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Martial Arts

agonistics the art and theory of prize-fighting.
aikido a type of Japanese martial art > AIKIDOS.
armlock a type of wrestling hold; (verb) to put in such a hold.
backfall a fall or throw on the back in wrestling.
bantamweight a weight division in boxing.
basho in sumo wrestling, a tournament > BASHO. No —S.
bolo in boxing, a long sweeping uppercut > BOLOS.
boxer one who boxes.
boxercise exercise via boxing.
bruiser a prize-fighter.
budo the system or philosophy of the martial arts > BUDOS.
buttock (verb) in wrestling, to throw by a manoeuvre using the buttocks or hip.
caestus cestus a Roman boxing glove loaded with metal > CAESTUSES, CESTUSES.
catchweight in wrestling, relating to a contest in which normal weight categories have been waived by agreement.
chi ki qi the spirit of Japanese martial art.
chokehold the act of holding a person's neck across the windpipe, esp from behind.
counterpunch to return a punch or blow.
cruiserweight a weight division in boxing.
dan a level of efficiency in Japanese combative sports.
decision (verb) to win a decision over a boxing opponent.
dohyo a sumo wrestling ring > DOHYOS.
dojo a martial arts school > DOJOS.
duke (verb) to fight with the fists.
facebar a type of wrestling hold.
featherweight a weight division in boxing.
fistfight a fight with the fists.
fistiana anecdotes about boxers and boxing. No —S.
fistic fistical pugilistic.
fisticuff a blow with the fist; in plural, boxing.
flyweight in professional boxing, the lowest weight.
gi gie a judo costume.
grovet a wrestling hold where the head is gripped and forced to the floor.
gumshield a protective shield for the teeth worn by boxers.
hammerlock a wrestling hold.
handicuffs fisticuffs. N.B. no HANDICUFF*.
hapkido a Korean martial art: HAPKIDOS.
haymaker a wild swinging punch.
headlock a wrestling hold.
heavyweight a boxer fighting at a heavy weight.
hurlbat whorlbat whirlbAT a CAESTUS, an ancient Roman boxing glove loaded with metal.
infighter one who fights at close quarters.
ippon a clean throw in judo.
judo a Japanese form of unarmed combat > JUDOS.
judoist judoka one who practises judo.
jujitsu see JIUJITSU.
jujutsu see JIUJITSU.
karate a Japanese martial art.
karateist karateka an exponent of karate.
kata a sequence of movements in the martial arts.
kayo a knockout; (verb) to knock out > KAYOS or KAYOES, KAYOING, KAYOED.
kendo a Japanese martial art, a form of stick fighting > KENDOS.
ki see CHI.
kickbox to box with hands and feet.
kickboxer one who practises KICKBOXING.
knockdown the act of knocking someone down, as in boxing.
knockout a blow that induces unconsciousness.
koka the lowest score awarded for a throw or hold in judo, worth three points.
kumite in Japanese martial arts, freestyle sparring or fighting.
kyu a novice grade in judo.
lightweight a weight division in boxing.
makunouchi the highest division in SUMO wrestling.
middleweight a weight division in boxing.
nelson a wrestling hold.
ninja a person trained in ancient Japanese martial arts and employed especially for espionage and assassinations. [Jap. nin, move stealthily, + ja, person].
ninjitsu ninjutsu a martial art, teaching stealth and camouflage.
niramiai in sumo wrestling, Scrabble etc, a period of stamping and glaring to cow the opponent before the contest begins.
noseguard a protection for the nose.
outbox to surpass in boxing.
outpunch to surpass in punching.
outwrestle to surpass in wrestling.
ozeki a champion sumo wrestler > OZEKIS.
palaestra palestra (Lat.) a wrestling school; hence, a gymnasium, or place for athletic exercise in general > PALAESTRAE or PALESTRAS; PALESTRAE or PALESTRAS.
palaestral relating to a PALAESTRA.
palestral relating to a PALESTRA.
palooka a clumsy or inept boxer.
pancratiast a competitor or victor in the PANCRATIUM.
pancratium an athletic contest involving both boxing and wrestling > PANCRATIUMS or PANCRATIA.
pinfall a type of wrestling fall.
priser prizer a prize-fighter.
prizefight a professional boxing-match.
prizefighter one who takes part in a PRIZEFIGHT.
prizefighting professional boxing.
pugil a boxer.
pugilism boxing. [L. pugil, related to pugnus, fist].
pugilist one who practises PUGILISM, a boxer.
pugilistic relating to fist-fighting.
punch to strike with the closed fist.
punchbag a bag used by boxers etc for practice.
punchball a suspended ball used for boxing practice.
punchboard a practice board used in the martial arts.
rassle to wrestle.
rikishi a sumo wrestler. No —S.
ringside the area just outside a boxing or wrestling ring (a square enclosure.
sambo a form of wrestling using judo techniques.
savate a French form of KICKBOXING.
sciamachy sciomachy skiamachy sham fight; shadowboxing.
sensei sensi(#) a martial arts instructor.
shadowbox to practise sparring with an invisible opponent.
shiai a judo contest > SHIAIS.
shortarm of a blow in boxing, using a bent rather than an extended arm.
slugfest a match or contest characterised by heavy blows.
slugger a hard hitter in boxing etc.
southpaw a left-handed sportsman, esp. a boxer who leads with his right.
sparrer one who spars.
stranglehold an illegal wrestling hold by which one's opponent is choked.
stumblebum an inept boxer.
sumo a Japanese form of wrestling > SUMOS.
sumoist one who practises SUMO.
sumotori a sumo wrestler.
suplex a kind of wrestling hold.
taekwondo a Korean martial art > TAEKWONDOS.
toehold a wrestling hold in which the opponent's toes are grasped and the foot is bent back or twisted.
undercard in boxing, a programme of matches supporting the main event.
uppercut to deliver an uppercut to > UPPERCUTS, UPPERCUTTING, UPPERCUT.
warsle warstle to wrestle.
warstler a wrestler.
welterweight a weight division in boxing.
whirlbat see HURLBAT.
whorlbat see HURLBAT.
wrassle wrastle wraxle to wrestle.
wrestle to contend with another person by grappling, each trying to throw and then pinion the other.
wrestler one that wrestles.
wristlock a wrestling hold involving a lock on the wrist.
wushu the Chinese martial arts > WUSHUS.
yokozuna a champion sumo wrestler.
yuko in judo, a points penalty > YUKOS.

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