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Old English

aesc an Old English rune.
atheling an Anglo-Saxon nobleman.
attercop ettercap ethercap a spider. [OE attercoppa, 'poison head'].
bookland in Old English law, land taken from the FOLKLAND or common land and granted by written charter to a private owner.
ceorl churl in Anglo-Saxon England, a freeman of the lowest rank.
corsned a medieval trial in which the accused had to swallow consecrated bread. [OE. 'chosen piece'].
ealdorman a chief magistrate in Anglo-Saxon England.
esne a domestic slave in Old English times.
folkmoot folkmot folkmote an assembly of the people among the Old English.
frithborh a surety for keeping the peace, aka FRANKPLEDGE.
fyrd a local militia in Anglo-Saxon times.
gavelock a javelin; a crow-bar. [OE gafeluc].
gebur a tenant-farmer in the pre-Conquest English community.
gemot gemote an Anglo-Saxon legislative assembly.
heriot a payment to a feudal lord upon the death of a tenant farmer. [OE heregeatu, a military preparation, from here, army, + geatwe, preparation].
housecarl a household retainer of an Anglo-Saxon leader.
infangthief the right of taking and fining a thief within the boundaries of one's own jurisdiction > INFANGTHIEFS. Cf. OUTFANGTHIEF.
leasow leasowe a pasture; (verb) to pasture.
mancus an Anglo-Saxon monetary unit of the value of thirty pence. [OE mancus].
nithing niddering nidderling nidering niderling niding an infamous person; an abject coward.
sceat sceatt a small silver or gold coin of Anglo-Saxon times. Pl. of both forms is SCEATTAS.
scop an Anglo-Saxon poet and harpist.
sennight the space of seven nights and days, a week. [OE seofon nihta, from seofon, seven + nihta, plural of niht, night].
sweven a dream, vision. [OE swefn].
thane thegn a freeman granted land in return for military service.
theow a slave, a bondman, a thrall.
thorp thorpe a group of houses in the country; a small village; a hamlet.
thrimsa thrymsa an Anglo-Saxon gold coin.
undern originally, the third hour of the day, about nine a.m. Later, a light meal taken in the afternoon.
wapentake an archaic sub-division of certain counties.
weasand wesand wezand weazand wizzen weason wessand the windpipe. [OE waesand].
welkin the vault of heaven; the sky. [OE wolcnu, pl.l of wolcen cloud].
wergeld wergelt wergild weregild money paid by a killer's family to the family of the victim to prevent a blood feud.
wicca witchcraft. [OE wicca, a male witch].
witan members of the Anglo-Saxon council, the WITENAGEMOT > WITANS. [OE pl. of wita, wise man].
witenagemot an early English national council.

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