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Now updated for CSW19. New words, if any, and new inflections of existing words, are shown in red.

Interjection Noun?  Verb?  Signifies 
aah   aahs, aahed, aahing  wonder, enlightenment 
aargh     dismay 
aarrgh     dismay 
aarrghh     dismay 
ach     dismay 
achoo achoos    a sneeze 
addio addios    goodbye 
adieu adieus, adieux    farewell 
adios adioses    goodbye 
ah   ahs, ahing, ahed  surprise, joy 
aha     sudden comprehension 
ahchoo     a sneeze 
ahem     delicate interruption 
ahoy     hailing another vessel 
aikona     (Bantu) it is not; no 
aiyee     great alarm 
alack alackaday     grief 
alannah alannahs    my child!; also a term of address 
alas     grief 
albricias     a Spanish expression of joy 
alew alews    urging on hounds, same as HALLOO 
alleluia alleluias    praise to God 
alleluiah alleluiahs    praise to God 
allons     (French) let's go 
aloha alohas    (Hawaiian) greeting or farewell 
amazeballs     an expression of enthusiastic approval
amen amens  amens, amened, amening  so be it 
anan     in a moment! coming! 
anon     in a moment! coming! 
apage     away, depart, as in 'apage Satanas' 
argh     dismay 
arrah     (Irish) wonder etc 
arriba     (Spanish) pleasure or approval 
arrivederci     (Italian) till we meet again 
atishoo atishoos    a sneeze 
attaboy attaboys    expressing encouragement 
attagirl     expressing encouragment to a female 
augh     despair or frustration 
avanti     forward 
avast     hold fast! 
aw     disappointment, sympathy etc 
aweel     well, well then 
ay ays    yes 
aye ayes    yes  
baccare     back! Stand back!  
backare     back! Stand back! 
bah     contempt 
banzai banzais    (Japanese) warlike shout 
barley barleys    (Scots) a call for truce 
basta     enough; stop! 
bedad     (Irish) by God 
begad     (Irish) by God 
begar begars    (Shakesp.) by God 
begorah     (Irish) by God  
begorra     (Irish) by God  
begorrah     (Irish) by God  
bejabers bejabbers bejeebers bejaberses    (Irish) by Jesus  
bejasus bejasuses    (Irish) by Jesus  
bejeezus bejeezuses    (Irish) by Jesus  
bejesus bejesuses    (Irish) by Jesus  
benedicite benedicites    bless you; (noun) a grace at table, a blessing 
beneplacito     good pleasure; by your leave 
bethankit bethankits    God be thanked; (noun) a grace 
bingo bingos  bingoes bingoing bingoed  surprise at a sudden occurrence 
bismillah     in the name of Allah 
bitte     (German) pardon? 
blast blasts  blasts, blasted, blasting  annoyance 
blech     expressing disgust 
bliksem     (S. Afr.) expressing surprise 
blimey     surprise 
blimy     surprise 
boh bohs    to startle someone 
boing boings  boings, boinged, boinging  the sound of a bouncing impact 
boink boinks  boinks, boinked, boinking  the sound of a bouncing impact 
bonjour     good day 
bonsoir     good evening 
boo boos  boos, booed, booing  making jump; disapproval 
bosh     nonsense 
botheration botherations    expressing irritation; (noun) a minor nuisance 
brap     imitating the sound of a gunshot 
brava bravas    well done (to a woman) 
bravi     well done (to a number of people) 
bravissimo     (Ital.) very well done! 
bravo bravos  bravoes, bravoed, bravoing  well done (to a man) 
brr     shivering 
brrr     shivering 
bugger buggers  buggers, buggered, buggering  annoyance; noun and verb forms from other meanings 
bumpsadaisy     An exclamation on bumping into someone or something, or to a child on falling 
byrlady     a mild oath: by our Lady 
byrlakin     a mild oath: by our Lady 
caese     enough said  
capeesh capisce capish     asking if one understands 
caramba     (Spanish) annoyance, surprise etc 
ceas     enough said 
changa     (Hinglish) expressing approval or agreement 
cheerio cheerios    farewell 
cheero cheeros    farewell 
chimo     (Inuit) greeting 
choof choofs  choofs, choofed, choofing  (Aust. sl.) vamoose, go away 
chur     (NZ) an informal expression of agreement 
chut   chuts, chuted, chuting  (French) expressing impatience 
ciao     (Italian) goodbye 
congrats     congratulations 
cooee cooees  cooees, cooeed, cooeeing  calling at a distance 
cooey cooeys  cooeys, cooeyed, cooeying  calling at a distance 
coraggio     courage! 
cowabunga     expressing delight or satisfaction 
cracky     a mild oath  
crickey     a mild oath  
cricky     a mild oath  
crikey     a mild oath  
crimine     surprise or impatience 
crimini criminy criminis    surprise or impatience 
cripe     a mild oath 
cripes     a mild oath 
crivens     (Scots) dismay 
crivvens     (Scots) dismay  
cushty     pleasure or agreement 
damme     = damn me  
dammit     = damn it  
damn damns  damns, damned, damning  exasperation 
dang dangs  dangs, danged, danging  = damn, exasperation 
darnation darnations    exasperation 
deek     look at, see [Romany dik, to look, see] 
deffo     definitely 
defo     definitely 
deuce deuces  deuces, deucing, deuced  annoyance; (verb) to bring a game of tennis to a tie 
diddums     expressing sympathy to a child 
duh     an ironic response to a question
dumela     (S. Afr.) hello, good morning 
ecce     behold, here is 
ecco     behold, here is 
ecod     a mild oath 
eek     fright 
eew eeew ew     expressing disgust 
egad     a mild oath 
egads     a mild oath 
eh   ehs, ehing, ehed  inquiry 
eina     (Afrikaans) expressing sudden pain 
eish     (S. Afr.) surprise, dismay 
entrez     (French) come in 
er ers (a plant)    hesitation 
erm     hesitation or doubt 
euge     (Greek) well done 
euoi     Bacchic frenzy 
eureka eurekas    discovery 
evhoe     Bacchic frenzy 
evoe     Bacchic frenzy 
evohe     Bacchic frenzy 
ewhow     alas! 
excelsior excelsiors    higher! further!; (noun) wood shavings used for packing  
faith faiths  faiths, faithed, faithing  by my faith, indeed; (verb) to believe 
faix     faith! 
fandabidozi     expressing enthusiasm or admiration 
faugh     contempt, disgust 
fegs     a mild oath 
fiddlestick fiddledee     nonsense!  
fiddlesticks     nonsense!  
fie     reproach; (adj.) fey: FIER, FIEST 
floreat floreant     may it flourish, may they flourish 
foh     disgust 
forsooth     in truth; indeed 
fuck fucks  fucks, fucked, fucking  displeasure; (verb) to copulate with 
fudge fudges  fudges, fudged, fudging  mild expletive; noun and verb forms from other meanings 
fy     reproach 
gad gads  gads, gadded, gadding  euphemism for God; noun and verb forms from other meanings 
gadso     surprise 
gadzooks     a mild oath 
gardyloo gardyloos    a warning cry given when throwing slops from the window into the street; (noun) the slops so thrown 
gawd gawds    god 
gee   gees, geed, geeing  surprise; (verb) to urge on 
geez     consternation 
geddit     do you get it?
gemini     surprise 
gemony     surprise 
geronimo     a shout given by US paratroopers as they jump into battle 
gertcha     get away, get along 
gesundheit     (German) your health (said to someone who has just sneezed). 
giddap     gee up 
gidday     good day 
giddup     gee up 
giddyap     gee up 
giddyup     gee up 
gimme gimmes    give me!; (noun) a conceded golf putt 
goddammit goddamnit     expressing anger etc 
godden goddens    a dialect variant of good evening 
godso     surprise 
godspeed godspeeds    goodwill at parting 
goldarn goldarns    anger 
goldurn goldurns    anger 
golly gollies  gollies, gollying, gollied  surprise or admiration; (verb) to spit 
goodby goodbys     
goodbye goodbyes     
goodness goodnesses    surprise 
goodnight goodnights     
goody goodies    childish pleasure 
gor gors    God 
gorblimey     surprise 
gorblimy     surprise 
gosh     euphemism for God 
gracious     surprise 
gramercy gramercies    gratitude or surprise 
grr     expressing anger 
gup gups    remonstrance; (noun) gossip 
ha     surprise 
hadaway     urging someone on 
haeremai haeremais    (Maori) welcome 
hah hahs    surprise etc 
haith     by my faith! 
hallaloo hallaloos    hail 
halleluiah halleluiahs    a song of praise to God 
hallelujah hallelujahs    a song of praise to God 
hallo hallos  halloes, halloed, halloing  greeting 
halloa halloas  halloas, halloaed, halloaing  greeting 
halloo halloos  halloos, hallooed, hallooing  greeting 
hamba     (S. Afr.) go away!  
haw haws  haws, hawed, hawing  hesitation 
hech     surprise 
heck hecks    consternation; (noun) a grating 
heehaw   heehaws, heehawing, heehawed  expressing the sound of a donkey 
heigh     a cry of enquiry, encouragement 
hello hellos  helloes, helloed, helloing  greeting 
heureka heurekas    discovery 
hewgh     the whistling of an arrow 
hey heys  heys, heyed, heying  calling attention 
hi     calling attention 
hic     a hiccup 
hillo hillos  hilloes, hilloed, hilloing  greeting 
hilloa hilloas  hilloas, hilloaed, hilloaing  greeting 
hip hips  hips, hipped, hipping  approbation; noun and verb forms form other meanings 
hist   hists, histed, histing  attracting attention 
hiya     greeting 
hm     hesitation 
hmm     hesitation 
hmmm     hesitation 
ho hos    calling attention, expressing surprise 
hoa   hoas, hoaed, hoaing  expressing surprise 
hoh   hohs, hohed, hohing  calling attention, expressing surprise  
hoi   hois, hoied, hoiing  attracting attention 
holla hollas  hollas, hollaed, hollaing  greeting 
holloa holloas  holloas, holloaed, holloaing  greeting 
hollo hollos  holloes, holloed, holloing  greeting 
holloo holloos  holloos, hollooed, hollooing  greeting 
hongi hongis  hongis, hongiing, hongied  (Maori) greeting, touching nose to nose 
hoo     boisterous emotion 
hooey     nonsense, rubbish 
hoorah hoorahs  hoorahs, hoorahed, hoorahing  cheering 
hooray hoorays  hoorays, hoorayed, hooraying  cheering 
hooroo     goodbye, cheerio 
hoosh   hooshes, hooshed, hooshing  used to drive away animals 
horsefeathers     nonsense!  
hosanna hosannas  hosannas, hosannaed, hosannaing  praise or adoration 
hosannah hosannahs    praise or adoration 
howdie   howdies, howdied, howdying  greeting 
howzit     a greeting 
hoy hoys  hoys, hoyed, hoying  calling attention 
huddup     get up (to a horse) 
huh     contempt 
huic     an interjection to encourage hounds 
hullo hullos  hulloes, hulloed, hulloing  greeting 
hulloa hulloas  hulloas, hulloaed, hulloaing  greeting 
hulloo hulloos  hulloos, hullooing, hullooed  to hail 
humf   humfs, humfed, humfing  contempt, doubt, etc 
humph   humphs, humphed, humphing  contempt, doubt, etc 
hunh     requesting repeating of an utterance 
hup   hups, hupped, hupping  go on, go faster 
hurra   hurras, hurraed, hurraing  cheering 
hurrah   hurrahs, hurrahed, hurrahing  cheering 
hurray   hurrays, hurrayed, hurraying  cheering 
hushaby     go to sleep 
huzza   huzzas, huzzaed, huzzaing  cheering 
huzzah   huzzahs, huzzahed, huzzahing  cheering 
ichabod     'the glory is departed' 
ick icks    disgust 
igad     a mild oath 
imshi     (army slang) go away 
imshy     (army slang) go away 
indeedy     expressing agreement 
innit     isn't it, used as tag 
inshallah     if Allah wills 
io ios    joy, triumph, grief 
isit     (S. Afr.) indicating attention 
ixnay     expressing not! 
ja     yes 
jai     (Hindi) victory (to) 
jambo     an E. African salutation 
jeepers     surprise. 
jeesly     consternation 
jeez     consternation 
jeeze     consternation 
jeezely     consternation 
jeezly     consternation 
jiminy     surprise 
jimminy     surprise 
jinne     (Afrikaans) expressing surprise, shock 
jirre     (Afrikaans) expressing surprise, shock 
jokol     yes carl 
jordeloo jordeloos    a warning cry given when throwing slops from the window into the street; (noun) the slops so thrown  
kablooey     expressing an abrupt happening 
kablooie     expressing an abrupt happening 
kasme     (Hinglish) I swear 
kerchoo     a sneeze 
alackaday lackaday     regret or deprecation 
lawk     surprise 
lawks     surprise 
leggo     let go! 
lemme     let me! 
lo     see, look 
lookie     look at this! 
lookit     look at this! 
looky     look at this! 
lor     a mild oath = lord 
lordy     a mild oath 
losh     a mild oath 
lud luds    a mild oath = lord 
lumme lummy     surprise 
marry   marries, married, marrying, marrieds  expostulation; verb/noun forms from other meaning 
mazeltov     (Yiddish) congratulations 
merde merdes    (French) shit 
migawd     expressing surprise 
mm     agreement 
mmm     agreement 
moryah     (Irish) expressing annoyance, disbelief 
murdabad     (Urdu) death to 
musha     (Irish) surprise 
mwah     the sound of a kiss 
nae naes    (Scots) no. 
nah     no 
namaskar namaskars    (India) greeting, accompanied by a slight bow with the palms pressed together before the chest or face. 
namaste namastes    (India) greeting, accompanied by a slight bow with the palms pressed together before the chest or face. 
naw     no 
nerts     disgust 
nertz     disgust 
no nos, noes    negation 
nooit     (Afrikaans) expressing pleased surprise or shock 
nope     no 
nyah     expressing contempt for another 
och     dismay 
ochone     (Irish) lamentation 
odso     surprise 
odzooks     a mild oath 
oh   ohs, ohed, ohing  surprise etc 
oho     knowingness 
ohone     (Irish) lamentation 
oi     drawing attention 
ok     approval 
okeh okehs    approval 
okeydoke     approval 
okeydokey     approval 
ole oles    (Spanish) approval 
omigod     expressing consternation 
ooh   oohs, oohed, oohing  consternation etc 
oons     God's wounds 
oops     dismay 
ou     concession 
ouch ouches  ouches, ouched, ouching  expressing pain; (noun) a socket in which a precious stone is set; (verb) to set a precious stone in a socket 
outasight     excellent! 
ow     expressing pain 
oyes oyeses, oyesses    the call of a public crier for attention before making a proclamation  
oyez oyezes    the call of a public crier for attention before making a proclamation 
pah pahs    contempt; (noun) a New Zealand hill fort 
pardee     assuredly, by God 
pardi     assuredly, by God 
pardie     assuredly, by God 
pardy     assuredly, by God 
peccavi peccavis    admitting sin or guilt 
perdie     assuredly, by God 
perdy     assuredly, by God 
perfay     by my faith! 
pfft     sudden ending 
pfui     scorn, contempt 
phew     relief, astonishment etc 
pho phos    disgust 
phoh     disgust 
phooey     scorn, contempt 
phpht     mild irritation or annoyance 
pht     mild irritation or annoyance 
phwoah     sexual attraction 
phwoar     sexual attraction 
pish   pishes, pished, pishing  contempt 
pitikins     as in ods pitikins 
plaudite     an appeal for applause at the conclusion of a play or other performance 
poh   pohs, pohing, pohed  contempt 
poof     contempt, dismissal 
pooh   poohs, poohed, poohing  contempt 
powwaw     pooh 
prithee     expressing a wish or request 
proface     good wishes at meals 
prosit     a toast to good health 
prost     a toast to good health 
prythee     expressing a wish or request  
pshaw   pshaws, pshawed, pshawing  contempt, disdain, dislike, etc 
psst     attracting attention 
pst     attracting attention 
ptooey ptui     expressing the sound of someone spitting 
pugh     contempt 
puh     disgust 
quaere quaeres    inquire (suggesting doubt, or desirability of investigation); (noun) a query 
quep     remonstrance 
quotha     surprise or contempt 
rabboni rabbonis    (Hebrew) my great master 
rah   rahs, rahed, rahing  approbation 
righto     cheerful consent 
rivo     a drinking-cry 
salaam salaams  salaams, salaamed, salaaming  salutation; (verb) to perform a low bow with palm on forehead 
salut     expressing friendship before a drink 
salve salves  salves, salved, salving  a greeting; (noun, verb) ointment 
salvete salvetes    a greeting, = SALVE but to more than one person 
sapperment     a German oath 
sayonara sayonaras    (Japanese) goodbye 
sese     enough said 
sesey     enough said 
sessa     enough said 
sh     requesting silence 
sha     requesting silence 
shabash     (Hinglish) bravo, well done 
shaddup     shut up! 
shalom shaloms    (Jewish) peace, used as a salutation at meeting or parting: peace 
shh     requesting silence 
shhh     requesting silence 
shazam     a magical invocation 
sheesh     expressing consternation or surprise 
sholom sholoms    (Jewish) peace, used as a salutation at meeting or parting: peace 
shoo   shoos, shooed, shooing  driving away 
shucks     deprecation 
sies     (S. Afr.) expressing disgust 
sirree sirrees    used for emphasis with yes or no 
sithee     look here 
sjoe     (S. Afr.) expressing surprise, admiration 
skoal   skoals, skoaled, skoaling  a drinking toast; (verb) to propose such a toast 
skol   skols, skoling, skoled  a drinking toast 
slainte     good health! 
soho     a huntsman's halloo 
sonties     a mild oath 
sooey     used to call pigs 
st     requesting silence 
strewth     a mild oath 
ta tas    expressing thanks. 
taihoa     (Maori) hold on! 
tallyho tallyhos  tallyhos or tallyhoes, tallyhoed, tallyhoing  (noun) a hunting cry given on the sighting of the quarry; (verb) to give this cry. 
tantivy tantivies    imitative of a hunting horn; (noun) a headlong gallop  
tarantara tarantaras  tarantaras, tarantaraed, tarantaraing imitative of a hunting cry; (noun) a hunting cry; (verb) to make this 
taratantara taratantaras  taratantaras taratantaraed taratantaraing imitative of a hunting cry; (noun) a hunting cry; (verb) to make this 
thankee     thank you  
thanx     thank you 
toho tohos    a hunter's call to pointers or setters to stop 
toots   tootses, tootsed, tootsing  (Scots) disapproval 
troggs     by my troth 
tsk   tsks, tsked, tsking  disapproval 
tsktsk   tsktsks, tsktsked, tsktsking  disapproval 
tunket tunkets    hell! 
tush   tushes, tushed, tushing  disapproval 
tut   tuts, tutted, tutting  rebuke, mild disapprobation 
tuts   tuts, tutsed, tutsing  (Scots) rebuke, mild disapprobation 
uds     a mild oath: God's or God save 
ugh ughs    repugnance 
uh     surprise 
um   ums, umming, ummed doubt or hesitation 
umm     doubt or hesitation 
umph umphs    doubt or dissatisfaction 
unberufen     (German) an exclamation to avert ill luck following boasting 
upadaisy upsadaisy     said to a child who has fallen over 
upsey upseys    a bacchanalian cry; (noun) a carousal 
ur     hesitation 
vale vales    (Latin) farewell, to one person 
valete valetes    (Latin) farewell, to more than one person 
varoom   varooms, varoomed, varooming  the sound of an engine revving or of a car travelling at high speed 
viva vivas  vivas, vivaed, vivaing  long live 
vivat vivats    long live 
voila     (French) there it is 
voertsak voertsek voetsak voetsek     (S. Afr.) an offensive expression of rejection 
vroom   vrooms, vroomed, vrooming  the sound of an engine revving or of a car travelling at high speed 
waah     imitative of wailing 
waly walies    alas! Pl. is from noun WALY, finery. 
waesuck     pity, alas! 
waesucks     pity, alas! 
wassup     what's up 
watcha     greeting 
wayleggo     (NZ) a shepherd's call to his dog 
welladay     alas 
welladays     alas 
wellanear     alas 
wellaway     alas 
wellaways     alas 
whammo whammos    violent impact 
whamo     violent impact 
whang whangs whangs, whanged, whanging imitative of a resounding impact 
whatcha     greeting 
whatevs     expressing indifference 
whee     delight 
wheesh   wheeshes, wheeshed, wheeshing  calling for silence 
wheesht   wheeshts, wheeshted, wheeshting  calling for silence 
wheugh   wheughs, wheughed, wheughing whews, whewed, whewing  wonder, relief 
whew   whews, whewed, whewing  wonder, relief 
whirra     expressing sorrow 
whish   whishes, whished, whishing  imitative of a rushing sound or movement; (verb) to rush, whiz 
whisht wisht   whishts, whishted, whishting  calling for silence 
whoa     stop 
whoopee whoopie     an exclamation of delight 
whoops     concern 
whoosh   whooshes, whooshed, whooshing  imitative of something large rushing through the air; (verb) to make this sound 
whow   whows, whowed, whowing  being impressed 
wilco     cooperation 
wirra     sorrow 
wisha     surprise [Irish mhuis] 
woah     a call to stop 
woohoo     joy, approval 
wotcha     greeting 
wotcher     greeting 
wow   wows, wowed, wowing  being impressed; (verb) to impress e.g. an audience 
wowee     being impressed 
yah yahs    derision 
yay yays    enthusiastic affirmation 
yeah     affirmation 
yebo     (S. Afr.) yes, I agree 
yecch yecchs    disgust 
yech yechs    disgust 
yeesh     expressing frustration 
yeh     affirmation 
yeow     expressing pain or shock 
yep yeps    affirmation 
yes yeses  yesses, yessed, yessing  affirmation 
yessir     expressing agreement 
yessiree     expressing agreement 
yessum     expressing agreement to a woman 
yez     yes 
yike     alarm 
yikes     alarm 
yipe     fear or surprise 
yipes     fear or surprise 
yippee     delight 
yo     calling for effort or attention 
yoick   yoicks, yoicked, yoicking  a hunting cry to urge the hounds after the fox 
yoicks   yoickses, yoicksed, yoicksing  a hunting cry to urge the hounds after the fox 
yoop yoops    representing a sobbing sound 
yowza     expressing surprise 
yucch     disgust 
yuch     disgust 
yuk   yuks, yukked, yukking  disgust; (verb) to laugh loudly 
yum     expressing relish 
yummy yummies    expressing relish; (adj.) delicious: YUMMIER, YUMMIEST 
yup   yups  affirmation 
zindabad     (Hindi) long live 
zooks     a mild oath (God's hooks) 
zounds     a mild oath (God's wounds) 
zowee     expressing surprise 
zowie     expressing surprise 
zzz     expressing sleep