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bettong a short-nosed rat kangaroo.
bilby a burrowing marsupial.
boongary a tree kangaroo from Queensland.
boodie a species of rat-kangaroo.
boomer a large male kangaroo.
burramys a rare Australian opossum.
coala koala an Australian marsupial.
dalgyte another name for the BILBY.
dasyure a flesh-eating Australian marsupial mammal. [Gk. dasys, shaggy + oura, tail].
dibbler a small carnivorous Australian marsupial with long snout and short hairy tail.
didelphid any member of the marsupial family Didelphidae, the opossums.
didelphian didelphine didelphous of or like the Didelphia, the marsupials.
duckbill duckmole a platypus.
dunnart a marsupial mouse of Australia and Papua New Guinea.
echidna a kind of anteater > ECHIDNAE or ECHIDNAS.
euro any of several large types of kangaroo, aka WALLAROO > EUROS.
kangaroo a large marsupial; (verb) to bound like a kangaroo.
koolah an obsolete form of KOALA.
marmose a species of small opossum ranging from Mexico to Brazil.
marsupial marsupian a member of the Marsupialia, pouched mammals.
monotreme a primitive Australian egg-laying mammal, e.g. duck- billed platypus.
numbat a small Australian marsupial that feeds on termites.
opossum any of various small or medium-sized marsupial mammals, mostly arboreal, of the mainly neotropical family Didelphidae.
paddymelon pademelon padymelon any of several small wallabies.
petaurine relating to a PETAURIST, a flying PHALANGER.
petaurist a flying PHALANGER.
phalanger any of several kinds of long-tailed Australian marsupial.
phalangist any arboreal marsupial of the genus Phalangista.
phascogale a small insectivorous mouselike marsupial.
platypus an egg-laying mammal > PLATYPI or PLATYPUSES.
potoroo a kind of small kangaroo, aka kangaroo rat.
quokka a small marsupial found in W. Australia.
quoll an Australian marsupial, about the size of a cat.
roo a kangaroo.
tammar a small scrub wallaby.
tarsiped a marsupial of the genus Tarsipes.
thylacine the Tasmanian wolf.
tuan an Australian marsupial, aka WAMBENGER.
wallaby any of a number of small marsupials of the family Macropodidae.
wallaroo any of several large types of kangaroo.
wambenger a small Australian marsupial, aka TUAN.
wombat any of three species of Australian burrowing marsupial.
yapock yapok an amphibious opossum of South America, the only aquatic marsupial. [From the river Oyapok in French Guiana].

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