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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

algebra (Arabic) the part of mathematics which investigates the relations and properties of numbers or other mathematical structures by means of general symbols.
algebraic relating to algebra.
algebraical relating to algebra.
arithmetic the science of numbers, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
arithmetical relating to arithmetic.
arithmetically (Adv.) ARITHMETICAL, relating to arithmetic.
arsmetrick (Obs.) arithmetic (on false analogy with ars metrica).
axiomatics the study of axioms and axiom systems.
calcular relating to the mathematical calculus.
calculus (Lat.) a system of computation a stonelike concretion that forms in certain vessels of the body
cohomological relating to cohomology.
cohomology a theory in topology which uses groups to study the properties of topological spaces.
combinatorics combinatorial mathematics.
finitism a type of mathematical philosophy.
geodesy the branch of mathematics that deals with the shape and area of the earth.
geodetic of or pertaining to geodesy (noun) a geodesic line
geodetical of or pertaining to geodesy.
geodetically (Adv.) GEODETICAL, of or pertaining to geodesy.
geomatics the mathematical study of geographical data
geometric related to geometry.
geometrical related to geometry.
geometrics the study of simple figures.
geometrist one who practises geometry.
geometry a branch of mathematics.
logicism frege's theory that underlying mathematics is a purely logical set of axioms.
logicist a believer in logicism, Frege's theory that underlying mathematics is a purely logical set of axioms.
math (Short for) mathematics.
mathematic related to mathematics.
mathematical related to mathematics.
mathematically (Adv.) MATHEMATICAL, related to mathematics.
mathematise to explain, formulate or treat in mathematical terms.
mathematize to make mathematical.
mensural of or pertaining to measure.
mensuration measuring to find the dimensions of things.
metrologic relating to metrology.
metrological relating to metrology.
metrology the science of weights and measures.
nonalgebraic not algebraic.
precalculus a mathematical prerequisite for the study of calculus.
topologic relating to topology.
topological relating to topology.
topologically (Adv.) TOPOLOGICAL, relating to topology.
topologist one who studies topology.
topology the branch of mathematics that deals with those properties of figures and surfaces which are independent of size and shape and are unchanged by any deformation that is continuous.