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Duffers & Greenhorns

abecedarian one learning the alphabet; one learning the rudiments of something.
alphabetarian someone learning the alphabet, a beginner.
apprentice one learning a trade; (verb) to set at work as an apprentice.
bajan a freshman at Aberdeen university in Scotland.
beginner one that begins.
bejant a freshman at St Andrews unviersity in Scotland.
blunderer one who blunders.
blunker a bungler.
boggler one who boggles i.e. hesitates or bungles.
botcher one who makes a botch of things.
bumbler a bungler.
bungler one that bungles.
butterfingered apt to let things fall or slip through the fingers: careless.
butterfingers one who is apt to let things fall or slip through the fingers: a careless person. N.B. no BUTTERFINGER*.
chechako a tenderfoot > CHECHAKOES or CHECHAKOS.
chechaquo a tenderfoot > CHECHAQUOS.
cheechako a tenderfoot > CHEECHAKOES or CHEECHAKOS.
cheechalko a tenderfoot > CHEECHALKOES or CHEECHALKOS.
chela a disciple in Buddhism > CHELAS. (Can also mean an arthopod's claw, with plural CHELAE).
chelaship the state of being a CHELA.
deadwood useless personnel in an organisation > DEADWOODS.
debutant someone (male) making a beginning.
debutante someone (female) making a beginning, esp. in society.
dude a man from the city holidaying out west, and not versed in rural matters.
dudish like, or characteristic of, a DUDE > DUDISHLY.
dudism the state of being a DUDE.
duffer an incompetent, ineffectual, or clumsy person; esp. a mediocre golfer.
dufferdom dufferism being a duffer.
flubber one who FLUBS, makes a mistake.
fresher freshman a university or college student in his or her first year.
frosh a freshman > FROSHES.
fuckup one who habitually blunders.
fumbler one who fumbles.
grauncher a clumsy and incompetent mechanic.
greener a newly-arrived immigrant.
greenhand an inferior sailor.
greenhorn a novice, a tenderfoot.
gremmie gremmy an inexperienced surfer.
griffin a newcomer in India, a novice
griffinism being like a GRIFFIN.
grommet a novice surfer.
hodad hodaddy a non-surfer.
inceptor a beginner.
incompetent (one who is) not competent; not legally qualified: INCOMPETENTS.
inexpert not expert > INEXPERTLY; (noun) an unskilled person; a person who is not an expert.
ingenu an artless, naive young man.
ingenue an artless, naive young woman.
jackaroo jackeroo a (male) newcomer gaining experience at a sheep-station; (verb) to work as a newcomer at a sheep farm.
jillaroo a (female) newcomer gaining experience at a sheep-station.
klutz a clumsy person.
klutzy clumsy, bungling.
landlubber one who passes his life on land; -- so called among seamen in contempt or ridicule.
landlubberly like a LANDLUBBER.
landlubbing being a LANDLUBBER.
looby a clumsy, clownish person; (adj.) lubberly > LOOBIER, LOOBIEST; LOOBILY.
lubbard lubber a clumsy fellow.
lubberliness the state of being LUBBERLY.
lubberly like a LUBBER, clumsy.
muff a person who is awakward or clumsy, esp. in posrt; (verb) to bungle a catch.
neophyte a person who is new to a subject; a beginner, a novice, esp. a religious novice.
neophytic of or like a NEOPHYTE, a person who is new to a subject.
newbie a new arrival such as on the Internet.
noob a new arrival such as on the Internet.
novice a person new to any field or activity.
novicehood the state of being a novice.
noviceship the state of being a novice; novitiate.
noviciate the state of being a novice.
novitiate a novice in a religious order; the state of being a novice.
nozzer a raw recruit.
palooka a clumsy, inept, or untalented boxer; a stupid, clumsy, or obnoxious person.
prentice an apprentice, one learning a trade; (verb) to set at work as an apprentice.
rookie a new recruit.
schlemiel schlemihl shlemiel shlemiehl a clumsy person, a pitiful bungler.
schlepper shlepper an incompetent or nonentity.
sprog a military recruit; a young child.
strapper an apprentice, a learner.
swabbie swabby a seaman, esp. a new recruit.
tiro a novice > TIROS or TIROES. [L. tiro, young soldier, new recruit or more generally novice].
tirocinium early training; first experience; group of recruits: TIROCINIUMS.
tironic like a TIRO.
trainee a person receiving training.
tyro a novice or beginner > TYROS, TYROES or TYRONES.
tyronic like a tyro.
underachiever one (as a student) that fails to attain a predicted level of achievement or does not do as well as expected.

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