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akvavit aquavit a Scandinavian spirit made from potatoes or grain and flavoured with caraway seeds.
bergylt the Norway haddock.
boyg a problem difficult to get to grips with.
brisling a Norwegian sprat.
buhund a type of Norwegian dog.
finnesko finnsko finsko a reindeer-skin boot with the hair on > FINNESKO, FINNSKO, FINSKO.
fjeld a high, barren Scandinavian plateau.
fjord a coastal valley which was sculpted by glacial action.
gjetost cheese made from goat's milk.
halling a Norwegian country dance.
jarlsberg a type of Norwegian cheese.
klister a kind of wax for skis. [Norw. klister, paste].
kraken a legendary sea monster.
langspel langspiel an old Shetland cithern.
lemming a small short-tailed Arctic rodent.
lutefisk dried codfish. [Norw. lute, to wash in lye solution, + fisk, fish].
minke a kind of whale. [From a Norwegian whaler Meincke, who harpooned one by accident].
mysost a mild cheese. [Norw. myse, whey + ost cheese].
quisling a puppet leader supported by foreign power. [From Vidkun Quisling].
rosemaling the art of painting (wooden objects) with flower motifs; flower motifs, esp. painted on wood.
saeter an upland pasture that provides summer pasture.
sei a whale, a kind of rorqual. [Norw. sei, coalfish].
sild herring, esp. canned, lightly smoked herring imported from Scandinavia.
skijoring skikjoring skioring the sport of being drawn on skis over snow by horse or motor.
slalom a zig-zag course e.g. in skiing; (verb) to ski a slalom.
smorbrod hors d'oeuvres served on slices of buttered bread. Also (Danish) SMORREBROD.
telemark a skiing turn or stop executed by shifting the weight forward on the ski so that it will be on the outside of the turn, and gradually turning its tip inward; (verb) to make this kind of skiing turn. [From Telemark in Norway].
torsk a gadid fish, aka CUSK.

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