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Mammal Anatomy (Selected)

abomasum the fourth of the four stomachs of a ruminant > ABOMASA.
abomasus the fourth of the four stomachs of a ruminant > ABOMASI.
baculum the penis bone in some mammals > BACULA or BACULUMS.
baleen whalebone.
bez the second tine of a deer's antler > BEZZES.
blowhole a hole for breathing through; the nostril of a whale etc.
bosset a rudimentary antler found on a young deer.
cambrel gambrel a horse's hock.
cheekpouch a dilatation of the cheek forming a bag, e.g. as in a chipmunk.
cloot a division of a cloven hoof.
cornicle a little horn.
croche a knob at the top of a deer's horn.
crumen a deer's tear-pit. [L. crumena, a purse].
dewclaw a vestigial digit or claw > DEWCLAWS, DEWCLAWED.
dewlap the pendulous skin under the throat of cattle, dogs.
dewlapped dewlapt having DEWLAPS.
dug the teat or udder of a female mammal.
fetlock a tuft of hair immediately above horse's hoof > FETLOCKS, FETLOCKED.
flew the pendulous upper lip of a bloodhound or similar dog.
floccus the tuft of hair terminating the tail of mammals > FLOCCI.
forefoot one of the front feet of a quadruped.
forehoof the hoof of a forefoot > FOREHOOFS or FOREHOOVES.
foreleg one of the front legs of an animal.
forelimb a front limb e.g. of a horse.
forepaw a front paw.
foreshank the upper part of the foreleg of cattle.
foretop the hair on the forepart of the head; esp., a tuft or lock of hair which hangs over the forehead, as of a horse.
foxtail the tail or brush of a fox.
fud a rabbit or hare's tail.
gambrel see CAMBREL.
gaskin the hind leg of horse between the stifle (knee) and hock (tarsal joint of the hind leg).
gizzard the second, or true, muscular stomach of birds, in which the food is crushed and ground.
hindfoot a rear foot.
hindleg a rear leg.
hornlet a little horn > HORNLETS.
hough a large beast's tendon; (verb) to cripple by tying the legs together.
jubate having or possessing a mane.
lytta a small ligament in a dog's tongue > LYTTAE or LYTTAS.
maniplies manyplies monipliesmonyplies the third stomach of a ruminant, aka OMASUM or PSALTERIUM.
marsupium the pouch, formed by a fold of the skin of the abdomen, in which marsupials carry their young > MARSUPIA or MARSUPIUMS.
monodont one-tusked.
omasal relating to the OMASUM, the third of the four stomachs of a ruminant.
omasum the third of the four stomachs of a ruminant > OMASA. [L. omasum, bullock's tripe].
osselet a hard substance growing on the inside of a horse's knee.
overhair the long hair overlying the fur of some animals.
packwax paxwax the strong tendon in an animal's neck.
pastern the part of horse's foot between the fetlock joint and the upper edge of the hoof.
patagial of or like a PATAGIUM.
patagium a web of skin between forelimbs and hind-limbs of tree-dwelling creatures, that acts as a wing, as in bat or flying squirrel > PATAGIA.
paxwax see PACKWAX.
pelage an animal's coat of hair or wool.
pelon in Latin America: (of an animal, esp. a dog) having almost no hair. No —S.
prepollex (in some animals) a rudimentary innermost finger > PREPOLLICES.
prepubis the animal hip bone > PREPUBES.
psalterium the third stomach of ruminants > PSALTERIA.
reticulum the second stomach of a ruminant > RETICULA or RETICULUMS.
rumen the first of the four stomachs of a ruminant > RUMENS or RUMINA.
ruminal of or like the RUMEN.
scut the tail of e.g. a rabbit.
snout the projecting muzzle of an animal, esp a pig; (verb) to provide with a snout > SNOUTS, SNOUTING, SNOUTED.
snoutish snouty, like a snout.
snoutlike like a SNOUT.
snouty resembling a beast's snout > SNOUTIER, SNOUTIEST.
soricident having teeth like a shrew's.
the shoulder, esp. of an animal used as food.
surroyal one of the terminal branches or divisions of the antler of the stag or other large deer.
tapetal relating to the TAPETUM.
tapetum a reflective layer of the choroid in the eyes of many animals, causing them to shine in the dark > TAPETA.
tewel a chimney; the rectum or anus of a horse.
thurl the hip-joint in cattle.
trotter a foot, esp of a sheep or pig.
tusk tush a long protruding tooth.
tuskless without tusks.
tusky having tusks > TUSKIER, TUSKIEST.
udder an animal's mammary gland.
uddered having UDDERS.
udderless destitute or deprived of an udder.
ungual of or bearing a claw, hoof, or talon.
unguis a claw or nail > UNGUES.
ungula a hoof, claw, or talon > UNGULAE.
ungular of or like an UNGULA, a hoof, claw, or talon.
vell the fourth stomach of a calf, aka ABOMASUM.
vibrissa a sensitive whisker on animal's face > VIBRISSAE.
vibrissal like a VIBRISSA.

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