topped cavalry helmet. [Fr. from Polish czapka, cap].
zloty a Polish monetary unit. Pl. ZLOTYS, ZLOTIES, ZLOTE or ZLOTYCH (1 ZLOTY, 2, 3 or 4 ZLOTE, 5 or more ZLOTYCH!).

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