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Milk & Soft Drinks

afterings the last milk drawn when milking a cow.
amrita amreeta a drink which bestows immortality in Hindu mythology. [This might be alcoholic, but I prefer to think of it as a bit like Lucozade].
badminton a cooling summer drink of claret, sugar and soda-water.
beverage any drink, usually other than water.
bland (as noun) buttermilk and water > BLANDS. Also an adjective and verb.
bonnyclabber milk naturally clotted on souring. [Irish bainne, milk, + claba, thick]. [N.B. sadly, this beautiful word cannot at present be played in UK tournaments, since Chambers has it hyphenated, but it'll be fine for the WSC].
buttermilk the milk that remains after the butter is separated from the cream.
caudle a drink of warm gruel containing spice, sugar, and wine, for invalids; (verb) to give a caudle to.
churnmilk buttermilk.
clabber milk curdled so as to become thick; (verb) to curdle, turn sour.
cocoa a powder made from cocoa beans after they have been roasted, ground, and freed from most of their fatty oil; a hot drink made from this.
cola a drink flavoured with the nut of the COLA or KOLA tree.
cordial a medicine, food, or drink to stimulate the circulation and invigorate.
frosted a kind of milk-shake.
galactic relating to or obtained from milk.
gingerade a carbonated soft drink flavoured with ginger.
haoma a drink made from the haoma vine, used in Zoroastrian ritual.
hydromel a drink made with honey, water, herbs and spices.
kefir kephir fermented cow's milk. [Native name in the Caucasus].
lactary milky; full of white juice like milk.
lassi a drink based on sour milk, popular in the East > LASSIS.
lemonade a soft drink made from lemons.
limeade a non-alcoholic drink made from the juice of limes.
milken consisting of milk.
milkshake a drink of frothy milk mixed with fruit syrup.
morat a drink made of honey and flavoured with mulberries. [L. moratum, mulberry].
nectar any delicious drink.
nightcap a drink taken last thing at night.
noncola not cola.
orangeade a soft drink made from oranges.
orgeat a syrup or drink made from almonds, sugar etc., formerly from barley.
posset a drink of milk curdled with e.g. wine; (verb) to curdle.
ptisan tisane a wholesome or medicinal drink or infusion, orig. spec. made with barley; now (esp.), a herbal tea. [Gk. ptisane, peeled barley, barley-gruel, from ptissein, to winnow].
racahout raccahout a preparation from acorns used by the Arabs as a substitute for chocolate, and also as a beverage for invalids.
rosolio rosoglio a sweet cordial made with raisins.
salop saloop an aromatic drink prepared from sassafras bark and other ingredients.
salopian relating to a SALOP or SALOOP, an aromatic drink prepared from sassafras bark and other ingredients.
sarsaparilla a tropical American plant; a non-alcoholic drink prepared from the roots of this.
seltzer naturally effervescent mineral water; artificially carbonated water. [Ger. Selterser (literally, from Selters), after Selters, a village near Wiesbaden in Germany where such springs were discovered.]
sherbert sherbet a cooling drink made of sweetened and diluted fruit juice, drunk esp. in Arab countries.
soapolallie a drink made by crushing soapberries.
soymilk a milk substitute made from SOYBEANS.
tisane see PTISAN.
unskimmed not skimmed e.g. of milk.
vichy a kind of mineral water. [From Vichy, a town in France].
whey the watery part of milk which remains after the formation of curds.
wheyey of the nature of, or containing, whey > WHEYIER, WHEYIEST.
wheyish somewhat like whey.
wheylike resembling whey.
yaourt yoghourt yoghurt yogurt a semi-solid, somewhat sour foodstuff, made from milk curdled by the addition of certain bacteria. [I suppose yogurt is really more of a food than a drink, but perhaps it depends how runny it is].

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